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Popups - They're Not Just For Kids!

The Harold M. Goralnick Pop-up Book Collection - An Exhibition

Cinderella (from Grimms’ Fairy Tales)

The Goralnick Pop-up Book Collection includes over forty different works devoted to the character and the story of Cinderella.  Ranging from miniatures to large table-top displays, these numerous examples demonstrate the wide array of artistic styles that illustrators and book designers have applied in interpreting and presenting this popular tale over time.

Cinderella.  Berkhout, Netherlands:  Miniatuurbokbinden Tine Krijnen, 2002.
Illustrated by Maarten Valk after the style of Vojtĕch Kubašta.
This miniature pop-up book (1 inch wide) was published in English and Dutch language editions, each limited to 150 copies.  The text is 0.5 point (by comparison, the text you are reading here is 11 point).
Matthew Reinhart.  Cinderella:  A Pop-up Fairy Tale.  London:  Simon & Schuster, 2005.
A prospectus for the book.
Cinderella:  A Peep-show Book.  Los Angeles:  Intervisual Communications, [197-?].
“A Carousel Book.”
This diorama was subsequently published in England by Chatto & Windus in 1979.  Both versions are shown here.
Cinderella.  Mt. Holyoke, Mass.:  Renner Davis, 1993 (Intervisual Books).
“A Walt Disney Gift Book.”
Illustrated by Robbin Cuddy; designed by Chuck Murphy.
Versions by three illustrators, each in a different style:
Vojtěch Kubašta (London:  Bancroft [ARTIA], 1961).
Anonymous (New York:  Modern Promotions, [197-?]).
Luce-Andrée Lagarde (Westport, Conn.:  J. Morris, 1984 [originally published in Belgium]).