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Guide to the Peucinian Society Records, 1805-1877, 2007-

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Peucinian Society: records
Peucinian Society (Bowdoin College)
Date [inclusive]:
1805-1877, 2007-
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3.25 Linear Feet
George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives, Bowdoin College Library, Brunswick, Maine 04011
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No restrictions.

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Peucinian Society: Records, George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives, Bowdoin College Library, Brunswick, Maine

On November 22, 1805, eight students met and formed the Philomathian Society. A few months later the name was changed to the Peucinian Society and took its motto: Pinos loquentes semper habemus (We always have the whispering pines). The Society formed a large library with books purchased from dues paid by inducted members. The Peucinian Society had an intense rivalry with the Athenaean Society. The rise of the Greek letter fraternities at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century spelled the end for the literary societies. After a period of relative dormancy, the surviving libraries of the Peucinian and Athenaean societies were merged in 1880. Following this, the Peucinian Society was considered officially defunct. The Peucinian Society had an annex scientific society, the Caluvian Society. In 2007, members of the class of 2010 re-established the Peucinian Society to debate and discuss political and philosophical issues.

This collection contains records of both the original Peucinian Society of Bowdoin College which dissolved in the 1880s and the Peucinian Society reconstituted in 2007. Files contain minutes of meetings, financial records, correspondence, lectures, addresses, articles, and the Society's constitution.

Series Description:

This series contains records of the Peucinian Society from its founding in 1805 until its dissolution in the 1880s.


Arranged chronologically.

General Note:

The Peucinian Society Records, 1807-1819 (volume 15 folio) is very fragile, therefore a microfilm copy is available for patron use.

Access Restrictions:

No restrictions.

Accounts of the Peucinian Library 1861-1862

volume 1

Accounts of the Peucinian Library 1863

volume 2

Annual Reports of the General Committee of the Peucinian Society 1817-1831

volume-folio 3

Constitution and By-Laws of the Peucinian Society n.d.

volume 4

Peucinian Library Catalog volume 1

volume-folio 5

Peucinian Library Catalog volume 2

volume-folio 6

Peucinian Library Records 1865-1866

volume-folio 7

Peucinian Library Records 1871-1874

volume-folio 8

Peucinian Library Records 1874-1877

volume-folio 9

Peucinian Library Records 1867-?

volume-folio 10

Peucinian Society n.d., 1805-1828

box 1

Peucinian Society 1829-1854

box 2

Peucinian Society 1855-1871

box 3

Peucinian Society Catalogues 1838-1859

volume 11

Peucinian Society Catalogue of Members 1807-1833

volume 12

Peucinian Society Catalogue of Members 1818-1859 (Unbound) and Publications, 1808-1843

"The Connection between Religion and the Arts," delivered at the 40th anniversary of the Peucinian Society by William Whitney Rice (Class of 1846), March 1846. See William Whitney Rice Orations.

crossref M299 box 1

Peucinian Society Catalogue of Members 1833-[1845]

volume 13

Peucinian Society Loan Records 1864-1865

volume 14

Peucinian Society Records 1807-1819 (volume is very fragile; microfilm copy available for patron use)

volume-folio 15

Peucinian Society Records 1819-1831

volume-folio 16

Peucinian Society [records] 1831-1842

volume-folio 17

Peucinian Society [records] 1842-1859

volume-folio 18

Peucinian Society [records] 1859-1875

volume-folio 19

Peucinian Society Records of the General Society 1816-1879 (photocopy in Box 3)

volume 20

Peucinian Society Treasurer's Book 1819-1820

volume 22

Peucinian Society Treasurer's Book 1820-1821

volume 23

Peucinian Society Treasurer's Book 1821-1822

volume 24

Peucinian Society Treasurer's Book 1826-1830

volume 25

Peucinian Society Treasurer's Book 1838-?

volume 26

Peucinian Society Treasurer's Book 1840-1848

volume 27

Peucinian Society Treasurer's Book 1841-[1844]

volume 28

Peucinian Society Treasurer's Book 1844-[1846]

volume 29

Peucinian Society Treasurer's Book 1846

volume 30

Peucinian Society Treasurer's Book [1848-1849]

volume 31

Peucinian Society Treasurer's Book 1850-1851

volume 32

Peucinian Society Treasurer's Book 1854-1862

volume 33

Records of the Philomathian Society of Bowdoin College

volume 34

Peucinian Society pin [25].

arealia-box 7

Series Description:

This series contains records dating from 2007 of the re-established Peucinian Society.


Arranged chronologically.

Access Restrictions:

No restrictions.

Records, 2007-

box 5

Posters, 2009-

ovsz-box 13