OneCard Department Copy Cards

A Department Copy Card is a card that anyone in the department can use to make copies at the library.  This includes student assistants.

Send a request to to request a Department Copy Card.  Include the charge limit you’d like on the card, and the account number to bill to.  The account is charged as the card is used.  (For example, if the charge limit is $20.00 and a person makes $15.00 worth of copies then $15.00 will be billed to the account number on the card, and $5.00 will remain for the next person to use unless the limit amount is increased.)

A card will be sent to you in the campus mail, or you may pick up the card from the Bowdoin OneCard Office, in the lobby of Coles Tower.
You can email at any time to inquire about what the current charge limit is, and increase the charge limit on the card. 
Please send the following information to the Bowdoin OneCard Office at to increase the limit.

  1. Department name
  2. Department Copy Card number (beginning with “GROUP” then the number)
  3. Amount to add to the existing charge limit
  4. Department account number to bill to

A confirmation will be sent to you via email with the Department Copy Card’s updated charge limit amount. 

Departments are responsible for the department copy card, what individuals can access the card to use the funds, lost cards, and keeping track of the charge limit amount.  If the copy machine reads “Zero Balance” or “No Funds Available,” please contact the OneCard Office during business hours, Mon.-Fri. 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, to add more funds. 

If the department copy card is lost, please contact the Bowdoin OneCard Office immediately to deactivate the old card, and issue a replacement card.

If an individual’s personal Bowdoin card is lost, that person may deactivate his or her ID card online at the Bowdoin OneCard website, or may call Bowdoin Security at (207) 725-3314 at any time to deactivate the card.