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Records Schedules

Schedule E-18 - Medical records
Description: This series documents the medical services history provided for students treated by the Student Health Center. This series may include but is not limited to appointment request slips; summary sheets; immunization records; treatment record forms; diagnosis sheets; health history/screening sheets; initial evaluation/assessment sheets; referral sheets; Health Center examination sheets and X-rays; laboratory test results; physical therapy notes; X-ray release forms; X-ray requisitions with narrative of radiologist; notes; memoranda; and related correspondence.
Record Copy: Student Health Services
Access Category: Category 1: Personal
Record Copy Retention: 6 years from graduation or last coursework for Class of 2007 onwards; prior classes grandfathered at 10 year retention.
Disposition of Material: Confidential destruction
Special Provisions:
Other Copies Held By: N/A
Other Copy Retention: N/A
Disposition of Material: N/A
Retention Schedule ID #: E-18