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Electronic Records

The Archives is responsible for the disposition of inactive College records regardless of their physical or digital format.  Records are retained permanently, or disposed of, based on content not format.

The Archives, in collaboration with Bowdoin’s Information Technology (IT) department, is working to ensure the reliability and continuity of electronic records, especially the authenticity of data and systems functionality over time. 

Managing your E-mail

The Archives maintains an FAQ that addresses the basics of managing your email at Bowdoin. We also provide in-person consultation upon request. Please contact Meagan Doyle to set up a training session.

Managing your department/office electronic records

The Archives maintains a secure electronic dropbox on the College network for the transfer of inactive electronic records.  Electronic records deposited in the dropbox cannot be seen, viewed or accessed by anyone other than authorized Archives staff. 

Contact Meagan Doyle for instructions on how to access and use the dropbox.

Archiving the College Website

Starting in January 2017, the College Website will be archived via Archive-It. Archive-It is a subscription service of the Internet Archive and is the premier tool used by the archives community for the preservation of and access to web content.  Archived content can include entire websites and associated files (audio,video, pdf etc.)/or specific URLs (seeds).

More information about webpage capture, capture frequency, and Web archive searchability will be available soon.