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Title: Guide To The Civil War Miscellany Collection - M131

Dates: 1861-1927, undated

Abstract: Miscellaneous Civil War material from various sources, including correspondence, diaries, photographs and printed material.

Title: Guide To The Shiloh Collection - M165

Dates: 1895-1989

Abstract: Information about Frank W. Sanford, his Holy Ghost and Us Society, and the members' residence called Shiloh and located at Durham, Maine, is accompanied by incomplete runs of several periodical publications of the society. They include The Everlasting Gospel, The Golden Trumpet, Tongues of Fire, and The Truth.

Title: Guide To The Unitarian-Universalist Material - M178

Dates: 1912-1982, undated

Abstract: Contains material related to the Unitarian-Universalists, particularly to the church in Brunswick, ME. Includes newspaper clippings, prayers, poems, pamphlets, and letters.

Title: Guide To The Bowdoiniana Collection - M193

Dates: 1773 - 1960, Undated

Abstract: This collection contains miscellaneous materials about Bowdoin alumni, faculty, and governing board members.

Title: Guide To The Miscellaneous Manuscript And Realia Collection - M194

Dates: circa 1330-2001

Abstract: Primarily stand-alone manuscript materials, small in number or volume, both loose and bound, that are not part of larger collections. Includes correspondence, diaries, documents, writings, oral history interviews, and miscellaneous realia, among other materials.

Title: Guide To The Brunswick Area Photograph Collection - M249

Dates: Ca. 1864-1966

Abstract: Photographic prints of Brunswick, Maine and nearby areas including the towns of Bath and Topsham.

Title: Guide To The Maine African American Archive - M253

Dates: 1800-2001, undated

Abstract: Research files concerning African Americans in Maine and New England, the bulk collected by Randolph Stakeman, Bowdoin College Associate Professor of History and Africana Studies Emeritus.

Title: Guide To The Chinese Cultural Revolution Collection - M278

Dates: 1953 - 2000, undated

Abstract: This collection contains varied material, mostly from the period of China's Cultural Revolution, including a decorated Chinese handkerchief and block prints of landscapes

Title: Guide To The Merrymeeting Bay Archive - M283

Dates: 1975-2000, undated

Abstract: This archive contains material relating to Merrymeeting Bay environmental studies, the bulk from 1988-1992.

Title: Guide To The Maine Postcard Collection - M309

Dates: Undated

Abstract: This collection contains postcards depicting locations from all over the state of Maine.

Title: Guide To The David P. Becker Research Files - M313

Dates: 1983-2007, undated

Abstract: David Becker's research files on printmaking in Maine compiled in the process of writing his book The Imprint of Place: Maine Printmaking 1800-2005, published in conjunction with the Maine Print Project.

Title: Guide To The Nineteenth Century Cased Images Collection - M329

Dates: Undated

Abstract: Nineteenth century cased images, including daguerreotypes. Primarily individual portraits of unidentified subjects, with the exception of George Frederick Knorr.

Title: Guide To The Graphic Arts Ephemera Collection - M332

Dates: 1960-2016

Abstract: Ephemeral printed items from over 230 fine presses from Maine to California, arranged alphabetically by press name.

Title: Guide To The John Joseph Magee Realia - M337

Dates: 1915-1965


Title: Guide To William Jenks Correspondence - M346

Dates: 1809-1815


Title: Guide To The Currency Collection - M349

Dates: 1865-1900


Creator: Abbott family

Title: Guide To The Abbott Memorial Collection - M001

Dates: 1716-1928

Abstract: The collection contains correspondence, much of it within the Abbott family; biographical records on family members; the literary manuscripts of Jacob, Lyman, and Edward Abbott; diaries, journals and scrapbooks kept by or concerning family members; photographs; documents; and other records.

Creator: Abbott, Charles Matthew

Title: Guide To The Charles Matthew Abbott Collection - M290

Dates: 1879-1949, undated

Abstract: The bulk of the this collection is portraits of the extended Abbott family. The bulk of the photographs are of Charles Matthew Abbott's sisters and sons.

Creator: Abbott, Edward Farrington

Title: Guide To The Edward Farrington Abbott, Jr. Papers - M225

Dates: 1915-1978, undated

Abstract: The collection contains World War II correspondence of Edward Farrington Abbott, Jr. to family members, 1942-1945 and miscellaneous biographical material. The letters principally concern Abbott's day-to-day and recreational activities.

Creator: Abbott, Jere

Title: Guide To The Jere Abbott Papers - M284

Dates: 1879-1934

Abstract: Family papers, chiefly letters dated 1916-1934 from Jere Abbott to his parents, including letters while he was a student at Bowdoin.

Creator: Abrahamson, Albert

Title: Guide To The Albert Abrahamson Scrapbooks - M282

Dates: 1926-1988, undated

Abstract: Two scrapbooks containing documents, photographs, newspaper clippings and correspondence concerning Albert Abrahamson's life.

Creator: Ainge family

Title: Guide To The Ainge Family Papers - M002

Dates: 1766-1833

Abstract: Documents, including promissory notes, marriage settlements, accounts, indentures, etc. relating to the Ainge family (1766-1833).

Creator: Allen, Thomas H., (Thomas Hodge), 1945

Title: Guide To The Thomas Hodge Allen Papers - M296

Dates: 1997-2009

Abstract: Congressional papers of Thomas H. Allen (Bowdoin College, 1967), Democrat, U.S. House of Representatives (1st Congressional District of Maine) serving in the 105th-110th Congresses (January 3, 1997-January 3, 2009).

Creator: Allen, William

Title: Guide To The William Allen Family Papers - M003

Dates: 1805-1970, undated

Abstract: Correspondence, chiefly letters written by William Allen from Brunswick or Northampton, and letters to Allen's daughter, Elizabeth L. Allen, from cousins and friends

Creator: Alpha Delta Phi. Bowdoin chapter

Title: Guide To The Alpha Delta Phi, Bowdoin Chapter Records - M324

Dates: 1841-2000

Abstract: Records of Alpha Delta Phi, Bowdoin Chapter including: Bowdoin Chapter record books, Bowdoin member records; unpublished literary works; ceremonial items, fraternity catalogs and publications; photographs; ephemera, and memorabilia.

Creator: Anderson, Rufus

Title: Guide To The Rufus Anderson, Jr. Papers - M295

Dates: 1814-1888, undated

Abstract: Rufus Anderson (Bowdoin College Class of 1818) served on the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions and was Foreign Secretary from 1832-1866. Papers includes Anderson's memoir and letters to his infant son, Henry Hill Anderson; Anderson's journal entry regarding the death of his father; a document concerning Anderson's service with the foreign missions; and printed memorials for Anderson and his wife

Creator: Anthoensen Press

Title: Guide To The Anthoensen Press Work Orders - M197

Dates: 1915-1952

Abstract: The collection consists of samples of work orders for books, stationery, advertising brochures, pamphlets, business cards, catalogues, journals, greeting cards and other works produced by the Press.

Creator: Anthoensen Press

Title: Guide To The Anthoensen Press Business Records - M220

Dates: 1918-1949

Abstract: Forms, bills, receipts, letters, and other material relative to the operation of the Press (1918-1949).

Creator: Anthoensen, Fred

Title: Guide To The Fred Anthoensen Collection - M004

Dates: 1901-1969

Abstract: Correspondence, newsclippings, photographs, a manuscript of "Types and Book Making," and assorted biographical material.

Creator: Appleton, Jesse

Title: Guide To The Jesse Appleton Collection - M005

Dates: 1788-1837, undated

Abstract: The collection consists of letters, sermons, lectures, notes and other papers, as well as images.

Creator: Atlantic and St Lawrence Railroad Co

Title: Guide To The Atlantic And St. Lawrence Railroad Company Records - M006

Dates: 1844–1894

Abstract: Records including correspondence, Provisional Committee and Corporators' meeting minutes, committee reports, clippings, documents, and printed pamphlets and broadsides, focus on the establishment, routing, and construction of the railroad.

Creator: Bachulus, John M.

Title: Guide To The John M. Bachulus Papers - M235

Dates: 1793-1939, undated

Abstract: Includes John M. Bachulus' business and personal correspondence from 1793-1939.

Creator: Bailey, Merton G.L.

Title: Guide To The Merton G. L. And Lula Bailey Papers - M007

Dates: 1904-1967, undated

Abstract: Merton G. L. Bailey (Bowdoin 1911) worked in publishing, real estate, and government. His wife, Lula Bailey, was an avid bookplate collector. Their papers contain notes, photographs, clippings, and correspondence, much of which relates to Lula Bailey's bookplate collection, to Merton Bailey's Bowdoin classmates and colleagues, and his efforts to get books signed by notable authors. Lula Bailey's sizable bookplate collection is also included.

Creator: Barbour, Charles M.

Title: Guide To The Charles Barbour Research Records On The Medical School Of Maine - M211

Dates: 1921-1988

Abstract: Biographical information collected by Charles Barbour on more than 30 graduates and faculty of the Medical School of Maine, including articles in journals and magazines, photographs, memorial tributes, and newspaper clippings.

Creator: Bartlett, Bob

Title: Guide To The Robert Abram Bartlett Papers - M008

Dates: 1888-1946

Abstract: Correspondence, documents, articles, speeches, clippings, photographs, logs, and other material relating to Robert Abram Bartlett's expeditions.

Creator: Bassett, James

Title: Guide To The James E. Bassett Jr. Papers - M213

Dates: 1929-1977, undated

Abstract: The collection contains Bassett's letters (1940-63) from Pearl Harbor and the Pacific Theater as well as from the Nixon campaigns; literary drafts of published and unpublished books, short stories, and plays; photographs; records of his naval service; and Bowdoin College memorabilia.

Creator: Bates, Arlo

Title: Guide To The Arlo Bates Papers - M009

Dates: 1827-1977

Abstract: This collection includes Arlo Bates' literary drafts, short stories, plays, essays and poems; photographs of Bates and members of his family; correspondence (1829-1977, bulk 1870-1911); lecture notes; and other materials.

Creator: Beale, Joseph Boggs

Title: Guide To Joseph Boggs Beale's Illustrations Of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's The Wreck Of The Hesperus - M340

Dates: 1894

Abstract: Joseph Boggs Beale (1841-1926) was a prolific and nationally respected magic-lantern artist for Casper W. Briggs and Sons in Philadelphia from 1879 until his death in 1926. Collection includes twelve pen and ink and watercolor illustrations by Beale, created for lantern slides, of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's .

Creator: Beam, Philip C.

Title: Guide To The Philip C. Beam Papers - M010

Dates: 1929-2001, undated

Abstract: Papers of Philip C. Beam including writings, photographs, news clippings, correspondence, diplomas and certificates, and ephemera, principally from late in his career; the bulk of the collection relates to Beam's writings about Winslow Homer.

Creator: Benson, Andrew M.

Title: Guide To The Benson Lumbering Records - M011

Dates: 1875-1876, undated

Abstract: Collection contains Andrew M. Benson's incoming correspondence and a ledger (single page) concerning his Portland, Maine, lumber business.

Creator: Beston, Henry

Title: Guide To The Beston Family Papers - M012

Dates: 1899-1977, undated

Abstract: Correspondence (1899-1977); literary drafts, notes, reviews, etc. (ca. 1919-1970) for various titles; photographs; biographical and family records, including clippings, essays, documents, drawings, and memorabilia (1926-1968); scrapbooks (1933-1968); and other material relating to the Beston family.

Creator: Bibber & Randall Co

Title: Guide To The Maritime Papers - M123

Dates: 1787-1964, undated

Abstract: Materials on ships and shipbuilding, chiefly in northern New England. The bulk pertain to William G. Randall and the Bath, Maine, shipbuilding company of Bibber & Randall Co.

Creator: Bliss, Susan

Title: Guide To The Susan Dwight Bliss Collection - M236

Dates: 1906-1990, undated

Abstract: Articles, Bowdoin College librarians' reports, and other printed material concerning Susan Dwight Bliss's gifts to Bowdoin College, as well as material concerning the extended Bliss family. Also includes images of the interior and exterior of the Bliss residence at 9 East 68th Street in New York City .

Creator: Bourjaily, Vance

Title: Guide To The Vance Bourjaily Papers - M014

Dates: 1942-1984

Abstract: The collection contains letters; reviews; drafts of television plays, an opera, published and unpublished fiction, drama and poetry; magazine and newspaper articles and essays; audio tapes; and the final manuscripts of ten published novels.

Creator: Bowdoin College. Scientific Expedition to Labrador

Title: Guide To The Bowdoin College Scientific Expedition To Labrador Collection - M105

Dates: 1891-1982, (bulk 1891-1892)

Abstract: Contains first-hand accounts by several members of the expedition to Labrador, including Professor Leslie A. Lee's trip log and his observation notes on the Eskimo village of Hopedale, as well as the diaries and journals of several students, and post-expedition reports of findings.

Creator: Bowdoin family

Title: Guide To The Bowdoin Family Collection - M015

Dates: Bulk, 1687-1848 1687-1996

Abstract: The collection consists primarily of correspondence, both personal and professional, as well as business, financial, and political documents, including wills and other materials concerning the Bowdoin estate.

Creator: Bradbury, James Ware

Title: Guide To The James Ware Bradbury Papers - M016

Dates: 1817-1891, undated

Abstract: Includes correspondence (1836-1890); accounts and other financial records (1854-1891); documents, drafts and other material relating to Bradbury's law firm's business (1817-1885).

Creator: Bradeen, Richard Wayne

Title: Guide To The Wendell P. Bradley Papers - M017

Dates: 1939- 1967, undated

Abstract: Collection includes Wendell Bradley's correspondence with family members, colleagues, and fellow sailing enthusiasts; literary drafts; and sailing photographs.

Creator: Bradeen, Richard Wayne

Title: Guide To The Richard Wayne Bradeen Letters - M256

Dates: 1866-1879

Abstract: Letters written by Richard Wayne Bradeen, chiefly addressed to his brother, John, and written from Saco and Brunswick, Maine, between 1866 and 1869.

Creator: Brewster family

Title: Guide To The Brewster Family Collection - M201

Dates: 1900-1983, undated

Abstract: The collection contains political scrapbooks, letters, clippings, assorted ephemera and images compiled and saved by Ralph Owen Brewster's mother and wife.

Creator: Brewster, Owen

Title: Guide To The Ralph Owen Brewster Papers - M200

Dates: 1909-1962, undated

Abstract: Records from all phases of Brewster's political career; they concern contemporary issues, events and local and national political and legislative initiatives.

Creator: Bridge, Horatio

Title: Guide To The Horatio Bridge Papers - M018

Dates: 1823-1967, undated

Abstract: Correspondence, clippings, and other documents, primarily concerning Horatio Bridge or his relationship with Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Creator: Bridge, Horatio

Title: Guide To The Bridge-Maurice Papers - M019

Dates: 1837-1888, undated

Abstract: This collection consists of correspondence, notes, and photographs, all concerning Horatio Bridge and many involving his relationship with Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Hawthorne family.

Creator: Bringhurst, Joseph

Title: Guide To The Joseph Bringhurst Sr. Papers - M020

Dates: 1792-1814, undated

Abstract: The collection contains thirty-one letters (1792-1814), the majority of which are by Bringhurst to his niece, Elizabeth Foulke.

Creator: Brown, Charles Brockden

Title: Guide To The Charles Brockden Brown Papers - M021

Dates: 1792-1821, undated

Abstract: The collection consists largely of Brown's correspondence, much of it with his friends Joseph Bringhurst, Jr., (1767-1834) and Deborah Ferris (1773-1844), later Mrs. Bringhurst, or between Ferris and Bringhurst.

Creator: Brown, Herbert Ross

Title: Guide To The Herbert Ross Brown Papers - M022

Dates: 1900-1991, undated

Abstract: The collection includes Herbert Ross Brown's personal correspondence, mostly with his wife, Ruth, and friends and colleagues, especially Wilmot Brookings Mitchell and Kenneth Sills; writings; and chapel talks.

Creator: Buchanan, Alexander Simms

Title: Guide To The Alexander Simms Buchanan Civil War Collection - M209

Dates: 1861-1928

Abstract: Contains documents and realia pertaining to the Civil War, including an album containing a signed photograph of Abraham Lincoln, original military documents, clippings, and ephemera.

Creator: Burnett, Charles T. (Charles Theodore)

Title: Guide To The Charles T. Burnett Papers - M023

Dates: 1895-1969, undated

Abstract: The collection includes Charles Burnett's correspondence, primarily with Dwight Morrow and other items related to Burnett's time at Bowdoin College.

Creator: Burroughs, Franklin

Title: Guide To The Franklin G. Burroughs Papers - M240

Dates: 1970-2006, undated

Abstract: The collection contains literary drafts of essays, books, and other writings.

Creator: Burton, Harold H. (Harold Hitz)

Title: Guide To The Harold Hitz Burton Papers - M024

Dates: 1927-1965, undated

Abstract: Harold Hitz Burton's papers comprising professional correspondence; documents concerning judicial opinions, including memoranda, drafts, and printed opinions; speeches and notes; clippings; ephemera; and photographs.

Creator: Carlyle, Thomas

Title: Guide To The Thomas Carlyle Letters - M043

Dates: 1820-1854, undated

Abstract: The collection consists almost entirely of letters (1820-1854) from Carlyle to his friend, William Graham (b.1770), a Scottish shipping merchant and, later, gentleman sheep farmer; together with typescripts of Graham's letters to Carlyle.

Creator: Carney, Richard

Title: Guide To Richard Carney Memorabilia - M338

Dates: 1902-1913

Abstract: Richard Carney was born in Sheepscot, Maine, on November 21, 1884. He was graduated from Bowdoin College in 1907 and taught at the Stearns School in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, 1907-1909. Memorabilia comprises Richard Carney's photograph albums (2), 1905-1913; diary, 1907; and account book, 1902-1903. Albums include photographs of family and friends; Bowdoin College students; locations and people in Sheepscot, Maine, Mont Venon, New Hampshire (Stearns School), Canobe Lake, New Hampshire, and SanJuan and Arroyo, Puerto Rico.

Creator: Caspi, Mishael

Title: Guide To The Gila And Mishael Caspi Judaica Collection - M312

Dates: 17th-early 19th century

Abstract: Collection of materials relating to Judaic studies and Jewish culture comprising two manuscripts: Grace after meals [codex, ca. 1700?] and Megilat Esther [scroll, 16--?]; and four items of realia including a Torah breastplate [ca. early 19th century] and a shofar.

Creator: Chadbourne family

Title: Guide To The Chadbourne Family Papers - M311

Dates: 1884-1961, undated

Abstract: Contains correspondence between Arthur C. Chadbourne, his sister, Helen E. Chadbourne, and mother, Emma Tuck Chadbourne, as well as a family photograph album.

Creator: Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence

Title: Guide To The Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Collection - M027

Dates: 1817-2014

Abstract: The collection contains letters, articles, addresses, documents, Civil War related manuscripts, family manuscripts, and biographical essays.

Creator: Chamberlain, Weston P.

Title: Guide To The Weston P. Chamberlain Papers - M028

Dates: 1889-1933

Abstract: Memorabilia of Colonel Weston P. Chamberlain, including diaries, journals, and correspondence from 1889-1912, and Bowdoin College materials.

Creator: Chandler family

Title: Guide To The Chandler Family Papers - M029

Dates: 1831-1890, undated

Abstract: The collection includes correspondence, a diary, an account book, photographs, clippings and realia by and concerning Peleg Whitman Chandler and Charles Peleg Chandler, as well as digital copies of family documents and letters dated 1834 to 1881.

Creator: Chandler family

Title: Guide To The Cleaveland-Chandler Family Papers - M035

Dates: 1803-1937, undated

Abstract: The collection contains family correspondence, documents, memoirs and diaries, photographs, and receipts, together with a storekeeper's ledger, and financial records kept by members of the family.

Creator: Claff, C. Lloyd

Title: Guide To The C. Lloyd Claff Papers - M031

Dates: 1935-1968, undated

Abstract: C. Lloyd Claff's scientific research notebooks from his work at Woods Hole Research Laboratory in Massachusetts and Harvard Medical School.

Creator: Clark, James Warren

Title: Guide To The James Warren Clark Papers - M322

Dates: 1861-2011

Abstract: The collection includes thirty-seven letters (1862-1863), most received or sent by James Warren Clark (member of 42nd Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry) during the Civil War.

Creator: Clarke , Charles Lorenzo

Title: Guide To The Charles Lorenzo Clarke Papers - M032

Dates: 1780-1987, undated

Abstract: The collection consists of material by and concerning Charles Lorenzo Clarke, including: correspondence, with the bulk to and from family members, documents, writings, journals, memorabilia, and images.

Creator: Cleaveland, N. (Nehemiah)

Title: Guide To The Nehemiah Cleaveland Papers - M033

Dates: 1806-1877, undated

Abstract: Nehemiah Cleaveland (1796-1877) graduated from Bowdoin in 1813 and held a number of educational positions, inlcuding tutor of Latin and Greek at Bowdoin from 1817 to 1820, and as principal of Dummer Academy from 1821 to 1839. Cleaveland spent several years collecting material and reminiscences of Bowdoin alumni to produce his "History of Bowdoin College with Biographical Sketches of its Graduates, from 1806 to 1879, Inclusive," which was published posthumously in 1882. The Nehemiah Cleaveland collection contains his correspondence with family, riends, colleagues, and Bowdoin alumni, as well as his notebooks.

Creator: Cleaveland, Parker, 1780-1858

Title: Guide To The Parker Cleaveland Collection - M034

Dates: 1795-1994 (bulk 1805-1858)

Abstract: Correspondence, scientific records, notes and catalogs, financial records, images, clippings, printed ephemera and book drafts, primarily documenting Parker Cleaveland's professional career.

Creator: Coan, Elisha Skinner

Title: Guide To The Elisha Coan Collection - M036

Dates: 1831-1955, undated

Abstract: Letters, documents, articles, clippings, photographs and other material relating to Coan and his career, particularly during the Civil War.

Creator: Coffin, Robert P. Tristram (Robert Peter Tristram)

Title: Guide To The Robert Peter Tristram Coffin Collection - M037

Dates: 1842-1989, undated

Abstract: The collection contains correspondence; drafts, proofs and notes of books, poems, essays, plays and lectures; notes, examinations and other material relating to teaching, and biographical materials.

Creator: Coffin, Robert P. Tristram (Robert Peter Tristram)

Title: Guide To The Robert P. Tristram Coffin And National Parent-Teacher Magazine Correspondence - M206

Dates: 1938-1960, undated

Abstract: Letters between Robert P. Tristram Coffin and staff of the National Parent-Teacher magazine including Eva Grant, J.K. Pettengill, and Eleanore Twiss.

Creator: Coffin, Robert P. Tristram (Robert Peter Tristram)

Title: Guide To The Coffin, Robert Peter Tristram Coffin Family Correspondence - M207

Dates: 1915-1954, undated

Abstract: Letters from Robert P. Tristram Coffin, primarily to his mother, Alice M. Coffin, and his sister, Annie Coffin (Mrs. Harold Sanborn).

Creator: Coles, Chris

Title: Guide To The Sirens Production Papers - M250

Dates: 1992-1993

Abstract: The collection includes production files, financial records, contracts, scripts and schedules. Also included are VHS tapes of all episodes of the ABC show Sirens.

Creator: Coles, Chris

Title: Guide To The Chris Coles Screenplay Collection - M297

Dates: 1964-2004

Abstract: Duplicated typescripts, chiefly drafts and working scripts, some with director John Schlesinger's annotations, for feature film productions in the United States and England.

Creator: Coles, James Stacy

Title: Guide To The James Stacy Coles Papers - M038

Dates: 1903-1996, undated

Abstract: Personal, business, and Brown University and Bowdoin College correspondence of James Stacy Coles; speeches, lecture note, and writings.

Creator: Collins, Jason

Title: Guide To The Jason Collins Almanac And Daily Diary - M345

Dates: 1846

Abstract: Daily diary and almanac for 1846 of Captain Jason Collins, engineer on the Sidewheel Steamer, Huntress (main port on the Kennebec River near Gardiner, Maine).

Creator: Copeland, Manton

Title: Guide To The Manton Copeland Papers - M039

Dates: 1882-1961, Undated

Abstract: Personal and business correspondence, the bulk to Manton Copeland, as well as class notes, reports, lecture materials, drawings, and Bowdoin College faculty and Biology Club materials.

Creator: Cornell, Thomas

Title: Guide To The Thomas Cornell Papers - M323

Dates: 1961-2012

Abstract: Papers (ca. 1964-2012) of Thomas Cornell including: professional correspondence; subject files concerning curriculum, teaching, administration, and programs in the visual arts at Bowdoin College.

Creator: Coxe, Louis O.

Title: Guide To The Louis O. Coxe Papers - M040

Dates: 1959-1975

Abstract: Collection contains correspondence from friends and from Bowdoin College; there are also typescripts, manuscripts, and notebooks of short poems and narrative poems.

Creator: Crosby, Laurence A. (Laurence Alden)

Title: Guide To The Laurence A Crosby Papers - M254

Dates: 1906-1969, undated, (bulk 1935-1960)

Abstract: Business and personal papers of Laurence A. Crosby (Bowdoin 1913).The bulk of the papers are business files documenting Crosby's involvement in American-owned Cuban sugar companies from the mid-1930's until circa 1960.

Creator: Curtis, Thomas A.

Title: Guide To The Thomas A. Curtis ("Diogenes") Collection - M239

Dates: 1849-2014, undated

Abstract: Includes two albums that contain Bowdoin students' remembrances of Curtis (including one from Oliver Otis Howard, Bowdoin 1850), as well as student autographs and records of student subscriptions to Curtis' library.

Creator: Curtis, William J. (William John)

Title: Guide To The William John Curtis Papers - M041

Dates: 1888-1954, undated

Abstract: Correspondence of William John Curtis, including lettersfrom Andrew Carnegie and President Grover Cleveland, and a number of holograph essays on U.S. politics; also includes biographical materials.

Creator: Daggett, Athern P.

Title: Guide To The Athern P. Daggett Papers - M266

Dates: 1942-1974, undated

Abstract: Athern P. Daggett's files concerning Bowdoin College and Brunswick, Maine.

Creator: Dana, Edward Augustus

Title: Guide To The Edward Augustus Dana Papers - M261

Dates: 1827-1886, undated

Abstract: Papers, chiefly correspondence of Edward Augustus Dana and the Nye family, Bowdoin College themes, essays, translations, term bills, and other material belonging to Edward Dana (Class of 1838) are included.

Creator: Daugherty, James

Title: Guide To The James Daugherty, Nothing To Fear Manuscript And Artwork - M319

Dates: Undated

Abstract: Manuscript draft with annotations and pencil sketches, drawings on paper; also, miscellaneous drawings and items, all undated.

Creator: Daveis, Charles Stewart, 1788-1865.

Title: Guide To The Charles Stewart Daveis Papers - M044

Dates: 1808-1864, Undated

Abstract: Correspondence, addresses, and miscellaneous documents primarily concerning Bowdoin College and the non-resident proprietors of Maine lands.

Creator: Dawson, Henry S.

Title: Guide To The Henry S. Dawson Papers On Unitarianism In Maine - M045

Dates: 1817-1872

Abstract: The collection contains material relating to the state of Unitarianism in Maine. At the core of the collection are Henry S. Dawson's writings, "The Origin, Growth, and Present Condition of Unitarianism in Maine."

Creator: Dodge, John Calvin

Title: Guide To The John Calvin Dodge Papers - M046

Dates: 1781-1932, undated

Abstract: Legal papers and documents concerning the maritime cases handled by John Calvin Dodge and his sons, as well as biographical and family material.

Creator: Dole family

Title: Guide To The Dole Family Papers - M047

Dates: 1804-1848

Abstract: Family correspondence (1815-1848 and undated) between the Doles of Hallowell, Maine, and the Balches of Newburyport, Mass; also includes Bowdoin College material.

Creator: Dole, Nathan

Title: Guide To The Nathan Dole Papers - M048

Dates: 1831-1841

Abstract: Includes letterbooks, diaries, sermon notes, addresses, a poem written for the anniversary of the Missionary Society of Bowdoin College, notes and notebooks, and ephemera.

Creator: Dole, Stanley Fuller

Title: Guide To The Stanley Fuller Dole Papers - M303

Dates: 1908-1962, undated

Abstract: Stanley Fuller Dole's U.S. Navy material including field maps, the bulk concerning Russia. Also includes Dole's autobiography, a personal history written for his Bowdoin 25th reunion, and a scrapbook of his high school and college years.

Creator: Donovan, John C.

Title: Guide To The John C. Donovan Papers - M049

Dates: 1967-1970

Abstract: Correspondence and writings by John C. Donovan during the period 1967-1970.

Creator: Douglas, Paul H. (Paul Howard)

Title: Guide To The Paul H. Douglas Collection - M267

Dates: 1909-1992

Abstract: The collection contains biographical material, correspondence, and newspaper clippings concerning Douglas.

Creator: Dove, William

Title: Guide To The William James Dove Collection - M310

Dates: 1913-1972, undated

Abstract: Materials from William James Dove relating to his arctic expeditions with Robert A. Bartlett.

Creator: Dow, Neal

Title: Guide To The Neal Dow Papers - M050

Dates: 1852-1887

Abstract: The collection consists almost entirely of letters, 1852-1887, concerning temperance. Most are from Dow to E.W. Jackson, although there are a few others as well.

Creator: Dunn, Nathaniel

Title: Guide To The Nathaniel Dunn Papers - M051

Dates: 1842-1948

Abstract: Memoirs (1884), legal papers, documentation concerning Dunn's inventions and writings, private journal/scrapbooks (1842-89), writings, newsclippings, obituaries, and biographical information.

Creator: Dyer, Isaac W. (Isaac Watson)

Title: Guide To The Isaac Dyer Papers On Thomas Carlyle - M025

Dates: 1889-1941, undated

Abstract: The collection contains materials compiled and created by Isaac Dyer while writing his Thomas Carlyle bibliography, including correspondence, carbon typescripts, Carlyle manuscripts, miscellaneous manuscripts, authorial notes, printed ephemera, reviews of A Bibliography of Thomas Carlyle's Writings and Ana, images of Carlyle and his family, a scrapbook, Carlyle's official seal, and a collection of Carlyle-related postcards.

Creator: Dyer, John Small

Title: Guide To The John Small Dyer Papers - M052

Dates: 1869-1967

Abstract: This collection is comprised of a series of photocopied transcripts of typescript excerpts from the diaries and journals of John Small Dyer (June 18, 1904-July 9, 1922).

Creator: Edmands, Annie Lawrence

Title: Guide To The Annie Lawrence Edmands Autograph Album - M054

Dates: 1878-1890

Abstract: Autograph album given to Edmands by her grandfather in 1879, a year after her birth. The album contains letters, poems, inscriptions, and signatures from prominent 19th-century figures

Creator: Ekblaw, Walter Elmer

Title: Guide To The Walter E. Ekblaw Papers - M327

Dates: 1913-1918, undated

Abstract: Materials relating to the 1913-1917 Crocker Land Expedition. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence sent before and during the expedition, field notebooks with scientific observations (geology, botany, ornithology, etc.), personal journals, as well as many inserts found within the notebooks.

Creator: Eligian, Kosrof

Title: Guide To Kosrof Eligian's Survival Of Faith Typescript - M231

Dates: 1907 - 1965

Abstract: Typescript of Eligian's "Survival of Faith," a memoir documenting the author's childhood in Armenia and eastern Europe during the first World War.

Creator: Emerson, Walter Crane

Title: Guide To The Walter Crane Emerson Papers - M055

Dates: 1922-1923

Abstract: Letter and writings.

Creator: Emery, Caleb Joseph

Title: Guide To The Caleb Joesph Emery Medical Notes - M224

Dates: 1871-1908

Abstract: One volume of lecture notes and accounts, ca. 1871-1874, and ten volumes of physicians' call diaries, 1893-1908, compiled by Caleb Joseph Emery.

Creator: Emery, Edwin

Title: Guide To The Edwin Emery Diaries And Memoir - M288

Dates: 1863-1942, undated

Abstract: Five pocket diaries (1863-1865) kept by Edwin Emery during his military service in the Civil War, as well as a transcription of four pages from an 1864 diary that is lacking from the collection.

Creator: Emery, Henry Crosby

Title: Guide To The Henry Crosby Emery Papers - M210

Dates: 1908-1985

Abstract: Letters (1917-1924), diaries (1917-1918), articles and speeches (1908-1924) written by Henry C. Emery and his wife, Suzanne, during their travels in China and Russia; also included are photographs and clippings (1905-1985).

Creator: Fairchild, Elizabeth Nelson

Title: Guide To The Elizabeth Nelson Fairchild Papers - M056

Dates: 1865-1907 (bulk 1870-1885)

Abstract: Materials relating to the Fairchild family during the period 1870-1885, the bulk concerning Elizabeth Nelson Fairchild's writings.

Creator: Farnham, Augustus Bowman

Title: Guide To The Augustus Bowman Farnham Papers - M057

Dates: 1861-1916 (bulk 1861-1891)

Abstract: Letters (1861-1916), Civil War journals (1862 and 1864), documents and clippings (1863-1905), and photographs, mostly relating to Farnham's military career.

Creator: Farrar, William Haskell

Title: Guide To The William Farrar Papers - M058

Dates: 1918-1966

Abstract: Correspondence to and from William Farrar over the course of his life post graduation from Bowdoin College in 1914.

Creator: Fessenden family

Title: Guide To The Fessenden Geneology Materials - M062

Dates: 1850-1972

Abstract: Genealogical material gathered by Edwin A. Fessenden and others, and used in the preparation of "The Fessenden Family in America."

Creator: Fessenden family

Title: Guide To The Fessenden And Barrows Family Genealogy - M218

Dates: 1862-1940, undated

Abstract: This collection contains letters, clippings, lists, drafts, and other materials relating to the genealogical history and family affairs of the Fessenden and Barrows familes.

Creator: Fessenden, Joseph P. (Joseph Palmer)

Title: Guide To The Joseph Palmer And Phebe Beech Fessenden Papers - M060

Dates: 1803-1893, undated

Abstract: The papers contain 370 pieces of correspondence (1803-1893, n.d.); essays; a commencement part and Bowdoin term bill of William G. Barrows; and ephemeral materials.

Creator: Fessenden, Joseph P. (Joseph Palmer)

Title: Guide To The Joseph Fessenden Sermons - M061

Dates: 1820-1859, undated

Abstract: 675 manuscript sermons (1820-1859) and 30 sermon fragments, "A Record of Arundel" (1820-1829), and the concluding portion of an anti-slavery sermon.

Creator: Fessenden, William Pitt

Title: Guide To The Fessenden Collection - M059

Dates: 1786-1982, undated

Abstract: Correspondence, professional and personal records, publications, articles, addresses, reports, lectures, memoirs, a diary, documents, receipts, accounts, clippings, images, genealogies, and biographical material related to the Fessenden family.

Creator: Files, George Taylor

Title: Guide To The George Taylor Files Papers - M063

Dates: 1894-1967

Abstract: The collection includes newspaper clippings about and by George T. Files as well as the October 1919 Bowdoin College Bulletin dedicated to Files (which contains the May 1919 Chapel memorial address by President Sills) and miscellaneous papers related to the College, which include invitations to College Presidents' inaugurations and Phi Beta Kappa and Psi Upsilon business.

Creator: Fletcher, Frances

Title: Guide To The Frances Fletcher Papers - M064

Dates: 1939-1969

Abstract: The papers contain notebooks, with drafts of poetry, letters, translations of four poems by Nicaraguan poets, notes on Fletcher's studies of philology, and ephemera.

Creator: Foster, Charles H. (Charles Howell)

Title: Guide To The Charles H. Foster Papers - M246

Dates: 1958-1981

Abstract: Primarily correspondence between Charles H. Foster and Herbert Ross Brown and correspondence between Foster and Louis Coxe regarding academics, scholarship, and Bowdoin affairs.

Creator: Foster, Charles Henry

Title: Guide To The Charles Henry Foster Journals - M065

Dates: 1843-1852

Abstract: Contains a "Manuscript of Original Compositions."

Creator: Foulke, Roy Anderson

Title: Guide To The Roy A. Foulke Papers - M066

Dates: 1952-1973

Abstract: This collection contains a Bowdoin College retirement survey, letters from members of Bowdoin College governing boards, and other correspondence

Creator: Freeman, A. Myrick

Title: Guide To The A. Myrick Freeman III Papers - M308

Dates: 1995-2000

Abstract: Course materials for environmental studies and economics classes taught by A. Myrick Freeman, including notes, syllabi, handouts, problem sets, and exams.

Creator: Frick, Henry Clay

Title: Guide To The Frick Autograph Albums - M067

Dates: 1789-1917

Abstract: The Frick Lincoln Autograph Album contains ten ALS and DS by Abraham Lincoln, members of his cabinet, and prominent contemporaries, including Stephen Douglas and Ulysses S. Grant.

Creator: Frye, William P. (William Pierce)

Title: Guide To The William Pierce Frye Papers - M068

Dates: 1871-1913 (bulk 1875-1895)

Abstract: Frye's speeches, political and commemorative from 1875 to 1895, make up the bulk of the collection, which also contains some letters, clippings, notes, etc.

Creator: Fuller, Maria

Title: Guide To The Maria Fuller Diaries - M069

Dates: 1869-1934

Abstract: Contains fifty diaries by Maria Fuller. The 1869 and 1870 diaries detail a trip to Washington, D.C., and include a description of her meeting with President and Mrs. Grant, General Sherman and other dignitaries.

Creator: Fuller, Melville Weston

Title: Guide To The Melville Weston Fuller Collection - M215

Dates: 1879-1910

Abstract: Contains correspondence mostly between Fuller and George T. Little, professor at Bowdoin College, during the years after Fuller's graduation from Bowdoin, as well as diaries and addresses given by Fuller.

Creator: Furbish, Kate, 1834-1931

Title: Guide To The Kate Furbish Collection - M070

Dates: 1873- , undated

Abstract: Kate Furbish (1834-1931) was a notable botanical illustrator; the bulk of Furbish's life's work--collecting, classifying, and drawing the flora of Maine--was done between 1870 and 1908. The collection includes sixteen bound volumes of Furbish's sketches and watercolors of flora, entitled "Maine Flora," loose artwork, journals, correspondence, and research materials.

Creator: Gallagher, Robert S.

Title: Guide To The Robert S. Gallagher Papers - M276

Dates: 1860-1972

Abstract: This collection contains research material collected by Robert Gallagher for a biography of Thomas Brackett Reed, Bowdoin class of 1860.

Creator: Garcelon, Pierre

Title: Guide To The Pierre Garcelon Papers - M071

Dates: 1747-1773, undated

Abstract: Pierre Garcelon (1685-1772) was a Catholic priest in the diocese of Clermont, France, who later renounced his faith to become a rector of the Episcopal Church at St. Pierre du Bois on the Isle of Guernsey in the English Channel. Pierre's son James immigrated to Maine, and his great, great grandson was Maine Governor (1879) Alonzo Garcelon (1813-1906, Bowdoin 1836). The collection contains twelve letters (1750-1773), eleven from Pierre Garcelon to his son, James, and one from rector Jean Godfrey to James concerning his late father's estate; one poem by Pierre Garcelon entitled "Mon adieu a mes chers enfans"; and fourteen sermons also by Pierre Garcelon.

Creator: Gault, Robert D.

Title: Guide To The Garcelon Family Collection - M281

Dates: 1815-1971, undated

Abstract: This collection, compiled by Robert D. Gault in 1997, documents the family history and genealogy of the Garcelon family and closely related families such as the Ames and Chase families, chiefly from Lewsiton, Lisbon, and Harpswell, Maine.

Creator: Geary, Edward J.

Title: Guide To The Edward J. Geary Papers - M214

Dates: 1991, undated

Abstract: This collection is composed primarily of Professor Geary's notes on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's life and works. The bulk of this research was used for his short book, "Evening Star".

Creator: General Joshua L. Chamberlain Statue Committee

Title: Guide To The General Joshua L. Chamberlain Statue Committee Records - M301

Dates: 1999-2006, undated

Abstract: Contains General Joshua L. Chamberlain Statue Committee records, the bulk of which documents the planning, fund-raising, design, construction, and dedication of the Chamberlain statue and memorial sited at the corner of Maine Street/Bath Road, Brunswick, Maine.

Creator: Gilchrist, Huntington

Title: Guide To The Huntington Gilchrist Papers - M072

Dates: 1815-1922

Abstract: The collection contains correspondence written by various members of the Gilchrist family, letters written by or to Huntington Gilchrist while instructor of the Anglo-Chinese College in Foochow and Peking, as well as some from his later years; also includes photographs.

Creator: Gilchrist, William Wallace

Title: Guide To The William Wallace Gilchrist, Jr. Collection - M243

Dates: 1861 - 2000, undated

Abstract: Collection of materials gathered by Robert Griffin while researching and writing his book Affectionately, Wallace (about the artist William Wallace Gilchrist, Jr.) including correspondence, family materials, information concerning Gilchrist's paintings, Griffin's research materials, and images.

Creator: Gilley, Leonard

Title: Guide To The Leonard Gilley Papers - M073

Dates: 1964-1974, undated

Abstract: This collection includes correspondence, miscellaneous typed and annotated original poems, prose, poetry, and manuscripts.

Creator: Goodrich, Leland M. (Leland Matthew)

Title: Guide To The Leland M. Goodrich Papers On The United Nations - M074

Dates: 1945-1949

Abstract: Collection contains manuscripts concerning the United Nations Conference on International Organization (UNCIO) in San Francisco, 1945.

Creator: Gould, John

Title: Guide To The John Gould Collection - M075

Dates: 1932-2004, undated

Abstract: The collection contains correspondence, typescripts, original manuscripts, and notes, as well as clippings and other material related to Gould's writings; also includes recordings and biographical materials.

Creator: Graustein, William C. (William Casper)

Title: Guide To The William Casper Graustein Papers - M076

Dates: Circa 1919-1941

Abstract: Lecture and class notes from Graustein's time as professor of mathematics at Harvard University, and printed materials.

Creator: Greason, A. LeRoy

Title: Guide To The A. Leroy Greason Papers - M077

Dates: 1939-2006, undated

Abstract: The collection consists primarily of addresses and lectures written by Greason relating to his presidency of Bowdoin College.

Creator: Greene, Theodore Meyer

Title: Guide To The Theodore Meyer Greene Papers - M013

Dates: 1935-1969

Abstract: The collection, ranging from 1935 to 1969, consists of various published writings, class lectures and notes, formal lectures, writings and research related to Dr. Greene's "Indian Dialogues," correspondence with students, and miscellaneous ephemera.

Creator: Gregory, George A.

Title: Guide To The George A. Gregory Biographical Materials - M325

Dates: 1887-2002, undated


Creator: Gross, Alfred O. (Alfred Otto)

Title: Guide To The Alfred Otto Gross Papers - M078

Dates: 1883-1970

Abstract: Gross was instructor (1912-13) and professor of biology at Bowdoin (1913-53) and an internationally respected ornithologist. The collection contains correspondence, research notes, draft and printed versions of articles, scrapbooks, photographs, film footage, and a memoir; much of the material concern's Gross' ornithological research over many years, including his field work on two Arctic expeditions led by Donald B. MacMillan and his work to document the remaining population, on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, of the now extinct Heath Hen.

Creator: Guild, Edward C. (Edward Chapman)

Title: Guide To The Edward Chipman Guild Papers - M079

Dates: 1859-1899

Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of approximately 450 sermons dated from 1859-1891, the Lowell Institute lectures, and class and lecture notes on English literature from 1885-1899.

Creator: Hale , Robert

Title: Guide To The Robert Hale Papers - M080

Dates: 1876 - 1976, undated

Abstract: Correspondence, speeches; legal case records and briefs; voting records for the sessions when Hale was a member of Congress; and photographs, mostly from visits with constituents.

Creator: Hale, Benjamin

Title: Guide To The Hale-King Family Papers - M081

Dates: 1787-1915

Abstract: This collection includes correspondence, documents, bills and receipts, newspaper clippings, biographical materials on Benjamin Hale, genealogical materials, and a photograph album.

Creator: Hall, Edwin Herbert

Title: Guide To The Edward H. Hall Papers - M264

Dates: 1874-1939

Abstract: Published papers and texts by Hall, notebooks, biographical materials, and photographs.

Creator: Hall, Lawrence Sargent

Title: Guide To The Lawrence Sargent Hall Papers - M082

Dates: 1938-1993

Abstract: The collection contains published and unpublished manuscripts of Hall's novels, texts, short stories, plays, articles, lectures, essays, and poems, including drafts, final copies, proofs, and notes; correspondence; class material; biographical information; clippings; photographs; and audio tapes.

Creator: Hall, Martha A., 1949-2003

Title: Guide To The Martha Hall Papers - M339

Dates: 1968-2004

Abstract: The Martha Hall Papers contain the personal and professional papers of book artist, fibre artist, business owner, and corporate executive, Martha Hall (1949-2003). The collection is composed largely of unpublished manuscript material, including Hall's final versions and unfinished artist's books, sketchbooks, letters, planners, business records of Martha Hall Natural Fibre Yarns mail-order and shop in Yarmouth, Maine, professional papers related to Hall's work at American Express and L.L.Bean, and, most significantly, archival records documenting all aspects of her production, collaboration, creation, distribution, and exhibition of artist's books, many of which reflect her experience as a cancer patient.

Creator: Hamlin, Cyrus

Title: Guide To The Cyrus Hamlin Collection - M083

Dates: 1798-1984

Abstract: Correspondence, mostly letters written by Cyrus Hamlin to family members, articles and manuscripts, clippings, printed material, and biographical information.

Creator: Hamlin, John

Title: Guide To The John Hamlin Diaries - M137

Dates: 1846-1871

Abstract: Diaries, dating from 1846 to 1871, chronicle the life of a farming family in the Raymond, Sweden, and Harrison, Maine area.

Creator: Hanley, Daniel F. (Daniel Francis)

Title: Guide To The Daniel F. Hanley Collection - M242

Dates: 1935-2002

Abstract: Clippings, scrapbooks, correspondence, writings, certificates, accolades, photographs, and realia concerning Daniel Hanley's college days at Bowdoin College and his career as a physician at Bowdoin and as a sports medicine specialist.

Creator: Harwell, Richard Barksdale

Title: Guide To The Richard Harwell Collection - M084

Dates: 1935-1984

Abstract: Material from Harwell's tenure as librarian at Bowdoin College.

Creator: Hawthorne family

Title: Guide To The Manning Hawthorne Collection - M223

Dates: 1813-1844

Abstract: Correspondence (1813-1887) between members of Nathaniel Hawthorne's family, including his sisters, mother, uncles, and aunts.

Creator: Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Title: Guide To The Nathaniel Hawthorne Collection - M085

Dates: 1819-2000

Abstract: Letters, documents, essays, and other records relating to Nathaniel Hawthorne and his literary works, including correspondence of the Hathorne and Manning families.

Creator: Hawthorne, Roger Mills

Title: Guide To The Roger Mills Hawthorne Papers - M087

Dates: 1927-1968

Abstract: The collection contains over 800 photographs, newspaper clippings, and maps pertaining to Hawthorne's Antarctic expeditions.

Creator: Hazelton, Paul V. (Paul Vernon)

Title: Guide To The Paul Hazelton Papers - M237

Dates: 1936 - 1996 undated

Abstract: Teaching and administrative materials documenting Hazelton's career as professor of education at Bowdoin College, as well as papers from his student days as a member of Bowdoin's Class of 1942.

Creator: Hedblom, E.E. (Earland E.)

Title: Guide To The Earland E. Hedblom Papers - M344

Dates: 1955-1975

Abstract: Personal papers of Dr. Earland E. Hedblom, United States Navy Medical Corps, relating to his work as chief medical officer on Operation Deep Freeze in Antartica beginning in 1955, and later as one of the U. S. Navy's key experts on polar medicine.

Creator: Henry, Merton G.

Title: Guide To The Merton G. Henry Political Papers - M294

Dates: 1947-2008, undated

Abstract: Merton G. Henry's political papers, chiefly topical files documenting his involvement in local (Portland, Me.), state (Maine), and national politicals and election campaigns, mainly affiliated with the Republican Party.

Creator: Hitchcock, Alfred

Title: Guide To The Alfred Hitchcock Correspondence - M234

Dates: 1867-1895

Abstract: Correspondence between members of the Hitchcock family dated between February 1867 and April 1895. Many of the letters are addressed to and from Alfred Hitchcock at boarding school prior to his matriculation at Bowdoin College.

Creator: Hoeltje, Hubert H.

Title: Guide To The Hubert H. Hoeltje Papers - M233

Dates: 1962, undated

Abstract: Contains a handwritten manuscript of "Inward Sky: The Mind and Heart of Nathaniel Hawthorne," an in depth look at the life of Hawthorne.

Creator: Holmes, Julian C.

Title: Guide To The Julian C. Holmes Papers - M316

Dates: 1992-2010, undated

Abstract: Interagency correspondence as well as correspondence between citizens, environmental organizations, legislators, and consultants regarding the possible construction of a dry cargo terminal on Sears Island, Maine; also clippings, press releases, letters-to-the-editor, and correspondence regarding MTBE incorporation into gasoline, air quality, and water quality.

Creator: Hormell, Orren Chalmer

Title: Guide To The Orren Chalmer Hormell Papers - M088

Dates: 1879-1975

Abstract: Correspondence; surveys of the Town of West Hartford, CT; notes and addresses; a census of Bowdoin students with reference to religious preference.

Creator: Horn, Lorenz, 1880-1956

Title: Guide To The Lorenz Horn Photograph Album, Erinnerungen An Deutsch-Sud-West Africa - M350

Dates: 1909-1912

Abstract: Photograph album of Lorenz Horn, Sergent of the Landespolizei in German South-West Africa (SWA). Includes ca. 153 photos (four loose) depicting ship's crossing to SWA on the Admiral (Woermann Line), indigenous people, geographic locales, possibly around Gelwater Police Station, Gibeon, where Horn was stationed, and building interiors.

Creator: Howard, Blanche Willis

Title: Guide To The Blanche Willis Howard Papers - M089

Dates: 1864-1899

Abstract: Includes the manuscript and the typescript of Howard's "Dionysius, the Weaver's Heart's Dearest;" manuscripts of "One Summer" and "Seven On The Highway;" reviews; family correspondence, a diary, and clippings.

Creator: Howard, Charles H., (Charles Henry), 1838-1908

Title: Guide To The Charles Henry Howard Collection - M090

Dates: 1808-1957 (Bulk: 1852-1910)

Abstract: Letters, articles, addresses, and diaries including material on the Civil War, on Charles Henry Howard's experiences at Kents Hill School and Bowdoin College, and on Howard and his family.

Creator: Howard, O.O., (Oliver Otis), 1830-1909

Title: Guide To The Oliver Otis Howard Papers - M091

Dates: 1833-1912, undated

Abstract: Correspondence, articles, addresses, lectures, publications, diaries, clippings, indexes, photographs, and other material from the personal and unofficial professional records of Oliver Otis Howard.

Creator: Howard, Rowland B., (Rowland Bailey), 1834-1892

Title: Guide To The Rowland Bailey Howard Papers - M092

Dates: 1807-1937, undated

Abstract: Letters, diaries, journals, pamphlets, sermons, clippings and speeches from the personal papers of Rowland Bailey Howard.

Creator: Howell, Roger

Title: Guide To The Roger Howell Papers - M093

Dates: 1954-1990

Abstract: This collection contains manuscripts, typescripts, notes, proofs, printed editions, and correspondence concerning Howell's books, journal articles, and book reviews; also includes speeches and correspondence.

Creator: Howell, Roger

Title: Guide To The Roger Howell Document Collection - M094

Dates: 1689-1887

Abstract: Documents (1689-1887) including legal, military, appontment and commerce documents, many from Maine and Massachusetts; documents include signatues of U.S. presidents and treasury secrataries, and Maine governors.

Creator: Hubbard family

Title: Guide To The Hubbard Family Papers - M095

Dates: 1789-1934

Abstract: The Hubbard Family Papers contain letters, diaries, journals, account books, notebooks, Civil War military records, school exercise books, teachers' lesson plans, addresses, maps and charts, newspapers, and photographs.

Creator: Hughes, H.E. (Helen E.)

Title: Guide To The Helen E. Hughes Collection On Betye Saar - M307

Dates: 1966-2012, undated

Abstract: Helen E. Hughes's collection of materials relating to Betye Saar including digital copies of Saar's artwork, printed materials (mainly exhibition catalogues), correspondence, photographs, and memorabilia.

Creator: Hunt, Charles O. (Charles Oliver)

Title: Guide To The Charles O. Hunt Letters And Personal Recollections - M241

Dates: 1861-1898

Abstract: Holograph transcriptions of correspondence and memoirs of Charles O. Hunt documenting his service in the Civil War, including the second battle of Manasass, the Wilderness Campaign, and Gettysburg, as well his internment as a prisoner of war.

Creator: Hunt, Henry H. (Henry Hastings)

Title: Guide To The Henry Hastings Hunt Papers - M195

Dates: 1862-1865

Abstract: Thirty letters (August 25, 1862 - April 11, 1865), from Hunt to his mother and sister, and three diaries (1863, 1864, 1865) relating to Hunt's military career.

Creator: Huse, H.A.

Title: Guide To The H.A. Huse Collection - M255

Dates: undated

Abstract: Playscripts collected by H.A. Huse.

Creator: Hussey, Arthur M.

Title: Guide To The Arthur M. Hussey Papers - M336

Dates: Circa 1961-2015

Abstract: Field notes, maps, publications (offprints), photographs, and alphabetical subject files documenting Bowdoin College professor Arthur M. Hussey's geological research and mapping, primarily in the state of Maine.

Creator: Hyde, Thomas W. (Thomas Worcester)

Title: Guide To The Thomas W. Hyde Family Papers - M199

Dates: 1831-1948, undated

Abstract: The collection contains journals, correspondence, photographs, clippings, and printed ephemera. The journals, kept by Eleanor Hyde Phillips, span three decades, the first beginning in 1890 when Eleanor was ten years old; correspondence (1831-1891) is mainly between Thomas W. Hyde and Annie Hayden, many of the letters were written during the Civil War.

Creator: Hyde, William De Witt

Title: Guide To The William De Witt Hyde Collection - M096

Dates: 1823-1975, undated

Abstract: The collection contains correspondence, including an "autograph album" with a compilation of letters from notable correspondents, (1823-1923, n.d.); sermons (1883-1917, n.d.); essays; addresses; school and college materials; printed ephemera; clippings and photographs.

Creator: Jenks, William

Title: Guide To William Jenks Correspondence And Addresses - M347

Dates: 1809-1815, undated

Abstract: William Jenks (1778-1866) was a Congregationalist pastor, a Bowdoin College Overseer, 1806-1811 and secretary of the Bowdoin College Trustees, 1818-1822. Collection contains letters to concerning Jenks' preaching, his biography, and missionary work of free African-American Christians in Portland, Maine; also includes religious themed addresses.

Creator: Jennings, Needler R.

Title: Guide To The Needler R. Jennings Papers - M097

Dates: 1805-1863

Abstract: The collection contains letters (1805-63 and undated), a certificate (1855), and bills and receipts (1854). Most pre-Civil War material was either personal or involved recruiting speakers for the Lyceum lectures; the Civil War letters, three of them letters of introduction from Pierre Soulé, relate to Jenning's service in the Confederate army.

Creator: Jewett, Sarah Orne

Title: Guide To The Sarah Orne Jewett Papers - M238

Dates: 1876-1905, undated

Abstract: The collection contains correspondence, writings and images. The bulk of the correspondence is from Sarah Orne Jewett to family members including her cousins, Alice and Charles; there are also letters from Jewett to the administration of Bowdoin College. Images include photographs of Sarah Orne Jewett and Annie Fields.

Creator: Johnson family

Title: Guide To The Chase-Johnson Papers - M030

Dates: 1820-2008, undated

Abstract: The collection includes correspondence, principally between Helen Johnson and her mother, Frances Maria Robinson Johnson ; Helen's diaries and her "House Book"; notes; business records; scrapbooks; maps; genealogical records; and photographs pertaining to the Chase and Johnson families of Brunswick, Maine.

Creator: Johnson, Allen

Title: Guide To The Allen Johnson Papers - M098

Dates: 1870-1929

Abstract: The collection contains travel notes from India, one-act plays, speeches, and lectures written by Allen Johnson.

Creator: Johnson, Henry

Title: Guide To The Henry Johnson Papers - M099

Dates: 1870-1915

Abstract: The collection contains correspondence, notes, drafts, documents, lectures and other material concerning the life and career of Henry Johnson (1811-1945).

Creator: Jones, Dan Burne

Title: Guide To The Kentiana Collection - M333

Dates: 1917-1979

Abstract: Includes miscellaneous graphic arts, bookplates, caricatures, articles, stamps, and printed ephemera relating to Rockwell Kent collected by Lucille and Dan Burne Jones; also includes bookplates designed by Lynd Ward.

Creator: Keller, Ronald

Title: Guide To The Ronald Keller Artwork And Publication Materials - M320

Dates: 1970-2000

Abstract: Samples (1970s-2000s) of art work and publication materials produced by Ronald Keller as a commercial artist and fine press (Red Angel Press) book maker, including wood and linocut engraved blocks, printer's proofs and seconds, prospecti and concept drafts, and commercial art projects.

Creator: Kellogg family

Title: Guide To The Kellogg Family Collection - M100

Dates: 1780-1978, undated

Abstract: The collection contains 586 sermons by Elijah Kellogg and his son Elijah Kellogg, Jr., correspondence, undated manuscript drafts of essays and poetry, a history of the Kellogg family. Also included are Elijah Kellogg, Sr.,'s journals of his Passamaquoddy missions (1821-1831), legal, financial, personal and religious materials, images, and clippings.

Creator: Kendrick, Nathaniel Cooper

Title: Guide To The Nathaniel Cooper Kendrick Papers - M101

Dates: 1934-1967

Abstract: Includes records and correspondence to and from Kendrick pertaining to students' standings with Bowdoin College and the military and other Bowdoin College materials.

Creator: King, Cyrus

Title: Guide To The Cyrus King Papers - M102

Dates: 1794-1819, undated

Abstract: This collection includes Cyrus King's 1794 valedictory oration and a ledger from King's law practice containing property deeds, accounts, letters, newspaper clippings, and ephemera.

Creator: Kirkland, Edward C. (Edward Chase)

Title: Guide To The Edward Chase Kirkland Papers - M103

Dates: 1813-1974, undated

Abstract: The collection primarily contains handwritten lectures and lecture notes. Also included are class materials used in his classes at Bowdoin College, drafts of his published works, correspondence, and documents regarding published materials.

Creator: Kitton, Frederic George

Title: Guide To The Frederic G. Kitton Papers - M104

Dates: 1886-1903

Abstract: The collection includes letters, clippings, and printed material. The letters are from other Dickensian illustrators, including Edmund H. New and William Rainey, and from Walter R. Pollock, editor of The Saturday Review.

Creator: Kramer, Hilton

Title: Guide To The Hilton Kramer Papers - M252

Dates: 1950-2002, undated

Abstract: Chiefly professional papers documenting Hilton Kramer's career as art critic for a number of newspapers and periodicals, including the New York Times (1965-1982), as author of several monographs on art history, and as contributor to numerous other publications.

Creator: Kyes, Preston

Title: Guide To The Preston Kyes Papers - M285

Dates: 1898-1947, undated

Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of handwritten medical journals and notebooks. There are lecture notes on pathology and other medical subjects, and several undated journals with laboratory data concerning cobra venom and serum.

Creator: LaCasce family

Title: Guide To The LaCasce Family Papers - M258

Dates: 1890-2007, undated

Abstract: There are research files relating to Steward LaCasce's "Mr." and "Mrs." of Fryeburg Academy, including a "scholar's copy," typed manuscript, of "Mr." and "Mrs." of Fryeburg Academy.

Creator: LaCasce, Elroy O.

Title: Guide To The Elroy O. LaCasce Papers - M216

Dates: 1944-2016

Abstract: Personal records including class notes, doctoral thesis, and other materials.

Creator: Lee family

Title: Guide To The Lee Family Papers - M106

Dates: 1845-1923, undated

Abstract: This collection contains correspondence and other materials from various Lee family members, including Day Kellogg Lee, Charles Follen Lee, Frederick Crosby Lee, Grace Emma Dean Lee, and Sophia M. Hershey Lee.

Creator: Lee, Leslie A. (Leslie Alexander)

Title: Guide To The Leslie A. Lee Papers - M208

Dates: 1887-1908

Abstract: Accounts of the voyage of the Albatross, from Virginia, around the tip of South America, to California including reports to newspapers, the Albatross voyage plan, and assignment of collections, and a scrapbook of the voyage.

Creator: Lee, Lyman K.

Title: Guide To The Lyman K. Lee Papers - M107

Dates: 1888-1957

Abstract: The collection contains correspondence (1888-1908); biographical information; and clippings, obituaries, and ephemera.

Creator: Levine, Daniel

Title: Guide To The Daniel Levine Papers - M275

Dates: 1960-2005

Abstract: Professional papers of Daniel Levine including: subject files, research notes, typescripts of papers and talks drafted and presented, and oral history interviews.

Creator: Life (Chicago, Ill.)

Title: Guide To The LIFE Magazine At Bowdoin College - M291

Dates: 1939-1958

Abstract: Photographs (black and white prints and 35 mm. color slides) taken by Life Magazine photographers during photoshoots at Bowdoin College in 1939, 1952, and 1957-58.

Creator: Little family

Title: Guide To The Little Family Papers - M108

Dates: 1773-1853

Abstract: The material consists of the correspondence of Josiah Little, Jr., of Newbury, MA, and his brothers Michael, Edward, and Thomas B. Little, along with their father, Colonel Josiah Little; and documents and legal papers, most of which concern land and monetary transactions.

Creator: Livingston, Charles Harold

Title: Guide To The Charles H. Livingston Papers - M109

Dates: 1919-1966

Abstract: This collection contains drafts of Livingston's notes for the books he edited and wrote, a draft from "Epistre d'Une Navigation," correspondence including recommendations for his students, and articles and pamphlets.

Creator: Livingston, Charles Harold

Title: Guide To The Charles H. Livingston French Autograph Collection - M110

Dates: 1500-1923

Abstract: Letters, notes, documents, signed fair copies, etc.; approximately 800 items from more than 500 notable individuals, mostly from France, all items in French.

Creator: Long, Burke O.

Title: Guide To The Burke O. Long Papers - M111

Dates: 1970-2012

Abstract: Personal papers of Burke O. Long, chiefly professional files. There are articles, manuscripts, drafts, proofs, personal and professional correspondence, course syllabi, unpublished lectures, and conference papers.

Creator: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

Title: Guide To The Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Collection - M112

Dates: 1821-1995, undated

Abstract: Collection of correspondence, literary manuscripts and fair copies, images, clippings, and miscellaneous materials relating to the life and work of the poet and professor (Bowdoin College and Harvard University) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Creator: Love, Cornelius Ruxton (III)

Title: Guide To The Cornelius Ruxton Love III Papers - M114

Dates: 1940-

Abstract: Scores for parts to the overture to "Head and Shoulders", orchestrated by P. T. Young. In addition there are accompanying lyrics by James Edward Arntz for "Head and Shoulders," as adapted from a short story of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Also included is "Legend of the Lute," a musical comedy by Love, and a miscellaneous program.

Creator: Lunt, William E. (William Edward) (1956)

Title: Guide To The William E. Lunt Papers - M115

Dates: 1904-1926, undated

Abstract: Letters, documents, reports, maps, original or photostatic statistical charts and clippings concerning the American Commission to Negotiate Peace (Paris Peace Committee, 1918-1919).

Creator: MacArthur family.

Title: Guide To The McArthur Family Papers - M116

Dates: 1780-1949 (bulk 1790-1890)

Abstract: Correspondence, including Civil War letters from Arthur, Jr., and William; family documents and diaries; Civil War military records, mostly containing the muster rolls, payrolls, courts martial adjutant reports and other material relating to the 8th Maine, and student records of Malcolm during his time at West Point.

Creator: MacMillan, Donald Baxter

Title: Guide To The Donald Baxter MacMillan Collection - M118

Dates: 1884-1985, undated

Abstract: Materials relating to Donald Baxter MacMillan's expeditions to arctic regions including diaries; journals and logs, including those used for the Peary North Pole expedition and the Crocker Land expedition; correspondence; writings; and adresses.

Creator: MacMillan, Donald Baxter

Title: Guide To The MacMillan-"Thebaud" Collection - M120

Dates: 1937

Abstract: The collection contains letters, journals, Thebaud ship's log, ornithological notes, articles and addresses, photographs, lists, and clippings, all relating to the voyage and written by various crew members.

Creator: MacMillan, Donald Baxter

Title: Guide To The MacMillan-Morse Collection - M196

Dates: 1862-1984

Abstract: The collection contains correspondence between Donald and Miriam MacMillan, and between the MacMillans and Mr. and Mrs. Moses, among others; also includes printed materials, diary excerpts, and lectures either by or relating to Donald MacMillan.

Creator: MacMillan, Donald Baxter

Title: Guide To The MacMillan-Snyder Letters - M289

Dates: 1931-1953, undated

Abstract: Letters written by Donald B. and Miriam L. MacMillan to Emma and William H. Snyder, with occasional newspaper clippings, photographs, and other printed material included.

Creator: MacMillan, Miriam Look

Title: Guide To The Miriam MacMillan Collection - M119

Dates: 1862-1987, undated

Abstract: Materials concerning Miriam and Donald MacMillan including their personal correspondence, journals and diaries relating to the North Pole (1908-1909) and Crocker Land expeditions (1913-1917), manuscript drafts, notebooks, and scrapbooks.

Creator: Magoun, David C.

Title: Guide To The Magoun & Clapp Papers - M121

Dates: 1846-1867

Abstract: The Magoun and Clapp papers contain shipping records, invoices, insurance policies, account books, and miscellaneous papers.

Creator: Main, Frederic Wilson

Title: Guide To The Frederic Wilson Main Papers - M122

Dates: 1925-1948, undated

Abstract: Correspondence between Frederic Wilson Main and book designers and printers, such as Frederic W. Goudy, William A. Kittredge, and Daniel B. Updike; also includes articles, newspaper clippings, printed ephemera, and images.

Creator: Maine State Biologists' Association

Title: Guide To The State Biologists' Association Records - M273

Dates: 1966-1974, undated

Abstract: The collection contains the Maine State Biologists' Association articles of incorporation, bylaws, meeting announcements, correspondence, and committee information.

Creator: Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Title: Guide To The Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth And Reconciliation Commission Archive - M321

Dates: 1996-2018

Abstract: The collection includes video, audio, and written statements, and other personal documents contributed by individuals and focus groups to the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). Also includes TRC founding documents, the final report of the Commission, and research, policy, and administrative records that document the work of the TRC.

Creator: Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance

Title: Guide To The Maine Writers And Publishers Alliance Records - M228

Dates: 1984-2001

Abstract: Office files, chiefly administrative records, of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance.

Creator: Maine. Militia. Monmouth Artillery Company

Title: Guide To The Monmouth Militia Records - M133

Dates: 1810-1841, undated

Abstract: Official records of the Monmouth Militia including muster rolls, company orders, a few brigade and division orders, and enlistment and discharge papers.

Creator: Manson, Eliza Bréard

Title: Guide To The Eliza Bréard Manson Family Papers - M279

Dates: 1843-1896

Abstract: The collection contains personal letters from family members to Eliza Bréard Manson and her husband, George F. Manson (a Bath, Maine, ship's captain). The majority of letters are to Eliza, addressed to her in care of Captain Manson aboard the ships Sea Queen and Ocean Romp in Liverpool and other ports abroad, as well as U.S. ports such as New Orleans and Boston.

Creator: Mason, Phillips

Title: Guide To The Phillips Mason Papers - M124

Dates: 1940

Abstract: Phillips Mason (1876-1957) was a professor of philosophy at Bowdoin College (1920-1946). His papers contain manuscripts, typescripts and a proof of his book "The X of Psychology" (1940).

Creator: McKeen, Joseph

Title: Guide To The Samuel Eaton And Joseph McKeen Sermons - M053

Dates: 1770-1801, undated

Abstract: The collection includes sermons, preached in Massachusetts and Maine, written both by Samuel Eaton and Joseph McKeen.

Creator: McKeen, Joseph

Title: Guide To The Joseph McKeen Collection - M117

Dates: 1781-1966, undated

Abstract: The collection consists of correspondence between Joseph McKeen (1757-1807), his family members, and others, as well as sermons, lectures, speeches, and biographical notes and clippings concerning individual family members.

Creator: Means, Oliver William

Title: Guide To The Oliver William Means Papers - M125

Dates: 1890-1908

Abstract: This collection contains twelve sermons, sermon notes, clippings, including mixed college materials, printed ephemera focused on "Great Missionaries of the Church" and miscellaneous.

Creator: Medical Society of Maine

Title: Guide To The Medical Society Of Maine Records - M126

Dates: 1820-1845

Abstract: The Medical Society of Maine records include correspondence (1821-1837) primarily concerning society membership and meeting attendance, and minutes, financial materials, and documents.

Creator: Melcher, Holman S. (Holman Staples)

Title: Guide To The Holman Melcher Papers - M127

Dates: 1860-1865

Abstract: Correspondence (1860-1865), Civil War records, clippings, and other material (1863-1865). Correspondence includes letters to Holman's brother Nathaniel, then a student at Bowdoin, and to his parents, written from the front lines at Fredericksburg, Antietam and other battle sites.

Creator: Melcher, Samuel

Title: Guide To The Samuel Melcher Account Books - M128

Dates: 1803-1880, undated

Abstract: This collection contains ledgers and account books of Samuel Melcher (1801-1856), a notable housewright in Brunswick, Maine; R.T.D. Melcher's account book (1872-1880); and a journal by either R.T.D. Melcher or Charles C. Melcher (January 1, 1879 - January 15, 1880); also includes a daybook concerning the construction of the Bowdoin College Chapel.

Creator: Mellen, Clara Hawkins

Title: Guide To The Mellen Family Papers - M129

Dates: 1611-1968, undated

Abstract: The collection contains print and manuscript material from the family papers and genealogical research of the compiler, Clara Hawkins Mellen. Includes genealogical notes, charts, and correspondence; ancestral and family correspondence, diaries, including a copy of Henry Sewall, Jr.'s revolutionary war diary; documents; and clippings.

Creator: Melnicove, Mark

Title: Guide To The Mark Melnicove Papers - M292

Dates: 1970-2006

Abstract: Personal and professional papers of Mark Melnicove, including publisher's editorial, and personal correspondence, literary manuscripts, sound recordings, and related materials (chiefly American literary monographs and poetry journals) concerning Dog Ear Press, Tilbury House, Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, Bern Porter, and other literary interests, ca. 1970-2006

Creator: Merril, Edward Bagley

Title: Guide To The Edward B. Merrill Papers - M130

Dates: 1857-1921, undated.

Abstract: This collection contains correspondence and clippings.

Creator: Merrill, Stephen E.

Title: Guide To The Stephen Merrill Photograph Collection - M227

Dates: 1930-1960

Abstract: Photographs by Steven Merrill comprising "50 Camera Portraits" and 14 additional photographic prints, chiefly subjects from Brunswick and Skowhegan, Maine, ca. 1930-1960; several Bowdoin College faculty are represented.

Creator: Mitchell, Edward Page

Title: Guide To The Edward Page Mitchell Papers - M268

Dates: 1777-1926, undated

Abstract: Correspondence, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous materials relating to Mitchell's life and his work in journalism.

Creator: Mitchell, George J. (George John)

Title: Guide To The George J. Mitchell Papers - M202

Dates: 1948-

Abstract: The collection documents Mitchell's professional and political career, including his work in Senator Muskie's 1972 presidential campaign, Mitchell's own 1974 gubernatorial campaign, his career as senator from Maine, his six years of service to the nation as Senate majority leader, his work in Northern Ireland, and his career and activities since 1998.

Creator: Montgomery, David Kemble

Title: Guide To The David Kemble Montgomery Papers - M134

Dates: 1989, undated

Abstract: Manuscripts of Montgomery's writings: "Absurd Situations" and "Gathering up the Fragments."

Creator: Morgan, Richard E.

Title: Guide To The Richard E. Morgan Papers - M135

Dates: 1970-1978

Abstract: Inaugural lecture for Morgan's installation as Bowdoin College's William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Constitutional Law in 1978, and writings.

Creator: Moulton, Augustus Freedom

Title: Guide To The Augustus Freedom Moulton Papers - M136

Dates: 1871-1925, undated

Abstract: The collection contains Moulton's Bowdoin college compositions (1869-1873), essays (1901-1925), and scrapbook; also includes a journal of Moulton's trip to Europe (1906), a letter book (1881-1890) from his law practice, and a photograph album that contains photographs of Ivy Day celebrations at Smith College.

Creator: Murray, Geoffrey

Title: Guide To The Geoffrey P. Murray Papers - M272

Dates: 1959-1967, undated

Abstract: Letters to Geoffrey Murray, the bulk of which are from family and friends, materials relating to Bowdoin College and Johns Hopkins University, and handwritten research notes.

Creator: Nathaniel Hawthorne Society

Title: Guide To The Nathanial Hawthorne Society Records - M086

Dates: 1974- undated

Abstract: Correspondence, minutes, agenda, memos, financial statements and other records of Nathaniel Hawthorne Society; the records relate to the organization and activities of the Society, particularly its annual and biennial meetings, and journal.

Creator: New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools

Title: Guide To The New England Association Of Colleges And Secondary Schools Records - M138

Dates: 1964 - 1968, undated


Creator: Newcomb, Harrie H

Title: Guide To The Harrie H. Newcomb Papers - M257

Dates: 1897-1958, undated

Abstract: Materials relating to Harrie H. Newcomb's participation in the Ziegler Polar Expedition, 1903-1905.

Creator: Nichols, Harry Pierce

Title: Guide To The Harry Pierce Nichols Papers - M139

Dates: 1864-1906

Abstract: Primarily letters of Harry Pierce Nichols to his wife Alice; ephemera; and outline of sermon preached May 1, 1886 at Brunswick, Maine.

Creator: Nixon, Paul

Title: Guide To The Paul Nixon Papers - M140

Dates: 1904-1956, undated

Abstract: Paul Nixon's correspondence, speeches, writings, including his Bowdoin College Chapel talks, Bowdoin Latin class materials and a journal of his travels in England and Europe, 1904-1906.

Creator: Noyes, George Boardman

Title: Guide To The George Boardman Noyes Papers - M141

Dates: 1835-1944, undated

Abstract: Personal correspondence, mostly from Noyes family members, varied business correspondence, and documents ranging from Noyes's appointment as hospital steward during the Civil War to citizenship and pension papers; also includes sermons, newspaper clippings, ephemera, photographs, and a scrapbook.

Creator: Nyhus, Paul L.

Title: Guide To The Paul L. Nyhus Papers - M305

Dates: 1982-2007

Abstract: Miscellaneous papers documenting Paul Nyhus's life and career at Bowdoin. Included are obituaries, memorial tributes, photographs, and a 1990 interview conducted by Charles Calhoun, centering on affairs at Bowdoin from 1969-1980.

Creator: Packard, Alpheus S. (Alpheus Spring)

Title: Guide To The Alpheus Spring Packard Papers - M142

Dates: 1819-1886 undated

Abstract: Correspondence (1819-1886); lectures and addresses (1824-1878); clippings; notes and tributes; sermons by Hezekiah and Asa Packard; and miscellaneous ephemera (1850-1885).

Creator: Parker, John C. (John Clement)

Title: Guide To The John C. Parker Papers - M143

Dates: 1817-1950, undated

Abstract: The collection contains family letters (1817-1931, n.d.), many written by John C. Parker to his parents during his time at Bowdoin and on the expedition to Labrador, as well as Parker's diaries and journals.

Creator: Patterson family

Title: Guide To The Patterson Family Papers - M144

Dates: 1798-1928, undated (bulk 1820-1859)

Abstract: Family and business correspondence, images, bills, receipts, shipping documents, and journals, primarily concening Benjamin Patterson, with two small series for Actor P. Patterson and Benjamin Patterson Sands.

Creator: Payson, Albion L.

Title: Guide To The Albion L. Payson Correspondence - M326

Dates: 1958-2011, undated

Abstract: Correspondence and related material (1958-1962) from Albion Payson (Bowdoin Class of 1958 and high school mathematics teacher) to his family written during his training in Illinois and his subsequent service with the US Navy on the USS Bennington in the Pacific Ocean.

Creator: Peary, Robert E. (Robert Edwin)

Title: Guide To The Robert Edwin Peary Collection - M145

Dates: 1855-2010, undated

Abstract: Collection contains correspondence (1881-1957), including letters written by Peary's chief assistant, Donald MacMillan (Bowdoin 1898); notes and observations written by expedition member, Langdon Gibson (1891-1892); a published edition of Extracts from Commander Peary's Personal Diary: of his trip to the North Pole (1910).

Creator: Peckworth, Helen

Title: Guide To The Peckworth Papers - M146

Dates: 1886-1970 (bulk 1930-1970)

Abstract: Correspondence (some complete, some fragmentary) from leaders in all fields in the 1930s and 40s sent to the editor of the New York Herald Tribune. Also included are a small number of letters from the Peckworth and Dana families.

Creator: Pennell family

Title: Guide To The Pennell Family Papers - M315

Dates: 1760-1938

Abstract: Correspondence, receipts, account books, journals and diaries, deeds, and genealogical material documenting the shipbuilding and shipping concerns, and family and household matters, of multiple generations of the Pennell family in Brunswick, Maine,

Creator: Pettengill, George E. (George Ewald)

Title: Guide To The Vaughan Family Research Files - M293

Dates: 1946-2002, bulk 1946-1955

Abstract: Included is correspondence to and from George Pettengill regarding the Vaughan family, bibliographical material, articles, transcriptions of original Vaughan family correspondence, handwritten notes, and a genealogical chart.

Creator: Pettengill, George E. (George Ewald)

Title: Guide To The George E. Pettengill Bookplate Collection - M330

Dates: Undated

Abstract: Bowdoin College Library bookplates and a variety of other institutional, personal and armorial plates, including those associated with Carlyle Baer, Elmer Adler, John Calvin Stevens, George Bancroft, and Richard Morris Hunt.

Creator: Pierce, Edward Allen

Title: Guide To The Edward Allen Pierce Papers - M147

Dates: 1877-1974, undated

Abstract: Contains photographs, clippings, correspondence, scrapbook, testimonials, and ephemera concerning Edward Allen Pierce.

Creator: Pierce, Franklin

Title: Guide To The Franklin Pierce Collection - M148

Dates: 1823-2010, undated

Abstract: The collection contains correspondence spanning the period from Pierce's election to the New Hampshire legislature to his death in 1869; oratory exhibitions from Pierce's Bowdoin years; newsclippings; commemorative materials; photographs; and ephemera.

Creator: Pinkham, Harold B.

Title: Guide To The Pinkham Papers - M149

Dates: 1907-1977, undated

Abstract: Correspondences (1907-1977), including letters written while Pinkham attended Bowdoin, and communications with the College as an alumnus; also includes a manuscript draft of his autobiography; diary entries from Bowdoin (1913); poetry; and newspaper clippings (1930-1977).

Creator: Piper, Horace Lord

Title: Guide To The Horace Lord Piper Letters - M298

Dates: 1870-1873, undated

Abstract: Letters written by Piper from Europe in the summer of 1873. The bulk of the letters are to his wife with descriptions and observations of the people and sights in his travels.

Creator: Plaisted, Ichabod

Title: Guide To The Ichabod And Samuel Plaisted Papers - M150

Dates: 1818-1831

Abstract: Primarily correspondence between the four Plaisted Brothers -- Ichabod, Samuel, John, and James. They discuss life at Bowdoin College, popular literature, money, and family matters.

Creator: Pols, Edward

Title: Guide To The Edward Pols Papers - M304

Dates: 1970-1996

Abstract: Primarily includes correspondence with publishers, former students, and colleagues and notes regarding subject material and book ideas.

Creator: Porter, Bern

Title: Guide To The Bern Porter Collection - M212

Dates: 1928-2002, undated

Abstract: Writings, artwork, correspondence, and biographical materials that document Bern Porter's life as a scientist and avant-garde writer, artist, and publisher.

Creator: Porter, Katherine

Title: Guide To The Katherine Porter Collection - M217

Dates: 1975-1996, undated

Abstract: Correspondence with Mickey Walker and others, a brochure of Porter's exhibitions, news releases, and editorials that feature Katherine Porter.

Creator: Porter, Nathaniel

Title: Guide To The Nathaniel Porter Sermons - M151

Dates: 1786-1821, undated

Abstract: 104 manuscript sermons (1786-1821) numbered 435-1178. Many of the sermons include dates and locations at the end of the texts; locations are predominantly Conway, New Hampshire, and Fryeburg, Maine.

Creator: Prache, Hilarius

Title: Guide To The Prache And Mattern Papers - M205

Dates: 1668-1795, 1888, undated

Abstract: 37 letters, essays and documents, in German, English or both languages; a few accompanied by modern transcriptions and translations. Most letters are to or from Prache or Mattern.

Creator: Prentiss, Henry Mellen

Title: Guide To The Henry Mellen Prentiss Papers - M152

Dates: 1826-1905

Abstract: The collection contains the manuscript and galleys of "The Great Polar Current," 1897 by Henry Mellen Prentiss, as well as his notes and clippings about Artic exploration.

Creator: Preston, E.D. (Erasmus Darwin)

Title: Guide To The American Scientific Expedition Photograph Albums - M343

Dates: 1883-1889

Abstract: Two photograph albums, compiled by Erasmus D. Preston, documenting U.S. government sponsored expeditions (1883 and 1889) to track solar eclipses. The 1883 album contains 57 albumen photographs depicting the expedition's stops during the trip to and from the Pacific atoll Caroline Island. The 1889 expedition album contains 79 albumen photographs that document travel aboard the USS Pensacola to the west coast of Africa and to Cape Town and the Kimberly Diamond Mines in South Africa, and then back to New York via St. Helena, the Island of Ascension, Bridgetown, Barbados, and the Bermuda Islands. The photographs portray landscapes, urban views, expedition members and activites, and indigenous peoples.

Creator: Pullen, John J.

Title: Guide To The John J. Pullen Collection - M153

Dates: 1954-1983

Abstract: Notes and manuscripts for Pullen's books "The Twentieth Maine", and "A Shower of Stars: The Medal of Honor, The 27th Maine", and other publications. Both manuscripts are accompanied by the photographs, maps, and sketches used as illustrations for the works.

Creator: Quinby, George H. (George Hunnewell)

Title: Guide To The George H. Quinby Papers - M260

Dates: 1870-1983, undated (bulk 1923-1975)

Abstract: The collection contains correspondence, primarily concerning Quinby's professional and personal interest in dramatics and theater design; Bowdoin College class materials; research notes; and articles and lectures written by Quinby.

Creator: Ranlett, Charles Everett, 1816-1917.

Title: Guide To The Charles Everett Ranlett Papers - M270

Dates: 1860-1897 undated

Abstract: Copies of thirty items, mostly letters from Professor Paul Chadbourne (sent while he was a visiting professor at Bowdoin College) to Captain Charles Everett Ranlett. The correspondence concerns arrangements for the Williams College Lyceum of Natural History expedition to Greenland in 1860.

Creator: Ranlett, John

Title: Guide To The John Ranlett Papers - M221

Dates: 1953-1957

Abstract: The collection contains lecture notes, examination bluebooks, reading notes and papers, with grades and comments by instructors, from John Ranlett's years as an undergraduate at Bowdoin College (1953-57).

Creator: Reed, Thomas Brackett

Title: Guide To The Thomas Brackett Reed Collection - M154

Dates: 1838-1976 (bulk 1869-1902)

Abstract: A lawyer and politician, Thomas Brackett Reed (1839-1902; Bowdoin 1860) served in the Maine House (1867, 1868), Maine Senate (1869), as Attorney General (1870-1872), as U.S. Representative for the First Maine District (1877-1898), and as Speaker of the House (1889-1891, 1895-1899). A presidential candidate in 1896, Reed lost the Republican nomination to William McKinley. After leaving Congress in 1899, Reed practiced law in New York City. His collection includes correspondence, essays, manuscripts, articles and clippings. Additionally, there is a set of microfiche, prepared in 1974, from an extensive collection of Reed material retained by the Reed family, including his diaries. Prominent correspondents include Lyman Abbott, Susan B. Anthony, James G. Blaine, Robert G. Ingersoll, Henry Cabot Lodge, William McKinley, and John Sherman; the microfiche include many of the above plus Andrew Carnegie, William Pitt Fessenden, William P. Frye, Marcus A. Hanna, Robert Todd Lincoln, Whitelaw Reid and Elihu Root.

Creator: Rice, William W. (William Whitney)

Title: Guide To The William Whitney Rice Orations - M299

Dates: 1843-1850, undated

Abstract: Seven holograph orations by William Whitney Rice, the bulk delivered in Maine and several delivered while a student at Bowdoin College.

Creator: Riker, Aaron D. (Aaron Denton)

Title: Guide To The Aaron D. Riker Civil War Journal - M341

Dates: 1861-2015

Abstract: Civil War journal of Aaron Denton Riker (July 19, 1830-July 25, 1914) who served in the 66th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Riker's Civil War journal (circa 1861-1864) describes skirmishes, battles, and places including Bull Run, Fredericksburg, Harper's Ferry, Gettysburg, and Sherman's march on Atlanta.

Creator: Ripley, Lincoln

Title: Guide To The Lincoln Ripley Sermons - M155

Dates: 1806-1824

Abstract: Consists of sermons written and preached by the Rev. Lincoln Ripley between February 16, 1806, and October 17, 1824. Many of the sermons are annotated with multiple dates suggesting the multiple use of orations.

Creator: Robinson, Clement Franklin

Title: Guide To The Clement Franklin Robinson Papers - M156

Dates: 1882-1964

Abstract: This collection includes biographical materials, correspondence, printed materials, clippings, and "Spense and Shakespeare as Ethical Teachers" (thesis).

Creator: Root, Pauline Dikeman

Title: Guide To The Pauline Dikeman Root Papers - M277

Dates: 1901-1943, undated

Abstract: Letters to Pauline Root from her father, mother, and brothers, 1903-1938, though letters from friends and miscellaneous letters are included; also includes a diary and poetry notebook.

Creator: Root, William Campbell

Title: Guide To The William Campbell Root Papers - M157

Dates: 1921-1973

Abstract: Papers include William Campbell Root's correspondence, biographical materials, and class and research materials.

Creator: Rouillard family

Title: Guide To The Rouillard Family Papers - M280

Dates: 1857-1977, undated

Abstract: Correspondence, family papers, scrapbooks, photo albums, and snapshots documenting the lives of Robert Gooch Rouillard, Clarence Dana Rouillard, and the extended Rouillard and Gooch families

Creator: Russell, Francis

Title: Guide To The Francis Russell Papers - M159

Dates: 1902-1994, undated

Abstract: Primarily Francis Russell's correspondence and writings; correspondents include Ezra Pound and Henry Beston, although letters are chiefly exchanged among family members and personal friends.

Creator: Russwurm, John Brown

Title: Guide To The John Brown Russwurm Collection - M158

Dates: 1819-2000, undated

Abstract: The collection includes late-19th- and 20th-century biographical sketches and articles concerning John Brown Russwurm, Bowdoin College news releases, clippings, and other material, as well as copies of letters from the John Sumner Russwurm Papers at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Creator: Sabine, Francis Wallingford

Title: Guide To The Francis Sabine Family Correspondence - M342

Dates: 1859-1908

Abstract: Francis Wallingford Sabine (1839-1864) was born in Bangor, Maine and was graduated from Bowdoin College in 1859. In November 1861 Sabine was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant into Co. E. 11th Maine Volunteer Infantry. He was wounded at the Second Battle of Deep Bottom in Petersburg, Virginia, and died on September 15, 1864. Collection includes ten Civil War-dated letters from Francis W. Sabine to his sister Mary L. Sabine of Bangor, Maine and four letters from and to Mary L. Sabine relating to the death of her brother.

Creator: Sabine, Stephen

Title: Guide To The Sabine-Brown Collection - M204

Dates: 1909-1978, undated

Abstract: This collection includes Stephen Sabine's 1909 diary describing his trip to Newfoundland and Labrador, clippings, and itinerary of his time working for the Grenfell Reindeer Project in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Creator: Sanborn, Bigelow Thatcher

Title: Guide To The Bigelow Thatcher Sanborn Diaries - M160

Dates: 1866-1910

Abstract: Diaries written by Bigelow Thatcher Sanborn from the year that he graduated from Bowdoin through to the year of his death in 1910.

Creator: Schwartz, Elliott

Title: Guide To The Elliott Schwartz Collection - M161

Dates: 1922-2016

Abstract: Collection contains compositions (scores and recordings) by Elliott Schwartz plus music by other composers; also includes Bowdoin College teaching materials and materials relating to concerts.

Creator: Shepherd family

Title: Guide To The Shepherd And Crie Family Letters - M302

Dates: 1862-1879

Abstract: Family correspondence of the Shepherd and Crie families of Rockland, Maine, and letters from Almon Shepherd, a Wisconsin settler, to Flora Shepherd.

Creator: Shepley, Mary Fessenden Barrows

Title: Guide To The Shepley Family Papers - M162

Dates: 1802-1972

Abstract: Correspondence between members of the Shepley, Perley, Barrows, and Sergeant families of Maine; also includes manuscripts, journals, photographs, documents and printed ephemera.

Creator: Sheppard, John Hannibal

Title: Guide To The John H. Sheppard Collection - M163

Dates: 1797-1917, undated

Abstract: Contains correspondence (mostly family), including several 1803 letters referring to "the new college at Brunswick" and its first president; financial & genealogical material; ephemera (printed & mss); and clippings.

Creator: Sherman, Joseph

Title: Guide To The Joseph Sherman Papers - M164

Dates: 1826-1849, undated

Abstract: Contains notes, addresses, and essays kept by Sherman while a student at both Bowdoin College and the Andover Theological Seminary on topics both religous and secular, as well as sermons written and delivered while a professor at Jackson College.

Creator: Shipman, William D.

Title: Guide To The William D. Shipman Papers - M265

Dates: 1958-1990, undated

Abstract: William D. Shipman's Bowdoin College administrative files (1957-1987) from his tenure as faculty, including committee reports, class schedules, department reviews, Senior Center Council materials, and a housing study; also includes resarch files concerning Maine's energy plan and U.S./Canada economic relations

Creator: Shipman, William D.

Title: Guide To The Cleaveland House Collection - m274

Dates: 1805-1993, undated

Abstract: The collection contains material compiled by William D. Shipman regarding the history of Cleaveland House, 75 Federal St. Brunswick, Maine.

Creator: Shulman, Harry G.

Title: Guide To The Harry G. Shulman Photograph Collection - M248

Dates: 1926-1973

Abstract: Approximately 800 film negatives that chronicle events in Brunswick, Maine and Bowdoin College.

Creator: Sills, Kenneth C. M. (Kenneth Charles Morton)

Title: Guide To The Kenneth C.M. Sills Collection - M166

Dates: 1816-2014, undated (bulk 1874-1978)

Abstract: More than 20,000 manuscript items relating to Bowdoin's eighth president and his wife Edith, including correspondence, addresses, citations, and other materials relating to Sills's presidency of the College.

Creator: Silsbee, Samuel

Title: Guide To The Samuel Silsbee Correspondence - M317

Dates: 1811-1844 (bulk 1834-1844)

Abstract: 59 letters concerning student life at Bowdoin, Silsbee's religious convictions, his teaching appointments, and family life in Maine.

Creator: Sinnett, Charles N. (Charles Nelson)

Title: Guide To The Curtis Family Of Maine Genealogy Materials - M042

Dates: 1865-1918, undated (bulk 1916-1918)

Abstract: Contains genealogical material on the Curtis family of Maine, collected by the Reverend C.N. Sinnett.

Creator: Smith, Joseph Emerson

Title: Guide To The Smith Brothers Student Letters - M219

Dates: 1850-1854

Abstract: Consists of fifty-one letters and three Bowdoin term bills, written by students Joseph (Bowdoin Class of 1854), Samuel (Harvard), and Henry Smith. Letters are primarily addressed to their father Hon. Samuel E. Smith, Sr., of Wiscasset, Maine and reveal an interesting window into ante-bellum college life.

Creator: Smith, Nora Archibald

Title: Guide To The Nora Archibald Smith Family Papers - M271

Dates: 1867-1937, undated

Abstract: Material documenting Smith family life in California, the sisters' (Kate Wiggin and Nora A. Smith) involvement in the kindergarten movement, their involvement in publishing, and family affairs in Maine.

Creator: Smith, Samuel Emerson

Title: Guide To The Samuel E. Smith Papers - M167

Dates: 1786-1880

Abstract: The collection contains letters (1810-1880 and undated), many relating to the northeast boundary dispute; documents (1786-1880); financial records (1830-1880); and other ephemeral material.

Creator: Smith, Seba

Title: Guide To The Seba Smith Papers - M168

Dates: 1817-1858

Abstract: The Seba Smith collection contains correspondence, Smith's manuscript autobiography, newspaper clippings, and speeches.

Creator: Spear, Ellis

Title: Guide To The Ellis Spear III Papers - M269

Dates: 1923-1931, undated

Abstract: The collection contains typed lecture notes, 1926-1929, chiefly in the natural sciences, compiled by Spear while a student at Bowdoin College

Creator: Stanwood, Edward

Title: Guide To The Edward Stanwood Papers - M169

Dates: circa 1900

Abstract: Contains manuscript Chapters from American Tariff Controversies in the Nineteenth Century. Also includes eight Lowell Institute Lectures.

Creator: Stephens, C.A. (Charles Asbury)

Title: Guide To The Charles Asbury Stephens Collection - M170

Dates: 1880-1931

Abstract: Approximately 2,350 manuscript and typescript drafts with holographic corrections of Stephens' books, speeches, and articles, many of which were for The Youth's Companion.

Creator: Steston, Jeanette Cole

Title: Guide To The Stetson Collection On Wiscasset Shipping Families - M171

Dates: 1751-1930, undated

Abstract: Three ships' logs and various documents concerning Wiscasset, Maine, ship owners and their ships; as well as French spoliation claim materials for ships the Nabby, Betsey, and Nancy. Also contains letters, diaries and journals, deeds, financial documents, genealogical material, and clippings of related families from Wiscasset, Maine.

Creator: Stetson, Charles P.

Title: Guide To The Charles P. Stetson Letters - M314

Dates: 1851-1857, undated

Abstract: Incoming letters to Charles P. Stetson, the bulk received while he was a student at Yale University.

Creator: Stowe, Harriet Beecher

Title: Guide To The Stowe Collection - M172

Dates: 1829-2011

Abstract: Material relating to Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe includes correspondence; holograph notes; editorials; transcripts of selected letters; playbills; sheet music; trade cards; ephemera; inscribed album, images, and newsclippings. Material relating to Calvin Ellis Stowe includes correspondence (1824-73); biographical clippings, images, obituary, and ephemera.

Creator: Stratton, Arthur

Title: Guide To The Arthur Stratton Papers - M173

Dates: 1939-1975

Abstract: Correspondence, writings, biographical material, and photographs of author and educator Arthur Mills Stratton (1911-1975), Bowdoin Class of 1935.

Creator: Strout, Leon B.

Title: Guide To The Leon B. Strout Photograph Collection - M247

Dates: 1918-1936

Abstract: The collections consists of more than 5,000 film and glass and plate negatives and 1,100 black and white prints, dating from 1918 to 1936, primarily of Brunswick, Maine and environs.

Creator: Suzman, Ivan

Title: Guide To The The Ivan Mfowethu Suzman Maine Project On Southern Africa Video Library Collection - M335

Dates: 1980s

Abstract: Contains commercial films and other videos related to apartheid, collected by Ivan Mfowethu Suzman of the Maine Project on Southern Africa.

Creator: Swift, J. Otis

Title: Guide To The J. Otis Swift Papers - M318

Dates: 1871-1989, undated

Abstract: Papers (ca. 1871-1989) documenting the life and work of J. Otis Swift (1871-1948), nature columnist and leader of the Yosian Brotherhood of Nature Philosophers, including: articles (such as , scrapbooks, memoirs, correspondence, biographical materials, and other writings.

Creator: Tanquary, Maurice Cole

Title: Guide To The Maurice C. Tanquary Papers - M328

Dates: 1913-1917

Abstract: Includes 10 journals from the Crocker Land Expedition, 1913-1917, with almost daily entries during various months in his Tanquary's personal journal, measurements and notes on geographical position, interactions with Inughuit team members, lists of supplies and materials, hand sketched maps, natural and animal observations.

Creator: Thacher family

Title: Guide To The Thacher Family Papers - M174

Dates: 1782-1914

Abstract: Correspondence, chiefly between Stephen Thacher and his son Peter,together with exchanges with other family members, members of the Bowdoin community, or other acquaintances.

Creator: Thomas, John

Title: Guide To The Captain John Thomas Papers - M175

Dates: 1783-1871, undated

Abstract: The bulk of this collection comprises personal and professional correspondence, ships' documents, an account book pertaining to several ships including the Margaret and the Hannibal, as well as miscellaneous writings, receipts, and deeds and documents concerning the Purington estate.

Creator: Tillotson, Frederic Erle Thornlay

Title: Guide To The Frederic Erle Thornlay Tillotson Papers - M203

Dates: 1910-1963, undated

Abstract: Biographical material, correspondence, and a small collection of Tillotson's publications, including an original manuscript of music to "Twilight Song;" photographs, a collection of concert programs for events in which Tillotson was involved, scrapbooks of Tillotson's time at Bowdoin, and an LP album "A Concert by Frederic Tillotson."

Creator: Titcomb, James

Title: Guide To The Titcomb Family Papers - M334

Dates: 1824-1855

Abstract: Collection of letters and related papers, 1825-1850, documenting the commercial maritime ventures of ship-builder James Titcomb (1783-1844) of Kennebunk, Maine; as well as the lives and education of his children, including Maine legislator Joseph Titcomb (1822-1891, Bowdoin Class of 1843).

Creator: Town and College Club (Brunsick, Me.)

Title: Guide To The Town And College Club Records - M263

Dates: 1884-1985

Abstract: The collection contains seven volumes of records and minutes of the Town and College Club from 1884-1953. There are annual cards through 1953 listing the schedule of the meetings, speakers, topics, and members. In addition, there are histories, essays, a 100th anniversary booklet published in 1984, and newspaper clippings.

Creator: Townsend, Charles E.

Title: Guide To The Charles E. Townsend Business Records - M176

Dates: 1869-1887

Abstract: The collection contains receipts, records, and printed material including tax, shipping, and insurance items related to the business endeavors of Charles E. Townsend.

Creator: True, Fred L.

Title: Guide To The Fred L. True, Jr. Papers - M226

Dates: 1953-1999

Abstract: Briefs, correspondence, and related printed materials (1954-1955) written or compiled by Fred. L. True, Jr., Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, concerning state anti-sedition laws and the case of Steve Nelson v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Creator: Tucker family

Title: Guide To The Tucker Shipping Papers - M177

Dates: 1826-1890

Abstract: The collection includes letters, documents, receipts, insurance records, and other material relating to operation of the Tucker family's shipping business, in Wiscasset, Maine, 1826-1890.

Creator: Upton family

Title: Guide To The Upton Family Papers - M179

Dates: 1750-1894

Abstract: Correspondence (1809-94, undated.); documents, especially copies of wills (1750-1883); clippings, especially obituaries; notes; and genealogical material relating to this Castine and Belfast, Maine, family.

Creator: Van Cleve, Thomas Curtis

Title: Guide To The Thomas Curtis Van Cleve Papers - M230

Dates: 1912-1976, undated

Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of Van Cleve's manuscripts and other material related to his writings; also includes lecture notes, correspondence, biographical and military material, and photographs.

Creator: Varney, Almon Libbey

Title: Guide To The Almon Libbey Varney U.S. Army Regalia - M300

Dates: 1865-1904, undated

Abstract: Personal effects, chiefly post-Civil War, late nineteenth-century U.S. Army regalia; also includes military documents and biographical materials.

Creator: Vaughan, Charles

Title: Guide To The Charles Vaughan Family Papers - M180

Dates: 1683-1908 (bulk 1743-1869), undated

Abstract: Correspondence (1781-1848); documents, including deeds and land records; essays; and other material (1683-1908) relating to Charles Vaughan and the Vaughan family of Hallowell, Maine.

Creator: Viens, Michael C.

Title: Guide To The Michael C. Viens Papers - M251

Dates: 1967-2014

Abstract: The collection contains drafts of musical compositions (parts and scores), poems, correspondence, copyright agreements, programs, clippings, ephemera, and sound recordings documenting Michael Viens' career as a composer between ca. 1972 and 2014.

Creator: Volz, Robert L.

Title: Guide To The Robert L. Volz Papers - M181

Dates: 1807-1970, undated

Abstract: Includes several early versions of the Robert Volz's article "Longfellow in Music," correspondence with other libraries, universities, and researchers, and research materials.

Creator: Walker, David

Title: Guide To The David C. Walker Papers - M182

Dates: 1964-1980

Abstract: The David C. Walker Papers contain letters from Walker to Louis Coxe (1964-80); typescripts, photocopies, and clippings of poetry (1962-81); manuscripts for Moving Out and Holding Patterns; and ephemera.

Creator: Walker, David

Title: Guide To The David Walker Papers - M183

Dates: 1963-1964

Abstract: The Walker Papers contain letters from Walker to his first wife, Mary (ca. 1963-1964).

Creator: Walker, Mary Sophia

Title: Guide To The Mary Sophia And Harriet Sarah Walker Papers - M184

Dates: 1850-1904, undated

Abstract: The collection contains correspondence (1850-1904, n.d.), primarily relating to the Walker sisters' gift to Bowdoin College and their interest in the design and construction of the Walker Art Building; lists of Mary Sophia and Harriet Sarah Walkers' art collection; and a printed and annotated copy of the will of Mary Sophia Walker.

Creator: Warren, Edward Perry

Title: Guide To The Edward Perry Warren Papers - M185

Dates: 1888-1938

Abstract: The collection consists of correspondence between the members of the Warren family from the period 1888-1938. Chief among these are several letters to Susan Warren advising her through her studies at Wellesley College, by her cousins Edward and Caroline Warren.

Creator: Warshaw, Howard

Title: Guide To The Howard Warshaw Papers - M244

Dates: 1921-2004

Abstract: Artwork, clippings, lecture notes, typescripts, reviews, notices, exhibition catalogs, and related materials by and concerning Howard Warshaw. Original artwork includes approximately 200 pen-and-ink drawings, oil paintings, works in gouache, watercolors, and engravings

Creator: Weil, Gordon Lee

Title: Guide To The Gordon Lee Weil Papers - M286

Dates: 1954-2013 (bulk 1970-1974, 1986-2000)

Abstract: Professional papers of Gordon Lee Weil (Bowdoin 1958), documenting his roles in Senator McGovern's presidential campaign (1970-1972) and as a consultant (Weil and Howe, Inc.) in Maine energy/utility matters (1986-2000).

Creator: Whittier, Frank N. (Frank Nathaniel)

Title: Guide To The Frank Nathaniel Whittier Collection - M186

Dates: 1889-2008, undated

Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of newspaper clippings concerning Whittier's career. Also included are biographical materials, correspondence, writings by Whittier, and Bowdoin College memorial tributes.

Creator: Whittlesey, E. (Eliphalet)

Title: Guide To The Whittlesey Family Papers - M245

Dates: 1896-1941, undated

Abstract: The collection consists of photocopies of documents and photographs concerning Eliphalet Whittlesey and his family, including photographic portraits of his wife's parents, George F. and Hannah T. Patten of Bath, Maine.

Creator: Wiepert, David Douglas

Title: Guide To The Wiepert Bookplate Collection - M331

Dates: Undated

Abstract: Bookplates from the United States, England, France, Italy, and Germany dating from the late seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. A few of the designers are W. P. Barrett, George Wharton Edwards, E. D. French, W. F. Hopson, Arthur Nelson Macdonald, C. W. Sherborn, and Sidney L. Smith.

Creator: Wiggin, Kate Douglas Smith

Title: Guide To The Kate Douglas Wiggin Collection - M187

Dates: 1867-1985, (bulk 1891-1917)

Abstract: The collection contains correspondence, journals, book and story manuscripts, commonplace books, notebooks and notes related to Wiggin's writing; also includes lectures on kindergarten subjects, clippings, photographs and material concerning her Irish "literary pilgrimage."

Creator: Williamson, Joseph

Title: Guide To The Joseph Williamson Papers - M188

Dates: 1818-1902 (bulk 1828-1902)

Abstract: Correspondence, with the bulk consisting of letters from Williamson to George T. Little, Bowdoin College professor and librarian; newspaper clippings about Williamson; a list of launches in the ports of Belfast and Bangor; drafts and corrected versions of Williamson's books; and material related to Bowdoin College, including a diary kept while Williamson was a student.

Creator: Willis, William

Title: Guide To The William Willis Papers - M189

Dates: 1837-1958, (bulk 1862-1869)

Abstract: Correspondence (1837-69) concerning the history of Maine, approximately a dozen more letters concerning Willis's interests in Maine railroads; together with drafts of his writings, and information on the estates of Willis and his wife.

Creator: Wilson, Elizabeth

Title: Guide To The Elizabeth Wilson Papers - M262

Dates: 1953-2004

Abstract: Papers, chiefly correspondence, business records, newspaper clippings, and related material, of Elizabeth "Bece" Wilson concerning Bowdoin College student boarders at her home at 82 Federal Street, Brunswick, Maine.

Creator: Wineapple, Brenda

Title: Guide To The Nathanial Hawthorne Research Files - M306

Dates: 2000

Abstract: Research files, chiefly copies of publications and primary sources, with occasional annotations, compiled by Brenda Wineapple.

Creator: Woods, Leonard

Title: Guide To The Leonard Woods Collection - M190

Dates: 1818-1964, (bulk 1818-1879)

Abstract: Letters, images, articles, clippings, and other materials (1832-1964) relating to Leonard Woods. The bulk of the correspondence is between Woods and members of the Trustees, Overseers, and faculty of Bowdoin College.

Creator: Yourcenar, Marguerite

Title: Guide To The Marguerite Yourcenar Collection - M191

Dates: 1937, 1964-1996, undated

Abstract: The collection consists of drafts and proofs of Yourcenar's writings, with holographic corrections, including L'Oeuvre au Noir; correspondence; newspaper clippings and articles; information on Yourcenar's hometown of Bailleul; and an audio tape of an interview with Marguerite Yourcenar.

Creator: Zorach, William

Title: Guide To The William Zorach Collection - M192

Dates: 1923-1974, undated

Abstract: The collection (1923-1974) contains essays by and articles regarding Zorach; clippings, exhibit announcements, copies of five letters between Zorach and "Epstein"; biographical information, photographs, and other material relating to William Zorach