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Links to recordings in our streaming audio databases may be placed in course pages or Blackboard.  However, to assist students in finding ALL listening materials in one place, we recommend that links to audio materials be listed in the Library Reserves section of the online catalog. For assistance in creating links to audio electronic reserve materials, please contact Karen Jung.

Creating Links to Audio Tracks and Albums
Creating links by copying the URL in the address bar in your browser may not create a link that will consistently connect the user to the desired track. So that users may reliably connect to your selected tracks or albums, vendors provide a stable, persistent, durable or embedded link.

In addition, so that faculty and students connecting from devices on- or off-campus may link to Bowdoin's databases, a prefix URL must be included in the link that is placed on a web page, Blackboard, or electronic reserves.   All links must be preceded by:  

The location and presentation of the "stable" link varies by database and vendor. Below is a list of our current audio streaming databases and vendors and instructions for finding and creating the "stable" links.

Databases and Vendors

  • Alexander Street
    • African American Song
    • American Song
    • Classical Music Library
    • Contemporary World Music
    • Jazz Music Library
    • Smithsonian Global Sound
  • Naxos
    • Naxos Jazz Library
    • Naxos Music Library

Alexander Street
In the Alexander Street databases, "stable links" appear as "Embed/Link."  To find this link:

  1. Click on an album or track title.
  2. Click on "Embed/Link" immediately under the title.
  3. Click on "Copy Link."
  4. Paste "link" into your document and to ensure access off-campus, add the following prefix,

The "stable link" for this track is:

Alexander Street track links

Naxos Music Library
In the Naxos streaming audio databases, the "stable" link appears as a "static link." To find this link:

  1. Click on an album or track title.
  2. Under the album cover, click on "Show Static URL"
  3. The "Static URL" will appear under the album title and each track.
  4. Copy and paste the URL, and to ensure access off-campus, add the following prefix:

The "stable link" for the album is: (There should be no spaces in the URL)

Naxos track links

 DRAM (Database of Recorded American Music)
The links to DRAM albums may be the URL displayed in your browser's URL address bar.  However, DRAM does provide a "Permalink" that you can use to verify the URL.  "Permalinks" are only provided for album titles.

  1. Search for a track, then click to display the album title.
  2. Click on "Permalink" under the performers list.
  3. Copy the URL in you browser's address bar, most ofter at the top of your browser window.
  4. Paste the link into your document and to ensure access off-campus, add the following prefix:

The "stable link" for this track is:

dram image