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Guide to the Titcomb Family Papers, 1824-1855

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Titcomb family papers
Titcomb, James
Titcomb family
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George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives, Bowdoin College Library, Brunswick, Maine 04011
Collection of letters and related papers, 1825-1850, documenting the commercial maritime ventures of ship-builder James Titcomb (1783-1844) of Kennebunk, Maine; as well as the lives and education of his children, including Maine legislator Joseph Titcomb (1822-1891, Bowdoin Class of 1843).

Ship-builder and owner James Titcomb (1783-1844) operated from his shipyard in Kennebunk, Maine. Titcomb's ships transported bulk goods (wood, stone, etc.) from northern to southern ports in the United States and returned with cotton, tocacco, sugar, and molasses, to sell to buyers in the Northeastern United States and Europe.

Collection of letters, financial documents, and related papers, 1825-1850, documenting the commercial maritime ventures of ship-builder James Titcomb (1783-1844) of Kennebunk, Maine; the lives and education of his children, including future Maine legislator Joseph Titcomb, at Andover, Dummer, and York Academies, and Bowdoin College (Class of 1843); and two years (1849-50) of Joseph Titcomb's political career.

Series Description:

Correspondence and commercial records detailing James Titcomb's shipping business throughout the United States and Europe. Principal correspondents are Titcomb's ship's captains who sent details about their ships' arrivals in port and discharge of cargoes; the outfitting, provisioning, maintenance, and repair of the vessels, and the commercial interests of their shareholders, among other topics.

Boston, 1824-1830

box 1 folder 1

Boston, 1831-1834

box 1 folder 2

Boston, 1835-1836

box 1 folder 3

Boston, 1837

box 1 folder 4

Boston, 1838

box 1 folder 5

Boston, 1839-1842

box 1 folder 6

New York, 1825-1830

box 1 folder 7

New York, 1832-1841

box 1 folder 8

Southern U.S. Ports, 1825-1829

box 1 folder 9

Southern U.S. Ports, 1835-1840

box 1 folder 10

New Orleans, 1828-1833

box 1 folder 11

New Orleans, 1834-1836

box 1 folder 12

New Orleans, 1837

box 1 folder 13

New Orleans, 1838-1839

box 1 folder 14

New Orleans, 1840-1845

box 1 folder 15

U.S. Northeastern Ports, 1832-1845

box 1 folder 16

European Ports, 1825-1836

box 1 folder 17

European Ports, 1837-1840

box 1 folder 18

Series Description:

Assorted financial records primarily relating to Titcomb's shipping ventures, including bank receipts, loan certificates, stock prices, and accounts.

Insurance Policies, 1826-1836

box 1 folder 19

Prices Current, 1827-1838

box 1 folder 20

Miscellaneous, 1830-1840

box 1 folder 21

Series Description:

Correspondence from family and friends adressed to Joseph Titcomb when he was at Dummer Academy and Bowdoin College (1839-1843), including letters from fellow Bowdoin students Joseph Dana, Jr. and J.S. Palmer, and classmates at Dummer Academy. Later correspondence (1849-1850) was received by Joseph when he was serving in the Maine legislature; correspondents include various Kennebunk and York County constituents expressing their concerns about local issues.


box 1 folder 22


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Series Description:

Correspondence among members of the Titcomb family, including James Sr. and his children James Jr., Joseph, George, William, and Lucy.

Joseph to (brother) James Titcomb, 1828-1841

box 1 folder 25

George to (brother) Joseph Titcomb, 1837-1843

box 1 folder 26

Joseph to (father) James Titcomb,1837-1841

box 1 folder 27

James to (son) Joseph Titcomb, 1838-1842

box 1 folder 28

Lucy to (brother) Joseph Titcomb, 1839-1843

box 1 folder 29

William to (brother) Joseph Titcomb, 1839-1843

box 1 folder 30

A. Titcomb to Joseph and George Titcomb, n.d.

box 1 folder 31

Series Description:

Includes notes, fragments, and documents, including term bills from Bowdoin College and reports from Dummer Academy concerning Joseph Titcomb.


box 1 folder 32

Dummer Academy and Bowdoin College, documents, 1835-1847

box 1 folder 33

Biographical information

box 1 folder 34