Ordering Instructions


Roberta Schwartz, Technical Services Librarian
Donna Van Dyck, Ordering Assistant
Lucy Cunningham, Receiving Coordinator
Carol Durak, Conservation Technician
Karen Anctil, Serials and Electronic Resources Coordinator

To place an order for a book, periodical or other format, first search the Library's online catalog to be certain the Library does not own the title nor have the title already on order. At this time we ask that you also search Bates and Colby libraries to determine the availability of the title within the CBB group. The three collections now may be searched simultaneously via CBBcat.

The CBB libraries in an effort to expand our joint holdings and make more efficient use of our resources are embarked on various cooperative collection development efforts. In the spirit of these efforts we urge you to think of CBB as a single collection and help reduce unneeded duplication of titles within our collections. Borrowing periods are the same at the three schools. Further, interlibrary loans are delivered six days a week. In some cases, one copy of a title among the three libraries may be sufficient, while in other cases multiple copies may be justified. Please help us with this work by considering carefully all requests to duplicate titles.

Fill out an order request form with full bibliographic information including I*S*B*N* or I*S*S*N* number and price data if available.  Include the name of the requester and the academic department.

Please note that the Library does not purchase textbooks for reserve or for the library collection.

Ordinarily orders arrive within 3-6 weeks of their placement with a vendor. Please understand that emergency and materials needed by a particular date will be ordered before materials without a "date needed by". Selectors are encouraged to plan ahead to allow for this time lag. The best discounts and the most efficient use of resources result from routine processing of regular orders.

Orders Needed by a Certain Time

There are instances when materials are not needed immediately, but are still needed by a certain time. Selectors should indicate these time requirements on the order forms. Library ordering staff will then have the information they need to determine the best means to acquire this material. On occasion this type of order will have to be handled by the RUSH order procedures, but other instances may require less than this expensive "all stops open" approach.

Orders Needed Immediately

There are, of course, instances when materials are needed on an emergency basis. Ordering staff personnel special-handle all such requests. These processes can include many phone calls and specialized delivery arrangements. Discounts are lost, and additional costs are always incurred. As a result, we ask that you limit your emergency requests. Library staff will notify requesters when material has arrived in the Library and any other significant information regarding its status. Please notify Donna Van Dyck directly with emergency requests.

Orders for Reserve

Orders for reserve materials must include the course number and the number of copies needed. If the Library already owns copies of the title, please mark "added copy/ies" on the form. Be sure to contact the Circulation Department to ensure that existing copies are also placed on reserve. Circulation personnel are responsible for transferring copies already in the Library from the stacks to the reserve shelves. Acquisitions personnel will send materials ordered for reserve directly to the reserve shelves as they are received.

Please note that the Library does not purchase textbooks for reserve or for the library collection.  You may place a personal copy of a textbook on reserve if you wish.

Out-of-Print Books

Many titles do not remain in print for a lengthy period of time and therefore availability may be brief. As a result we cannot always obtain requested Library materials. However, in recent years the Internet has improved our ability to obtain out of print titles. If you would like an order placed on the "out-of-print" market, please inform the ordering staff when you are notified that the title is no longer available. In some cases out-of-print searches can continue for several years.

Order Status

Information about the status of regular orders can be found in the Library's online catalog. If the order has been placed, the catalog will report that the item is "ON ORDER". If the order has been received, the catalog record will read "IN PROCESS," meaning the material has arrived in the Library but is still in the process of being prepared for the shelves. The status "UNDER CONSIDERATION" means the work arrived in the Library via the approval plan and is being reviewed for addition to the collection. Any selector can contact the Library to make certain such a title is added.

If an order has not yet been placed, there will be no record in the online catalog. Library staff will report any unusual circumstances concerning orders. Staff will also report to the selector if an ordered title is out-of-print or the order has been canceled for some reason.