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What's Karl Fattig reading?

frustrated with citation management?

Citation Management Workshops

Attend a citation management workshop and learn to maintain a "personal library" of references, citations, and documents.

have work to do over spring break

Access to Library Databases Over March Break

It's easy to keep up with your research during spring break.

women's history month

Women's History Month

Explore the library's fabulous selection of online primary and secondary resources for research.

Darius Riley in the Ramp Gallery

Ramp Gallery Exhibit

During the summer of 2017, Darius Riley '19 photographed his hometown of East Palo Alta, CA. Come see what he discovered.

Quyen Ha and Sabina Hartnett

German Works

Learn how Prof. Birgit Tautz and her students, Quyen Ha and Sabina Hartnett, text-mined German sources to reveal trends in discourse.

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