EndNote Filter Help for CQ Almanac and CQ Weekly

Filters allow you to import citations from a database into EndNote. The instructions below work for CQ Almanac and CQ Weekly

  1. Perform a search

  2. Select the article that you wish to cite by clicking on its title

  3. Click ‘CiteNow!’

  4. A popup window should appear with an example citation, at the bottom of the window is a dropdown box that reads ‘Export citation to:’ The image highlights the instructions give in steps three and four

  5. Select EndNote

  6. You may be prompted to select a program with which to open the file. Either RIS Default or EndNote should work fine. If it does not import automatically, continue to Step 7.

  7. If Endnote is not already running: the EndNote program will begin, and you will be asked into which library you wish to import the references. You must use an existing EndNote library, which may reside on the local machine, a network drive, usb or zip disk.

  8. Your references should appear in the ‘Imported References’ group in Endnote.