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Guide to Track and Field Records and Publications, 1878-1992

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Track and Field: records and publications
Bowdoin College. Athletics
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George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives, Bowdoin College Library, Brunswick, Maine 04011
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Track and Field: Records and Publications, George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives, Bowdoin College Library, Brunswick, Maine

The long tradition of track and field at Bowdoin began in 1874 with the first meet held at the Delta, a triangular field located where Sills Hall now stands. Bowdoin students competed with one another in events such as sack, wheelbarrow, knapsack, and three-legged races. The tournaments became an annual event and become more structured every year. The sport became more organized when the Maine Intercollegiate field and track competitions began in 1895. Prior to 1895 there had been only New England competitions and intrascholastic meets. The team was coached by Jack Magee (1913-1955) and Frank Sabasteanski (1955-1983) for a large part of its existence.

This collection includes score books, trial books, programs, scrapbooks, and photos. The bulk of material spans the early to mid 1900s, including records created during track and cross country competitions, scrapbooks containing published articles regarding performance at events, and team photos and competition photos.

Series Description:

This series contains results of Bowdoin intercollegiate indoor/outdoor meets. Some freshmen meets; also some cross country results. Includes women's indoor track score book and records from 1977-1980. Also includes team and individual records from 1899-1915.


Arranged chronologically by season.

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Results: varsity, freshman (indoor/ outdoor); cross country (Folders 12-24)

box 1

Results: varsity, freshman (indoor/ outdoor); cross country (2 Folders)

box 2

Women's Indoor Track 1977-1980

box 3 folder 1

Track Records of Bowdoin College 1899- 1915

box 3 folder 2

Series Description:

This series contains individuals' periodic times and distances. Includes relays, cross country, indoor/outdoor seasons. Majority of material spans 1919-1935.


Arranged chronologically by season.

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No restrictions.

Individuals' periodic times/distances 1919-1959

box 1

Individuals' periodic times/distances 1935-1961

box 2

Series Description:

This series contains programs and score books from all-college, interfraternity, interscholastic, and dual meets. The bulk of the material covers the early and mid 1900s. Includes memorabilia from coaches Jack Magee and Frank Sebasteanski. Women's cross country and track materials also included.


Arranged alphabetically by name of event.

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Annual Field Days 1878-1894

box 1 folder 1

Athletic Assn annual exhibition and ball, 1887-1894

box 1 folder 2

Dual meets 1897-1989

box 1 folder 3-4

Indoor/Outdoor records [1924-1989]

box 1 folder 5

Interclass Meets 1896-early 1930s

box 1 folder 6-7

Interfraternity Meets 1919-1972

box 1 folder 8-14

Interfraternity Meet 1923 - 45 yd. Hurdles 4th Prize Pin, donated by Karen Moore Alterman (daughter of Walter Decoster Moore, Jr. '24)

arealia-box 2

Interfraternity track meet: "President's Shield, Donated by Pres. K.C.M. Sills. Seventh Annual Interfraternity Track Meet, 1925."

arealia-box 4

Interscholastic Meet medals, 1909, 1913

arealia-box 7

Interscholastic Meets 1913-1958

box 1 folder 15-22

Magee/Sabasteanski Items 1913-1992

box 1 folder 23-26

Misc. Items 1891-1923

box 1 folder 27

Spring Meeting of Athletic Assn 1880

box 1 folder 28

Women's track misc. 1980-1988

box 1 folder 29

Women's Cross-country 1976-1985

box 1 folder 30-32

Cross-country meet results 1921-1958

box 1 folder 33

Series Description:

This series contains programs and related information from major intercollegiate track meets. Bowdoin students participated in some fashion in all the the meets. Bulk of material is from mid 1900s. Included are programs from state, regional, and national competitions. NCAA, EIAA(ECAC), and ICAAA are among the leagues included.


Arranged alphabetically by meet title.

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No restrictions.

BAA, partial 1942-1971

box 1 folder 1-5

Bowdoin Freshman Meets 1925-1930

box 1 folder 6

Bowdoin pennant with track and field ribbons, 1924-1927

map-case D drawer D-12

EIAA (ECAC)partial 1948-1960

box 1 folder 7-8

ICAAA partial 1921-1972

box 1 folder 9-11

Maine ICAA official's ribbon, 1914 Nov 6

arealia-box 7

Maine ICAA partial 1896-1991

box 1 folder 12-19

Maine Intercollegiate Track and Field Association banner, 1924

ovsz-box 1 mitchell w/Batons

Maine ISAA 1897, 1959

box 1 folder 20

Maine AAU 1954, 1957

box 1 folder 21

Mass. Knights of Columbus partial 1932-1968

box 1 folder 22-24

Millrose partial 1921-1946

box 1 folder 25

NCAA/AAU materials 1921-1989

box 1 folder 26

NCAA women's Division 3 1984

box 1 folder 27

NESCAA Track and Field event banner, 1925

ovsz-box 1 mitchell w/Batons

New England AAU & UConn Relays 1951-1979

box 1 folder 28

New England ICAAA 1902-1945

box 1 folder 29

New England ICAAA 1932-1975

box 2 folder 1-2

New England ICAAA Cross Country 1917-1970

box 2 folder 3

New England ICAAA official's pin, 1950 May

arealia-box 7

New England Intercollegiate Athletic Association Running High Jump medal, n.d.

arealia-box 7

New England interscholastic meet programs 1950-1967

box 2 folder 4

Olympics partial 1956-1971

box 2 folder 5

Penn Relays partial 1922-1967

box 2 folder 6-7

Eastern Intercollegiate, Varsity/Freshman Cross Country (NEICAAA-New England Intercollegiate), Maine Intercollegiate n.d. 1951-1959, 1981

box 2 folder 8

Series Description:

This series contains newsclippings pasted into scrapbooks. Articles cover regular season and special events of both indoor/outdoor track and cross country. Clips are primarily from local newspapers. Some scrapbooks also contain athletes' statistics and records. There is no index. Also includes 1920 Olympiad commemorative certificate signed by participants.


Arranged chronologically.

Access Restrictions:

No restrictions.

Bowdoin Athletic Association, Field Day 1875, broadside

map-case B8

1915-1916 [scrapbook]

volume 1

Varsity 1921-1953 [scrapbook]

volume-folio 2

Indoor/Outdoor Track; Cross Country Fall 1955-Spring 1958 [scrapbook]

volume-folio 3

Summer 1958-Fall 1960 [scrapbook]

volume-folio 4

Winter 1961-June 1964 [scrapbook]

volume-folio 5

Sabasteanski as coach of Ghana Olympic team; Mexican "Little Olympics"; Indoor/Outdoor track July 1964-June 1966 [scrapbook]

volume-folio 6

Clippings undated

box 1 folder 1

Clippings 1920-1969

box 1 folder 2-6

1914 Maine Intercollegiate contestant's ticket and scorebook

box 1 folder 7

1927 New England Intercollegiate competitor badge and 1928 New England Intercollegiate competitor's ticket

box 1 folder 8

7th Olympiad Commemorative Certificate

box 1 folder 9

Tribute to Bowdoin Track 1913-1992

box 1 folder 10

Series Description:

This series contains team photos from track and field and cross country, both freshman and varsity teams, action photos, and awards ceremonies. Also included are individual photos of athletes who hold several records in different events.


Arranged chronologically.

Access Restrictions:

No restrictions.

Photos 1912-1969 and undated

box 1

Photos 1901-1950

box 2

Track Team Photos 1894-1926 and undated

ovsz-box 3 folder 1

Track Team Photos 1929-1936

ovsz-box 3 folder 2

Track Team Photos 1937-1950

ovsz-box 3 folder 3

Track Team Photos 1950-1954

ovsz-box 3 folder 4