Ordering Guidelines for Films


Donna Van Dyck, Technical Services Ordering Assistant
Roberta Schwartz, Technical Services Manger

Films for the Library's collections are ordered throughout the year, using the same procedures as books and other formats. The following information, which relates specifically to DVD & video acquisitions, may be helpful.

All Library film holdings, as well as titles on order, are listed in the online Library catalog. Please check the catalog first, before submitting an order request. Request forms are available online.

All requests for film acquisitions for Library collections are made through the Library. The Library is not responsible for films ordered directly by faculty or academic coordinators. However, on occasion an academic department may authorize faculty to buy films for the Library's collections, to be reimbursed from the Library's materials budget. In this case, please notify Roberta and submit the film together with the sales receipt to her for reimbursement. This is especially useful for faculty members who travel abroad and wish to add to the Library's foreign film collections. Reimbursements will not include sale tax.

Recent feature film titles usually are not available for purchase, although they may be available from local rental stores. The Library does not handle rentals.

Old titles often are out of print and unavailable. Vendors rarely are able to provide information on future release dates for such titles.


The following web sites provide information on availability, distribution, and cost:

Plan ahead and request films well in advance of when they will be needed. Please indicate specific viewing dates or course reserve information on the order form. Many films have been produced more than once. Be sure to indicate which version of a film you are requesting.

Preview Copies

Unfortunately, the Library cannot handle preview film copies. Faculty members interested in reviewing films prior to purchase should make arrangements with the supplier on their own. Once the decision is made to purchase the material, please let the Library know and an order will be placed for the title. Be careful not to purchase copies that have been produced and distributed only for previewing.

Emergency Orders

Emergency requests are expensive to process, and the Library can guarantee only that staff will rush the request, not that the vendor will rush the order. Rush shipping and handling charges will add $15-$40 to the invoice total. Overnight shipping and second?day air mean only that the material may arrive 1-2 days after the vendor processes the order.

Foreign Films

Foreign films are frequently hard to obtain, so please include on the order form any information available regarding the film's original language, date of release, director, and vendor address and phone/fax numbers.

Finally, please notify Technical Services as soon as possible about new courses that will require nonprint media support, and about the nonprint needs of new faculty members who will be arriving in the spring. If you have questions, please call Donna or Roberta.