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Class Instruction

How can SC&A help you navigate Online Learning?

We are available to help you design engaging and meaningful synchronous and/or asynchronous classroom activities and assignments that make use of digitized and born-digital collections in order to meet a wide variety of learning goals, as standalone resources for your course or integrated with in-person use of collections.

In addition to traditional projects, SC&A can support a wide variety of public engagement projects including curating a digital exhibit, creating a blog or website, livestreaming events, transcribing and annotating historical documents, and more. We are committed to creating student learning experiences that are equitable and accessible.

Understanding Digital Collections, Images, and Facsimiles in Context

Introduce your students to Special Collections & Archives and primary source research online. Use digital collections and surrogates to help students understand the context of a digital source, engage with data, and make connections between digital materials and course themes.

Book Studies

The study of the book, book history, and book arts intersect with many disciplines. Use the book to introduce your students to bibliography, the dissemination of text, materiality in a digital environment, and hands-on, creative experiences.

Primary Source Literacy, Document Analysis, and Transcription

Use primary source sets for students to interpret and engage in document analysis, build narrative between sources, and contribute to scholarly communications through transcription, annotation, and other activities.

Data and Digital Humanities Tools

Using data visualization and textual analysis tools students can create interactive methods to learn from collections, leverage voices often lost in the archive, and foster better understanding of the context of a collection.