Library Renovation Photo Gallery

What’s New in the Library

Welcome to the rejuvenated Hawthorne-Longfellow library. Designed by architects Steinman, Cain and White, and named for two “Men of Letters” of the Class of 1825, H-L opened in 1965. Regarded by some as one of the most handsome college libraries of its day, the building exemplifies modernist aesthetics of the 1960s. Connected underground to the Hubbard Hall stacks in 1980 by Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson and Abbott, the original design has remained virtually untouched, until reorganization of the first floor in 1993 by architect Mark B. Mitchell to accommodate new technologies, create a welcoming new book area, and reconfigure public service and staff workspaces to achieve operational efficiencies. During 2000-2001, much of H-L was revitalized by Ann Beha Architects, Boston and H.P. Cummings General Contractors, Winthrop, Maine. The project was made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the generosity of over 200 alumni and friends of the College.

What was renovated?

The main and basement levels, Special Collections and Archives, and the Nixon Lounge on the third floor, plus technology infrastructure, heating, mechanical and air handling systems throughout the four-floor building. The elevator also was enlarged for handicapped accessibility, and compact shelving was installed to increase collection capacity.

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