Reserves - Electronic Reserves Scanning Guidelines 

The Library adheres to the Fair Use Guidelines of United States Copyright Law (Title 17, USC, Sect. 101, et seq.). If a reserve reading is determined to fall outside of Fair Use Guidelines, the Library will seek permission to use the material for electronic or print reserve. If the copyright holder denies permission to use the material for reserve, the Library will notify you and remove the reading. Please indicate on the reserve submission form the maximum cost (up to $75) that you wish the Library to pay if there are charges for permission.

1) Scanning the Document

  1. Launch Acrobat 5.0 or higher:

  2. Choose: File/Import/Scan

  3. Under Device, choose your scanner

  4. Under Format choose Single Sided (*see below for double sided documents)

  5. Select Open New PDF document

  6. Click Scan

  7. For Scan Settings use 200dpi and Black and White

  8. Begin scanning. This process will take up to about 5 minutes, depending on the number of pages.

  9. Once the document has finished scanning, a box will pop up on the screen asking whether you have more pages or if you are done. Select Done.

The document will appear in Adobe Acrobat and may need a few minor modifications before it is ready as an e-reserve. Go through the document using View/Thumbnails and check that the scan of each page is satisfactory (and also that every page is scanned).

2) Quality Control

  1. Use Document/Rotate Page to rotate pages that may be sideways.

  2. If there are black areas around the document, use the Crop tool to select the clean area of text, double click inside the selected area, and choose OK.

  3. You may delete or move the order of the pages in the thumbnail window.

  4. If the scan of a page is blurry or otherwise unsatisfactory, click on that page and delete it. To replace it, choose import scan (as described above) and rescan the page. Scan page into the current document.

  5. Look under File/ Document Info/ General to check the size of the PDF file you have just created. Most files are between 500kb and 2 MB. If your file is larger than 10 MB, check your scan settings and make sure they are 200dpi and Black and White. If you need to use color or a large file, please contact Mike McDermott in the library (x3856).

  6. Save the file: under File/Save As Name the file with the author's last name and the first significant word of the title, separated by an underscore. Do not use spaces, commas, single or double quotes, or other 'special characters' in file names. e.g. smith_american.pdf

3) Submit Scanned Document to Library

  1. Submit the PDF document to the Library by using the Submit Scanned Document (PDF) form.

*For double sided documents: select double-sided and load the document feeder as you would a single-sided document. After the document feeder completes scanning, it will guide you through scanning the reverse side of the document which must be completed by scanning each individual page.