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Colors & Counting Books

David A. Carter’s “Color Series” thumbnail

David A. Carter’s “Color Series” (5 vols., 2005-2009).

About making these books, Carter states:  “When viewing this series of books as a whole, my hope is to create a range of feelings and interactive visual experiences.  I believe that art that creates a roller coaster of emotions is entertainment, and one of my goals as an artist is to entertain your mind.”  [Quoted from:  Yellow Square, 2008 (lower cover)]
One Red Dot:  A Pop-up Book for Children of All Ages.  New York:  Little Simon, 2005.
The ten pop-ups in this book each have one red dot situated somewhere in the paper sculpture.
Blue 2:  A Pop-up Book for Children of All Ages.  New York:  Little Simon, 2006.
A quasi-alphabet book, this sequel to One Red Dot provides abecedarian clues to the location of a blue “2” within each structure.
600 Black Spots:  A Pop-up Book for Children of All Ages.  New York:  Little Simon, 2007.
Lift-flaps and pull-tabs add to the movable features in this pop-up, the third in the series.
Yellow Square:  A Pop-up Book for Children of All Ages.  New York:  Little Simon, 2008.
Captioned sculptures and kinetic engineering invite not only reading but interaction—Carter wants the reader to “please touch the art.”
White Noise:  A Pop-up Book for Children of All Ages.  New York:  Little Simon, 2009.
Poetic text and paper constructions that make their own sounds characterize this final volume in the “Color” series.

David A. Carter.  Colors.  New York:  Little Simon, 1993.

“A Baby Bug Pop-up Book.”
The publisher issued this pop-up in “normal” and “miniature” sizes.
David A. Carter. How Many Bugs in a Box? A Pop-up Counting Book thumbnail

David A. Carter.  How Many Bugs in a Box?  A Pop-up Counting Book.  New York:  Little Simon, 1988.

“A Bugs in a Box Book.”
This title represents first pop-up book in Carter’s popular “Bugs” series.  The previous year he published a lift-the-flap version of the book.

David A. Carter.  More Bugs in a Box:  A Pop-up Book about Color.  New York:  Little Simon, 1990.

“A Bugs in a Box Book.”
The sequel to Carter’s How Many Bugs in a Box?

Disney’s 1, 2, 3, Under the Sea:  A Little Mermaid Pop-up Counting Book.  New York:  Disney Press, 1995 (Intervisual Books).

Paper engineering by Bruce Reifel and Ariel Apte.
A counting book adapted from the motion picture The Little Mermaid.

Disney’s Pop-up Book of Colors.  New York:  Disney Press, 1991 (Intervisual Communications).

One of a series of pop-up books, identical in format and shape, that Disney published about basic concepts:  … of Numbers; … of Opposites; … of Shapes; … of Actions; … of Seasons; etc.

Kees Moerbeek and Carla Dijs.  Six Brave Explorers.  Los Angeles:  Price Stern Sloan, 1988 (Intervisual Communications).

A book about counting backwards.
Chuck Murphy. Color Surprises thumbnail

Chuck Murphy.  Color Surprises.  New York:  Little Simon, 1997 (White Heat).

Chuck Murphy.  One to Ten:  Pop-up Surprises!  New York:  Little Simon, 1995 (White Heat).

Sophie and David Pelham.  Counting Creatures:  Pop-up Animals from 1 to 100.  New York:  Little Simon, 2004.

This book was published as a companion volume for David Pelham’s A Is for Animals, a pop-up alphabet book published in 1991.
Ron van der Meer. How Many? Spectacular Paper Sculptures thumbnail

Ron van der Meer.  How Many?  Spectacular Paper Sculptures.  New York:  Robin Corey Books, 2007.

A book about shapes and counting.

Dean Walley’s Children from Many Lands.  Kansas City, Mo.:  Hallmark Children’s Editions, [197-?].

“A Hallmark Pop-up First Counting Book.”
Illustrated by Judy Griffith; paper mechanics by Bruce Baker.
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