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Bowdoin Prize Recipients

The Bowdoin Prize was established in 1928 as a memorial to William John Curtis, of the class of 1875, by Mrs. Curtis and her children. This prize is awarded "once in each five years to the graduate or former member of the College, or member of its Faculty at the time of the award, who shall have made during the period the most distinctive contribution in any field of human endeavor." The committee of award consists of the President of Harvard University, the President of Yale University, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of the State of Maine. The prize "shall be awarded only to one who shall, in the judgment of the committee of award, be recognized as having won national and not merely local distinction, or who, in the judgment of the committee, is fairly entitled to be so recognized." Information about individual recipients is available in the Alumni Relations records.

  • 2015 Geoffrey Canada '74 and Stanley Druckenmiller '75
  • 2010 Leon A. Gorman '56
  • 2005 Thomas R. Pickering '53
  • 2000 William Sebastian Cohen '62
  • 1995 George J. Mitchell '54 (Mitchell Papers)
  • 1990 Samuel Shipp Butcher and Dana Walker Mayo
  • 1985 Joan Benoit Samuelson '79
  • 1978 Asa Smallidge Knowles '30
  • 1973 Leonard Wolsey Cronkhite, Jr. '41
  • 1968 Austin Harbutt MacCormick '15
  • 1963 William Hodding Carter, Jr. '27
  • 1958 Harold Hitz Burton '09
  • 1954 Commander Donald Baxter MacMillan '98
  • 1948 Kenneth Charles Morton Sills '01
  • 1943 [No Award]
  • 1938 Harvey Dow Gibson '02 and Paul Howard Douglas '13
  • 1933 Fred Houdlett Albee '99