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Maine Street, Brunswick, 1864

Maine Street, Brunswick, 1864

Letters, Documents, Deeds, and Other Manuscript material

  • Charles Vaughan Family Papers, 1683-1908 (bulk 1773-1861)
  • Josiah Simpson’s Simpson’s Point farm account book, 1788-1818, 1 vol. (M194 .S567 folio)
  • Brunswick, bond and deed of Samuel Thompson to James Bowdoin, Mar. 8, 1794 and Mar. 25, 1797 (Archives 1.8.8, box 1)
  • Thomas Poole’s bricklayer and plasterer account book, 1794-1810, 1 vol. (M194 .P665 folio)
  • William Stanwood deeds to Bowdoin College, Aug. 25, 1796 and May 18, 1798 (Archives 1.8.8, box 1)
  • Parker Cleaveland Collection:
    • Meteorological observations, Brunswick, Me., 1803-1857, 3 folio vols. + .75 linear ft. unbound records (M34.3.2)
    • Aaron Dunning’s bills and receipts, 1826-1828, for the construction of the Parker Cleaveland House (M34.4, box 14, folder 19)
  • Samuel Melcher account books, 1803-1880: business records of this housewright who constructed most of the early Bowdoin College buildings, as well as many of the notable houses in Brunswick and Topsham, 1.5 linear ft. (M128)
  • Isaac and John Dunlap Lincoln’s physicians’ account books, ledger, and day books, 1804-1876, 12 vols. (M194 .L5635 A3 and M194 .L5635 D3)
  • Estabrook's Tavern Day Book, 1815-1817: day book recording business transactions, including entries relating to Bowdoin faculty (M194.E376 folio)
  • Brunswick Rifle Company orders, 1816-1820, 1 vol. (M194 .B786 folio)
  • Joseph Griffin, works printed on "the first printing press in Brunswick, Me, Nov. 1817" (M194.2, box 3, folder Griffin)
  • Brunswick Humane Society, 1820-1834 (M194.2, box 2, folder Brunswick)
  • [Bowdoin College] Unitarian Society, letter concerning, Aug. 31, 1829 (Archives 4.8.1, box 1, folder Unitarian)
  • Theodore H. Jewett account book, 1830, 1 vol. (M194 .J494)
  • John McKeen letter to John A. Stevens, 1841 Dec 30, describing the fire at the Brunswick/Topsham bridge and adjacent mill buildings (M194.2, box 5, folder McKeen)
  • Cleaveland-Chandler Papers: John Appleton Cleaveland business ledger, 1844-1847, vol. 1 folio (M35.3)
  • Brunswick Seminary: Feb., 7, 1845 Act; 1845 meetings record (M194.2, box 2, folder Brunswick)
  • Pine Grove Cemetery, Jul. 1, 1846, lot lease (M194.2, box 2, folder Brunswick)
  • Smith Brothers Student Letters, 1850-1854 (M219)
  • Abbott Memorial Collection, 1800-1922: John Stevens Cabot Abbott correspondence as Brunswick resident, 1851-1859 (M1.1, box 2)
  • Charles Townsend merchant’s ledger and day books, 1862-1885, 29 vols. (M194 .T696 folio)
  • Kate Furbish Collection, 1870-1908
  • Brunswick, Maine St. bridge, and Bay Bridge, scrapbook containing articles by George L. Vose regarding different bridges, 1878-1888, 1 vol. (M194 .V674)
  • Brunswick, Old Residences, Jul. 28, 1883, typescript of article from Brunswick Herald listing large residences, ca. 1820 (M194.2, box 2, folder Brunswick)
  • Town and College Club Records, 1884-1985, (M263)
  • [Brunswick, history scrapbook, 1887-1917?], 1 vol. (M194 .H557 B7)
  • Charles C. Hutchins (Bowd. 1883) and Franklin C. Robinson (Bowd. 1873) alumni biographical files – clippings about their development of an improved X-ray tube in 1896, which was then used by Brunswick physician Gilbert Elliott in surgery (Archives 1.3.1, boxes 45 and 57)
  • Unitarian Universalist Church (Brunswick, Me.) Records:
    • Minutes of the Sunday School Executive Board, 1906-1910 (M178, v.1)
    • Macrina Society, Treasurer’s book, 1940-1957 (M178, v.2)
  • Alfred Otto Gross Collection, 1883-1970: Town of Brunswick milk inspection reports, 1918-1946, vol. 1 (M78.3)
  • Brunswick Auxiliary Tract Society: subscription list for members, [18-?] (M194.2, box 2, folder Brunswick)
  • Cleaveland and Federal Street deeds, 1802-1946 (Archives 1.8.8, box 8)
  • Brunswick ecclesiastical history notes, by Nehemiah Cleaveland, ca. 1860 (M194.2, box 2, folder Brunswick)
  • Chase-Johnson Papers, 1901-1956
  • Boody-Johnson House, Brunswick Academy, Parker Cleaveland House, John Dunlap House, First Parish Church, Capt. Francis C. Jordan House, Little-Mitchell House, and the Harriet Beecher Stowe House: College buildings records may contain correspondence with architects and construction companies, estimates, dedication programs, memorabilia, and clippings (Archives 1.13.1) See also: Blythe Edwards campus planning and building records, Office of the Vice President for Planning and Development (Archives 1.14.6)
  • William John Curtis Papers: Correspondence and clippings relating to the Captain John Curtis Memorial Library (M41)
  • Ralph Owen Brewster Papers, 1909-1962
  • Robert Peter Tristram Coffin Collection, bulk 1910-1955
    • Captain Abby and Captain John – drafts, notes, galley and page proofs (M37.3, boxes 74-75)
    • Maine Ballads – galley and page proofs (M37.3, b. 100)
    • Education – Brunswick Grammar and High School, and Bowdoin College (M37.11, box 168)
    • Bicentenary of Brunswick information (M37.13, box 190, folder 7)
  • Boyd W. Bartlett Papers:
    • Civil Aeronautics Authority Pilot Training Program at Bowdoin College, 1940-1942 – memoranda, student applications, enrollment and examination records, medical examiners’ reports, course outlines, photos, and Bartlett’s minutes of the C.A.A. Region I Civil Pilot Training Coordinators Conference
  • Edward S. Hammond Papers, 1943-1944:
    • Army Pre-Meteorological Unit at Bowdoin College - course descriptions, exams, grade sheets, and Hammond’s correspondence as director of the unit
    • Army Specialized Training Program Unit at Bowdoin College - Hammond’s correspondence as director
  • Nathaniel C. Kendrick Papers:
    • Bowdoin College Committee on Military Affairs - Kendrick’s correspondence as chairman, including
      • Army Pre-Meteorological Unit establishment information
      • Army Specialized Training Program Unit establishment information
    • Bowdoin College Armed Services Representative: correspondence concerning certificates of eligibility and Bowdoin status of participants in the V.A.P.L. 16 and 346 programs
    • Veterans’ Advisor: files on G.I. bill claimants
  • John Gould Collection: “Bygone Brunswick” series from Brunswick Times Record (M75.5)
  • George J. Mitchell Papers, 1948-
  • Brunswick Peace Movement Collection - newsletters, pamphlets, and duplicated typescripts, chiefly concerning the Brunswick Area Peace Center and Brunswick Area Turn Toward Peace (TTP), 1962-1966, n.d. (M194.2, box 2, folder Brunswick)
  • Merrymeeting Audubon Society Records, 1969-1972
  • African-American Archive: African-American References in the Brunswick Telegraph, 1853-1903, by Marilyn Hinkley (M253)
  • Bowdoin College Archives: Alumni biographical files – beginning with the Class of 1806, the files may include letters, clippings, and other information about graduates and non-graduates, including letters written while at Bowdoin which may describe Brunswick life and the area (Archives 1.3.1)


  • Kennebec-River and Merrymeeting-Bay Area
  • Maps of Brunswick dated 1846 (the Noyes map, view online), [1894-1902], 1911, 1922, 1932 and of Brunswick and Topsham dated 1877 (view online) and 1910 (Maps folio box and mapcase D, drawer 11)
  • Atlas of the State of Maine, published by George N. Colby & Co., 1884 – includes one map of Bath and one of Brunswick and Topsham (FM2: C686 A88 oversize folio)
  • Atlas of State of Maine, published by J. H. Stuart, c.1890 – includes one map of Bath and one of Brunswick and Topsham (FM2: S931 A88 oversize folio)


Printed Material

  • A Description of Brunswick, Maine, in Letters
  • The Juvenile Key (later titled The Family Pioneer and Juvenile Key), published at the press of Joseph Griffin (Brunswick’s first printer) from 1830 to 1836 (American Imprint periodicals)
  • Brunswick; a sketch of the town, its advantages as a place of residence and its attractions as a summer resort (F29.B9 G9)
  • Brunswick, Maine's Largest Town. Board of Trade Journal, vol. XVII, no. 7 (Nov. 1904) (folio F29.B9 P9 1904)
  • The Brunswicker, vol.1, no.1-vol.2, no.2, May 5, 1842-May 11, 1843 (bound newspapers); vol.2, no.49, Apr. 4, 1844; vol.3, nos.4-6, May 23-Jun. 6, 1844 (newspaper folio box M3)
  • John Campbell Humphreys by Christopher Gutscher, c1991, biography of a Brunswick businessman and owner of lumber mills and a shipyard on the Androscoggin River from the 1840s through the mid-1860s (Brunswick Uncat. Hist. Ephem., box 1, folder )
  • The Main Street Bridge: Report of an Expert, by Alexander Xerxes [187-?] (Brunswick Uncataloged Historical Ephemera, box 2, folder 9.1)
  • The Cumberland Monthly, Brunswick, vol.1, no.1-vol.3, no.10, Jan. 1883-Dec. 1886 (AP: C969 M78)
  • [Brunswick one-hundred-fiftieth anniversary-celebration scrapbook, 1889] (Brunswick Uncat. Hist. Ephem., box 1, folder 5.2)
  • “Brunswick and Bowdoin College,” by Charles Lewis Slattery, pp. 449-69, The New England Magazine, new series, vol. 5, no. 4, December 1891 (Bowdoin Histories, no. 45)
  • “Wondrous Tale of the Little Man in Gosling Green,” by George P. Brown [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow], The Brunswick Telegraph, vol. 40, no. 15, January 12, 1893 (Brunswick Uncat. Hist. Ephem., box 3, folder 12.2)
  • “Moseer,” by Alice McKeen Scott, Portland Transcript Supplement, October 4, 1893 (Brunswick Uncat. Hist. Ephem., box 3, folder 12.2)
  • The Saturday Club Yearbooks, 1895, 1897, 1899/00-1927/28 (Brunswick Uncat. Hist. Ephem., box 5, folders 25-28)
  • “A New England College Town,” by Charlotte Mellen Packard, pp. 191-99, The American Home Magazine, vol. 1, no.3, August 1896 (Brunswick Uncat. Hist. Ephem., box 3, folder 12.2)
  • Our Young People, vol. 1, nos. 2&3 – vol. 2, no. 2, vol. 2, nos. 4 – 12, Sept. & Oct. 1894 – June & July 1896, continued by: We Young People, vol. 3, nos. 1&2 – vol. 4, nos. 11&12, Aug.-Sept. 1896 – June-July 1898, continued by: The Sigma. Official Organ of the Sigma Beta Phi, vol. 1, nos. 1&2 – vol. 2, no. 9, Aug.-Sept. 1900 - Dec. 1902, later subheading Devoted to the Interest of Brunswick High School
  • Merrymeeting Park Programme, vol. 1, no. 7, July 31-Aug. 5, [1899] (Brunswick Uncat. Hist. Ephem., box 2, folder 9.3)
  • Merrymeeting Park, 1898, Brunswick, Maine (GV54.M22 B95 1985 c.2)
  • “A Romance of New Meadows,” by Emma F. H. Raymond, The Brunswick Telegraph, November 29, 1899-? (Brunswick Uncat. Hist. Ephem., box 3, folder 12.2)
  • Brunswick, Maine: First Municipal Airplane Landing Field in the State, [1922] (Brunswick Uncat. Hist. Ephem., box 5, folder 32)
  • Robert P. Tristram Coffin’s Captain Abby and Captain John (College PS: C675 C25) Maine Ballads (College PS: C675 M23)
  • Paradise Spring descriptions (Brunswick Uncat. Hist. Ephem., box 2, folder 9.3)
  • Bowdoin College Reports of the President for the years 1940/41 through 1944/45 contain information about the Civil Aeronautics Authority Pilot Training Program, Naval Radar School, Army Air Forces Basic Pre-Meteorological Program, and Army Specialized Training Program given at Bowdoin
  • Bowdoin student publications containing advertisements primarily for Brunswick businesses [link to Bowdoin student pubs]
  • Maine newspapers
  • Other works concerning Brunswick


  • Abbott Memorial Collection: Washington Fire Company buckets (M1.13)
  • Kenneth C. M. Sills Collection:
    • Brunswick Fire Department honorary membership pin (M166.5, folder 42)
    • Memorial Hospital founder’s pin (M166.5, folder 43)
    • American Revolution Bicentennial, Maine, the Pejepscot Region medal (M166.5, folder 44)