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How to

  1. You can begin your search by using the search bar on our website to look for keywords, names, or other search terms.
    The search bar at the top of Special Collections and Archives pages
  2. The search results will show archival and manuscript results on the left-hand side of the screen, and rare book results on the right-hand side of the screen. When you have identified a collection that may contain material you need, click on the collection title to access the collection guide.
    An example search, with the words 'otto gross' typed into the search bar and a set of results returned below it
  3. Each collection guide has several expanding sections that provide different information. For an inventory of what is in the collection, expand the Collection Inventory. From here you can identify materials you’d like to get scans of or view in the Reading Room.
    An example of the information that comes up, including access restrictions and a description of the series.
  4. Once you have identified the materials you are interested in, select the green Request for Use button in the top right-hand corner of the collection guide.
    A screenshot showing the location of the Request for Use button, immediately after the search bar.
  5. If you have not already logged into your Aeon account, selecting the Request for Use button will prompt you to log in. Once logged in, you will see a request form that lists the series in the collection that can be expanded by selecting the small plus to the left of each series. Once expanded, select your desired materials by checking the boxes next to each item.
    Shows the location of the plus sign, after 'Expand All / Collapse All' and adjacent to the group of items, such as 'Correspondence 1910-1970, undated.'
    Shows multiple boxes checked after the plus sign has been clicked to expand the series.
  6. When you have selected your materials, the next field allows you to choose if you would like to view these items in the Reading Room or if you’d like to request reproductions.
    Under 'Select type of request' you can choose one of either 'Retrieval for use in Reading Room' or 'Request reproduction'
  7. Selecting Retrieval for use in Reading Room indicates that you are interested in seeing these materials in person. The remaining fields on the form are either not required or have been pre-filled for you.
      • The field Message to Archive Staff allows you to give us more information about your visit, research question, special requests, etc.
      • The field Appointment allows you to associate this item request with an appointment you have already made, or, by using the green Schedule a New Appointment button, you can schedule an appointment straight from this form. See How to Make an Appointment in Aeon for further information on scheduling appointments.

    A preview of the request form.
  8. Selecting Order Reproduction(s) indicates you would like a scan of your desired material sent to you. A new field will appear to allow you to describe what portions of the material you need digitized (specific page numbers, page ranges, images, etc.), as well as indicate if you are interested in publishing the image.
    • Also important in this field is selecting that you agree to the copyright terms.
      A preview of the form, including the required 'I agree to the terms and conditions as outlined above' checkbox.
  9. When you have finished the above steps, select the green Submit button at the bottom of the page and you’re done! If you encounter any issues with this process, please contact us at (207) 725-3288 or