Connecting to Library Databases – Security Certificate Problem

If you use library databases from off campus: Please take note…

The library is currently experiencing a problem affecting the login process when connecting to Library databases from off campus.  Your web browser will generate errors about the security of the connection. Unfortunately, the problem is at the security company’s end, so we cannot immediately fix the problem, and until it is resolved these messages will appear.

These messages are an important part of your security online and we would never recommend that you ignore them.  Any time you see them appear on a site you visit regularly, you should check with the website’s administrators to determine if there is a danger.

In this case, the error messages are being caused by a known problem. The Library and IT are working to resolve the issue. In the meantime, it is safe to continue past the error messages and log in to access the remote databases. The login process is still encrypted, so your information is still safe. We apologize for the confusion. We will be monitoring the situation and will make an announcement when the problem is remedied

Here are examples of what the error messages look like in different browsers, with instructions on how to proceed:

This is how the error looks in Firefox:

To proceed, click on “I Understand the Risks” and the message will expand to:

You then click “Add Exception” and see:

Click “Confirm Security Exception” and you should be given the Library login screen.

In Internet Explorer, you will see:

Click “Continue to this website” and you should be taken to the login screen:

In Safari you will see a message like this:

Click ‘Continue’ and you should be passed along to the login screen.

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