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Popups - They're Not Just For Kids!

The Harold M. Goralnick Pop-up Book Collection - An Exhibition


David Pelham, an award-winning illustrator and children’s book designer, has created “dimensional” books for juvenile and adult audiences for half a century.  Since working as a designer for Waldo Hunt’s Intervisual Communications in the late 1970s, he has approached his craft by combining sculpted structures, humor, and lively colors in ways that both teach and entertain.

David Pelham.  “Blood, Sweat and Tiers.”  In: Dimensional Mazes.  New York:  Viking, 1989 (Intervisual Communications).
“An Entirely New Way of Losing Yourself in a Book.”
David Pelham.  Say Cheese (N.Y.:  Dutton, 1998); A Piece of Cake (London:  J. Cape, 2001).
Two appropriately wedge-shaped books, both featuring the Mouse family.
David Pelham.  “Sam” series (London:  J. Cape; N.Y.:  Dutton, 1991-1996).
Sam’s Sandwich (1991).
Sam’s Surprise (1992).
Sam’s Snack (1994).
The Sensational Samburger (1995).
Sam’s Pizza (1996).
Beginning with Sam’s Sandwich, Pelham has created five sculptural works about mischievous Sam, his sister Samantha, and the creepy things that they sneak into each other’s food.