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Publishers' Complimentary Content during the Covid Pandemic

Many publishers and content providers have generously opened up or expanded access to their content through May.  We include links below to two regularly updated lists of vendors and their content offerings: one maintained by a reporter at Library Journal: COVID-19: Special Offers, Events, News, and Updates From Library Vendors, Publishers, Online Services, and Others and another maintained by a group called University Information Policy Officers (very much a working document for librarians): Vendor Love in the Time of COVID-19, aka Vendor COVID-19 Related Donations and Pro Bono Access

We also recommend checking publishers’ websites directly for information about their offerings.

Note that some vendors are offering expanded access to only Covid 19-related research, not to the full extent of their databases.  If you see an offer that requires Bowdoin registration, please contact Joan Campbell.

Open content highlights include:

And don’t forget the wealth of digital content on the Library’s Databases page, including streaming music, dance, film, and ebooks and ejournals.