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George J. Mitchell Speeches

Speeches From the Archives

Online access to selected speeches from Senator Mitchell’s papers

Bowdoin College Bicentennial Environmental Institute Conference
April 6, 1994
This speech emphasizes Mitchell's commitment to the importance of education about the environment.
Excerpts | Full text (PDF)

Brazda Press Club
November 8, 1993
This speech outlines compelling reasons for passage of comprehensive health care legislation.
Excerpts | Full text (PDF)

The Inauguration of President Clinton
January 20, 1993
Senator Mitchell outlines the nation's challenges at the time of President Clinton's inauguration.
Excerpts | Full text (PDF)

Earth Day
April 20, 1990
Senator Mitchell chronicles advances and remaining challenges in environmental legislation.
Excerpts | Full text (PDF)

The Constitution and the Liberal Arts
October 19, 1988
This speech focuses on the role the liberal arts can play in the discussion and understanding of the U.S. Constitution.
Excerpts | Full text (PDF)

Iran-Contra Investigation, questioning by members
July 13, 1987
This speech contains the text of Senator Mitchell's famous comments to Lt. Col. Oliver North.
Excerpts | Full text (PDF)

"the essence of our freedom" (1.52m .mov)
"God does not take sides" (1.92m .mov)
"I now address a plea to you" (1.39m .wav)

Introduction of Superfund Amendments
July 15, 1981
Senator Mitchell addresses the need for medical benefits to persons injured by toxic chemicals.
Excerpts | Full text (PDF)

Cheverus High School
June 9, 1981
Senator Mitchell speaks on the obligations of citizenship.
Excerpts | Full text (PDF)