“The Place Show” – The New Ramp Gallery Exhibit

The Place Show

  • Does understanding of place affect the work we make?
  • When creating a work are we reflecting on a place we are inspired by?
  • Does the space where we create work indirectly or directly influence our process and outcomes?
  • Is your understanding of place metaphoric, for example a “place or time in your life”?
  • What does “place” mean to you?



For this exhibit, curator James Boeding ’14, solicited submissions from peers across campus in response to the theme of “place.” The resulting installation, juxtaposes text and image in an easy and balanced manner.

Please join us in the Ramp Gallery, a student-curated venue on the lower level
of Hawthorne-Longfellow Library,
to celebrate the artists and the results of this collaboration.

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