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How to Make Links in Canvas

Links to Journal Articles

When you find an article in an online database, the URL that appears in your browser navigation bar may not be stable. A stable URL is necessary to assure consistent linking to an article.

Specific Steps:

  • Locate the journal article to which you wish to link; you will generally find a "stable URL" or "permalink" within the citation.
  • To ensure off-campus access you must add a prefix to your stable link:, e.g.,
  • You may then copy and paste your complete link into your Canvas course or email the link to your students.

Please note: for Wiley-Blackwell journals, the Library pays per use of each article. To include a Wiley-Blackwell journal article in e-reserves or on Canvas, you must first download and save the PDF of the article to your desktop, then upload the PDF to Canvas or e-reserves. Do not link to it! Please see this special note for more information.

Links to E-Books, Streaming Film, Audio Tracks, and Albums

So that users may reliably connect to your selected e-books, films, film clips, tracks or albums, please look for a stable, persistent, durable, or embedded link provided in the catalog or by the vendor in the databases.