EndNote Filter Help for MathSciNet

Filters allow you to import citations from a database into EndNote. Follow the steps below to save results and import them into EndNote:

  1. When viewing the results list of a search, select titles to export by clicking the square box to the left of each search result
  2. After you have checked in the boxes of all those results that you wish to export, look to the top left of the page to the "Batch Download" drop down menu and select "Citations (Endnote)"
  3. Next click the "Retrieve Marked" button
  4. Now go to the top of your browser and under the File menu select "Save Page As" and save the page as a text file on your desktop
  5. Start the EndNote program, and after choosing either an already created library, or to start a new library, go to the File menu and select import
  6. Select the text document that you saved on your desktop earlier and under "Import Option" select "Endnote Import"
  7. Your references should now be available in your Endnote library, and you should be able to review them in the ‘Imported References’ group in your library.