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Staff by Name

Name Title Phone Email
Karen Anctil Head of Acquisitions 207-725-3683
Jeff Cosgrove-Cook Science and Art Library Assistant 207-725-3035
Bart D’Alauro Library Annex and Media Services Specialist 207-725-3089
Meagan Doyle Digital Archivist 207-725-3201
Alexander Elliott Collections Management Assistant 207-725-3287
Shawn Gerwig Conservation Technician 207-725-3994
Carmen Greenlee Humanities and Media Librarian 207-725-3286
Marjorie Hassen Director of the College Library 207-725-3281
Amy Heggie Circulation & User Services Manager 207-725-3173
Helen Hill Administrative Coordinator 207-725-3155
Beth Hoppe Social Sciences Research & Instruction Librarian 207-725-3260
Jaime Jones Resource Sharing Specialist 207-798-4109
Karen Jung Music Librarian and Coordinator of Research and Instructional Services 207-725-3311
Sarah Kennedy Associate Librarian for Collections 207-725-3285
Barbara Levergood Data Services Librarian 207-725-3351
Mary Macul Head of Cataloging 207-725-3868
Mike McDermott Digital Technology Integration Librarian 207-725-3856
Michelle McDonough Library Operations and Budget Administrator 207-798-7077
Sue O'Dell Science Librarian 207-725-3265
Melissa Orth Evening Circulation Assistant 207-798-7084
Carr Ross Web Technologies Librarian 207-725-3545
Guy Saldanha InterLibrary Loan Supervisor 207-725-3393
Anne Sauer Archivist 207-725-3374
Roberta Schwartz Research Services Archivist 207-725-3134
Kat Stefko Associate Librarian for Discovery, Digitization, and Special Collections, and Director of the George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives 207-725-3096
Christie Stuntz Circulation & Research Assistant 207-725-3384
Summer Unsinn Systems & Database Maintenance Librarian 207-725-3027
Erin Valentino Associate Librarian for Research, Instruction, and Outreach 207-725-3749
Marieke Van Der Steenhoven Special Collections Education and Engagement Librarian 207-725-3385
Donna Van Dyck Acquisitions Specialist 207-725-3946
Ryan Wheeler Cataloging and Metadata Librarian 207-725-3284
Aubin White Special Collections & Archives Departmental Assistant 207-725-3927
Kate Wing Course Materials and Library Collections Specialist 207-798-7142