New database: Rock’s Backpages

We know, it’s only rock ‘n’ roll but we like this new database: Rock’s Backpages–a database of music journalism.

Boomers (and sons and daughters of Boomers) will love reading reviews of albums, and reading–and listening to–interviews with their favorite artists. (Listen to Levon Helm talking about his roots–the voice!)

Read the 1969 Rolling Stone profile of Joni Mitchell, the coverage of the 1968 arrival of the Queen of Soul (that would be Aretha) in London, or about “THE MOST exciting new band to break from the States this year” (1973, Steely Dan).  Search for your favorite artists and learn about the world and culture they lived and performed in.  Here’s what happened on September 4, years ago:

Sep 04 1952
Precocious eight-year-old Gladys Knight forms her first singing group, after putting on an impromptu show at her brother Bubba’s tenth birthday party. (1952)

Sep 04 1963
An article in today’s edition of Variety, the US entertainment trade magazine, hails fast-rising star Bob Dylan as ?a folknik hero?. (1963)

Sep 04 1965
Help! by The Beatles reaches No1 in the Billboard US singles chart, for the first of three weeks. (1965)

Sep 04 1970
Led Zeppelin play at The Great Western Forum, Los Angeles, California, USA. (1970)

Sep 04 1970
The Rolling Stones release a new album Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out! ? The Rolling Stones In Concert, on Decca Records in the UK and London Records in the USA. (1970)

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