EndNote Filter Help for NExpress

NExpress allows you to mark and export citations into EndNote.

  1. Perform a search

  2. When viewing a list of references, you may be presented with a cart or a check box.  If you presented with a checkbox, check off the records you wish to save and then click .  If a cart is available instead of a check box (An image of the book cart icon), then click the icon to add citations to your book cart. 

  3. When you have collected all the citations you wish to export, use the Export Saved (Export saved book cart) to view options for exporting metadata on your references.  Review your citations in this window.

  4. Select End-Note/RefWorks as your Format of List, and Send List To your Local Disk.  Press the submit button.  The file, by default should, be exported as 'export,txt'

  5. Open the EndNote program. Open the library file you want to add the references to. Choose File > Import.

  6. Use the 'Choose...' button to select your file. Select INNOPAC as your Import Option, which may be under Other Filters....  Select Import when you are ready.The EndNote export screen as described in the directions.

Questions may be directed to Mike McDermott (mmcderm2@bowdoin.edu) in the Hawthorne-Longfellow Library.