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Guide to Lectures and Lectureships Records, 1880-

Lectures and Lectureships: records
Bowdoin College
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George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives, Bowdoin College Library, Brunswick, Maine 04011
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Lectures and Lectureships: Records, George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives, Bowdoin College Library, Brunswick, Maine

The regular instruction of Bowdoin College is supplemented each year by ten or twelve major lectures, as well as lesser talks, panel discussions, symposiums, and other presentations sponsored by the various departments of study and undergraduate organizations. Lectureship funds are administered by the Lectures and Concerts Committee and relevant departments.

This collection contains material relating to lectures held at Bowdoin College including lecture texts, announcements and posters. The bulk of the collection is comprised of announcements and flyers advertising inaugural lectures for College chairs and professorships, the Kenneth V. Santagata Memorial Fund (lectureship) and the Harry Spindel Memorial Lectureship; as well as posters for these and other campus lectures. In addition there are lecture texts of inaugural lectures, including: The Harrison King McCann Professorship of the English Language Inaugural Lecture, November 20, 1996 by Franklin G. Burroughs Jr.; and The William D. Shipman Research Professorship of Economics Inaugural Lecture, February 22, 1995, by A. Myrick Freeman III.

Audio and video recordings of selected College lectures are preserved in the College Archives Audio-Visual Collection. Materials relating to the John Brown Russwurm Distinguished Lecture Series and the Albert C. Boothby Lecture Series are available in the records of the Africana Studies Program.

Series Description:

This series includes detailed lecture announcements for inaugural lectures of various College chairs, posters advertising lectures held on campus, and a program for the Appalachian Symposium held in honor of Arthur Hussey's retirement. Also includes texts of some lectures including the 1964 lecture (at the First Parish Church, Brunswick) by Martin Luther King Jr. for the Bowdoin College Spring Issues Conference; the 1996 Harrison King McCann Professorship of the English Language Inaugural Lecture by Franklin G. Burroughs Jr. and the 1995 William D. Shipman Research Professorship of Economics Inaugural Lecture by A. Myrick Freeman III.


Arranged chronologically.

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Some restrictions on copying. Check individual folders.


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box 1 folder 2

1938-1968, posters

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box 1 folder 4

1964 May 6. Text of Martin Luther King Jr.'s address at First Parish Church for the Bowdoin College Spring Issues Conference; see BA635 for original audio (no reproduction permitted)

box 1 folder 5

1966 Oct 20-22. The Maine Coast Prospects and Perspectives, Bowdoin College Symposium

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box 1 folder 7

1969-1970, posters

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box 1 folder 8

1971-1987, posters

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1973-1979 (no year noted on individual lecture announcements)

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box 1 folder 11

1980-1983 Spring

box 1 folder 12

1983 Fall-1986 Spring

box 1 folder 13

1986 Fall-1991 Spring

box 1 folder 14

1988-2002, posters

ovsz-box 10a

1995 Feb 22. Text of paper adapted from the William D. Shipman Professorship Inaugural Lecture, "The Environmental Cost of Electricity: An Exercise in Pricing the Environment," by A. Myrick Freeman III.

volume 1

1996 Nov 20. Text of the Harrison King McCann Inaugural Lecture, "Compression Wood: A Small Sawmill and a Poem by Hopkins," by Franklin G. Burroughs (reproduction not permitted).

box 1 folder 15

1997, Text of the Harrison King McCann lecture, untitled, by Franklin G. Burroughs (reproduction not permitted).

box 1 folder 16

1999 Mar 11. Announcement of the William R. Kenan, Jr. Professorship Inaugural Lecture, "Lakeside at Chautauqua's Holy Land: A Bible Scholar's Journey into Popular Culture, " by Burke O. Long.

box 1 folder 17

1999 Oct 4. Announcement of the A. Leroy Greason Professorship in the Creative Arts Inaugural Lecture, "Under A Northern Sky: Paintings, 1985-1999," by Mark C. Wethli.

box 1 folder 18

1999 Oct 11. Announcement of the Barry N. Wish Professorship of Social Studies Inaugural Lecture, "Back to Reality, Forward to Kvetching: What's the Connection?," by Barbara S. Held.

box 1 folder 19

1999 Nov 10. Announcement of the James Stacy Coles Chair of Natural Sciences Inaugural Lecture, "Light, Chemistry, and Life," by Ronald L. Christensen.

box 1 folder 20

1999 Nov 15. Announcement of the Edward Little Professorship of the English Language and Literature Inaugural Lecture, "Poetry Readings: Works by William C. Watterson," by William Collins Watterson.

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box 1 folder 22

2000 Feb 17. Announcement of the Linnean Professorship Inaugural Lecture, "Fragile X and the Horizon of Human Genetics," by William L. Steinhart.

box 1 folder 23

2000 Mar 6. Announcement of the A. Leroy Greason Chair in Creative Arts Inaugural Lecture, "Taking Music Seriously: Dancing Mushrooms, the Mozart Effect, and the Liberal Arts College," by Mary Hunter.

box 1 folder 24

2000 April 8. Appalachian Symposium: In Honor of Arthur M. Hussey.

box 1 folder 25

2000 April 10. Announcement of the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Chair of Natural Sciences Inaugural Lecture, "Computers and Languages: Will They Ever Understand?" by Allen B. Tucker.

box 1 folder 26


box 1 folder 27


box 1 folder 28

2002 Oct 1 - Announcement of the Richard E. Steele Professorship of Art Inaugural Lecture, "On 'Nature' and 'Good': an Artist's Reconciliation of Aesthetics and Ethics" by Thomas Cornell

box 1 folder 29


box 1 folder 30

2003 Apr 3 - Announcement of the William R. Kenan, Jr., Professorship Inaugural Lecture, "Religion and the Politics of Ethnicity in Contemporary Sri Lanka" by John C. Holt

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box 1 folder 32

2005 - 2012 Spring, posters

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box 2 folder 1

2007 Feb 1 - Announcement of the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Professorship inaugural lecture, "Victor Hugo's Ideology of Disorder" by William C. VanderWolk

box 2 folder 2

2008-2011 Spring

box 2 folder 3

2011 Fall - 2012 Spring

box 2 folder 4

2012 Fall - 2013 Spring

box 2 folder 5

2012 Fall - , posters

ovsz-box 10a

2013 Fall - 2014 Spring

box 2 folder 6

2014 Fall - 2015 Spring

box 2 folder 7

2015 Fall -

box 2 folder 8


box 2 folder 9

Undated, posters

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Series Description:

The Kenneth V. Santagata Memorial Fund was established, in 1982, by family and friends of Kenneth V. Santagata, Bowdoin Class of 1973. This fund is used to support one lecture each semester, rotating in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, with lecturers to be recognized authorities in their respective fields, to present new, novel, or non-conventional approaches to the designated topic. Materials include audio and video recordings of lectures, flyers and posters advertising lectures and some lecture texts.


Arranged chronologically.

Access Restrictions:

No restrictions.

Sub-Series Description:

This sub-series contains campus recordings of lectures sponsored by the Kenneth V. Santagata Memorial Fund.

1988, Robert J. Sternberg, New Conceptions of Intelligence (VHS)

av BV196

1988 Nov 4, Sissela Bok, Exaggerations, Lying and Secrecy: Duplicity in Government (VHS)

av BV157

1989 Apr 26, Carlos Fuentes, Crisis and Culture in Latin America (VHS)

av BV169

1990 Jan 29, John Boswell, Three Quarelling Sisters and the Friend who Became an Enemy: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Philosophy (VHS)

av BV179

1991 Jan, Laurie Anderson, Performance Art (VHS)

av BV188

1991 Sep 22, Sue Vilhauer Rosser, Gender Bias in Medical Research: The Difference it Makes (VHS)

av BV181

1992 Nov, Mario Vargas Llosa, Fiction: The Power of Lies (VHS)

av BV76

1993 Apr 22, David Hillel Gelertner, Computers and Society: Cleaning up the Mess (VHS)

av BV180

1994 Feb 14, Susan Leigh Foster, Dancing Common Goodness (DVD)

av BV1664

1996 May 8, Elaine H. Pagels, Jesus and His Message in the Gnostic Gospels (VHS)

av BV55

1997 Mar 6, Peter Schickele, Peter Schickele: A Musician's Life (VHS)

av BV78

1997 Nov 24, Peter J. Gomes, Civic Virtue and the Character of Fellowship: A New Tale on an Old Hope (VHS)

av BV81

1998 Apr 6, James H. Jones, Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public Private Life (VHS)

av BV96

1999 Apr 26, Steven Pinker, How the Mind Works (VHS)

av BV139

1999 Sep 20, James Q. Wilson, Genes, Parents, and Crime (VHS)

av BV300

2001 Mar 6, Carl Safina, Status and Trends of the World's Fisheries (VHS and MiniDV)

av BV403

2002 Apr 17, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Will Anybody Know Who I Am?: On Witness, Justice, and Respect (VHS and MiniDV)

av BV612

2002 Oct 3, Bruce B. Lawrence, Hope, Not Fear, is the Future (VHS and MiniDV)

av BV607

2004 Mar 3, Manning Marable, Re: Structural racialism and the challenges to black and youth leadership (VHS and MiniDV)

av BV642

2006 Apr 6, Margie Ruddick, What Are We Doing Here? Ecology, Sustainability, and the Power of Landscape (DVD and MiniDV)

av BV851

2006 Nov 30, Michael Warner, The Preacher's Footing (DVD and MiniDV)

av BV867

2007 Oct 25, Daniel Adam Mendelsohn, `Reality' in Crisis: Greek Tragedy, Roman Games, and American Pop Culture (DVD and MiniDV)

av BV952

2009 Nov 2, Rebecca Solnit, A Paradise Built in Hell: Private Emotion and Public Life (DVD) Also available as audio (BA1222)

av BV1088

2010 Feb 16, Mathias Risse, The Right to Relocation: Disappearing Island Nations and Common Ownership of the Earth (CD)

av BA1221

2010 Nov 22, Christopher Abani, Stories of Struggles, Stories of Hope: Art, Politics, and Human Rights (DVD and MiniDV)

av BV1204

2011 Feb 9, Dale Jamieson, Geoengineering as a Response to Climate Change: A Bad Concept Meets an Urgent Problem (DVD and MiniDV)

av BV1176

2011 Oct 24, Elliott Sober, Did Darwin Write the "Origin" Backwards? (DVD and MiniDV)

av BV1333

2012 Mar 30, Jay Rubenstein, The First Crusade: Apocalypse and Renaissance in 1099 (DVD and MiniDV)

av BV1306

2012 Oct 24, Joanne B. Freeman, Dirty Nasty Politics in Early America (DVD and MiniDV)

av BV1340

2013 Feb 27, Colm Toibin, Silence and the Short Story (DVD and MiniDV)

av BV1402

Sub-Series Description:

Materials include announcements and posters advertising lectures, and some lecture texts.


box 2 folder 9

1984-2016, n.d., posters

ovsz-box 10

1998, 2003-

box 2 folder 10

Series Description:

Established in 1977 by the gift of Rosalyne Spindel Bernstein, Honorary 1997, and Summer Thurman Bernstein in memory of her father, Harry Spindel, as a lasting testimony to his lifelong devotion to Jewish Learning, this fund is used to support annual lectures in Judaic studies or contemporary Jewish affairs. Materials include flyers, tickets, programs and posters advertising lectures, as well as some lecture texts, and recordings (audio and video) of some lectures.


Arranged chronologically.

Access Restrictions:

No restrictions.

Sub-Series Description:

This sub-series includes campus recordings of lectures sponsored by the Harry Spindel Lectureship Fund. Topics are wide-ranging and reflect aspects of Jewish culture, history, politics, religion and identity.

1985 Nov 17, Robert Skloot, Images of Survival: Theatre of the Holocaust (audiocassette)

av BA1002

1986 Nov 2, Peter Gay, In Germany at Home: German Jews in the Weimar Republic (audiocassette)

av BA999

1986 Nov 2, Vivian Gornick, Female and Jewish: An Education in Outsidedness (audiocassette)

av BA1000

1986 Nov 3, Geoffrey Hartman, Jewish Tradition as the Other: Notes and Queries (audiocassette)

av BA1001

1986 Nov 3, Livia Bitton-Jackson, The Jewish Literary Stereotype as Metaphor for Cultural Otherness (audiocassette)

av BA1003

1987 Oct 11, Elizabeth Holtzman, The U.S. Government and Nazi War Criminals (audiocassette)

av BA1004

1988 Nov 6, Grace Paley, Who's in Charge of Jewish? (audiocassette)

av BA74

1991 Mar 3, Susannah Heschel, Jewish- Christian Feminists in Dialogue (audiocassette)

av BA75

1991 Sep 15, Roberta Apfel and Bennett Simon, Gas Chambers to Gas Masks: Trauma and Resiliency in Children of War (VHS)

av BV189

1993 Nov 14, Dori Laub, Testimony and Truth (VHS)

av BV163

1996 Nov 10, Marilyn Reizbaum, Randolph Stakeman, Discussion Panel on James McBride's "The Color of Water" (audiocassette)

av BA186

2001 Oct 9, Samuel J. Friedman, Jew vs. Jew: The Struggle for the Soul of American Jewry (CD)

av BA301

2002 Oct 8, Sandi Simcha DuBowski, Screening and discussion of documentary Trembling before G-d (VHS)

av BV594

2003 Feb 2, Susannah Heschel, We're Not Jews: Multiculturalism and the New Jewish Studies (VHS)

av BV593

2006 Apr 5, Art Spiegelman, Maus (DVD)

av BV781

2007 Apr 16, James Carroll, No War is Holy: Constantine, Crusades, and the Present Crisis (MiniDV)

av BV870

2009 Mar 1, Jonathan Safran Foer, An Evening with Jonathan Safran Foer (MiniDV)

av BV1024

2010 Mar 9, Ruth W. Messinger, Jews as Global Citizens: Our Responsibility in the World (MiniDV). Also available as audio (BA1223)

av BV1090

2011 Mar 29, Jonathan D. Sarna, That Obnoxious Order: Ulysses S. Grant and the Jews (DVD and MiniDV)

av BV1182

2012 Apr 17, Peter Cole, The Poetry of Kabbalah, The Kabbalah of Poetry: Ruminations and a Reading (MiniDV)

av BV1298

2013 Apr 11, Allegra Goodman, Becoming a Jewish Writer (MiniDV)

av BV1395

Sub-Series Description:

This sub-series contains correspondence, memorandums, and draft schedules from files of Spindel Memorial Lectureship Committee Chairs, as well as flyers, tickets and posters advertising lectures, and some lecture texts.

1979-1996, 2001- , posters

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box 2 folder 11


box 2 folder 12


box 2 folder 13

1989 Sep - Wolf Blitzer

box 2 folder 14


box 2 folder 15

1991 Mar - Susannah Heschel

box 2 folder 16


box 2 folder 17


box 2 folder 18

1993 Mar - Barney Frank

box 2 folder 19


box 2 folder 20

1993 Nov - Dori Laub/S. Felman

box 2 folder 21


box 2 folder 22

1994 Oct - Sharon Pucker Rivo

box 2 folder 23


box 2 folder 24

1995 Oct - Michael Walzer

box 2 folder 25


box 2 folder 26

1997 Sep - Jehuda Reinharz

box 2 folder 27

1999 Apr - Arthur Green

box 2 folder 28

1999 Sep - Ian S. Lustick

box 2 folder 29


box 2 folder 30


box 2 folder 31

2002-2003, 25th anniversary Spindel lectureship planning included

box 2 folder 32

2002-2003, budget

box 2 folder 33

2002- , posters

map-case C drawer C12

2002 Oct 8 - Sandi DuBowski, "Trembling Before G-d"

box 2 folder 34

2002 Oct 17 - Almuth Herbst, Marien van Nieukerken, "Vocal Music on Jewish Themes"

box 2 folder 35

2002 Nov 23 - Ernest Bloch, "Sacred Service"

box 2 folder 36

2003 Jan 23-Mar 23, Shimon Attie, "The Writing on the Wall"

box 2 folder 37

2003 Feb 2, Susannah Heschel, "We're Not Jews"

box 2 folder 38

2003 Mar 3, James E. Young, "After-Images of the Holocaust in Contemporary Art"

box 2 folder 39

2003 Apr 10, Tony Kushner, "An Evening with Tony Kushner..."

box 2 folder 40


box 2 folder 41

2003 Nov - Michael Lerner

box 2 folder 42


box 2 folder 43

2004 Oct - Daniel Boyarin

box 2 folder 44


box 2 folder 45


box 2 folder 46

2006 Apr - Art Spiegelman

box 2 folder 47


box 2 folder 48


box 2 folder 49


box 2 folder 50


box 2 folder 51


box 2 folder 52

Series Description:

The Tallman Lecture Fund was established in 1928 by Frank G. Tallman, A.M.H'35, as a memorial to the Bowdoin members of his family. The fund is used to support a series of lectures. Printed materials include announcements, invitations, posters and lecture text. Audio and video tapes of specific lectures are available in the College Archives Audio-Visual Collection.


Arranged chronologically.

Access Restrictions:

No restrictions.

Sub-Series Description:

This sub-series includes campus recordings of lectures sponsored by the Tallman Lecture Fund.

1970 Oct 14, Ellis R. Lippincott, Polywater (reel to reel)

av BA393

1971 Feb 23; 1971 Mar 1, Michael C. Hurst, The Fragility of Liberalism: Part I, Liberalism Triumphant; Part II, Liberalism Trounced (reel to reel)

av BA400

1971 Mar 8, Michael C. Hurst, The Fragility of Liberalism: Part III, Principles and Guidelines (reel to reel)

av BA401

1971 Nov 2, Lou Emma Holloway, Black Reaction to the Election of 1860 (reel to reel)

av BA422

1971 Nov 7, Lou Emma Holloway, Hiram R. Revels: First Black Senator (reel to reel)

av BA423

1971 Nov 16, Lou Emma Holloway, Prelude to the Revolution of 1875 (reel to reel)

av BA426

1972 Apr 6, James Richmond, The Absurdity of God's Nonexistence (reel to reel)

av BA450

1972 Apr 13, James Richmond, Seeing-as: A Model for Philosophical Theology (reel to reel)

av BA452

1972 Apr 20, James Richmond, Seeing God: Another Model for Philosophical Theology (reel to reel)

av BA455

1974 Apr 4, Mario Valenzuela, The Forthcoming U.N. Conference on the Law of the Sea (reel to reel)

av BA522

1974 Apr 11, Mario Valenzuela, The Problems of Foreign Policy Formation and Execution in a Latin American Country: A Case Study of Chile under Salvador Allende (reel to reel)

av BA526

1974 Apr 18, Mario Valenzuela, A Personal Perspective on the Chilean Experience under Allende, and Its Outcome (reel to reel)

av BA528

1974 Oct 23, Paul B. Dorain, Faraday, Michelson, and All That (reel to reel)

av BA547

1975 Apr 15, Wilfrid H. Mellers, Music, Europe, and Communication (reel to reel)

av BA578

1975 Apr 22, Wilfrid H. Mellers, Pop Music, Ritual, and Commitment (reel to reel)

av BA581

1988 Nov 16, Augustus Alven Adair, Black Politics and American Presidential Elections (audiocassette)

av BA77

2001 Apr 10, Michael S. Harper, Readings From His Works (VHS and MiniDV)

av BV391

2011 Feb 15, Sheila Watt-Cloutier, The Right to be Cold (DVD and MiniDV)

av BV1178

Sub-Series Description:

This sub-series contains announcements, invitations, posters, and lecture text for Tallman lectures.

List of Tallman professors

box 2 folder 53


box 2 folder 54

1963-1970, 2011 posters

ovsz-box 10a


box 2 folder 55


box 2 folder 56

1976, Tallman lecture series at Bowdoin College by Spencer Apollonio, Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies

volume 1

2011- ,

box 2 folder 57