Laptop Storage! A New Service at H-L and Hatch Libraries

Would you rather not lug your laptop all the way over to dinner when you’re taking a break from studying at H-L or Hatch Library? But you don’t want to leave it unattended at a study carrel — never a good idea! Now you can store your laptop for up to four hours at the Circulation Desk at H-L or Hatch. The laptops will be kept in a secure space with Library staff members nearby; you’ll have a tag (like a coat check) to reclaim your property when you get back.

Space is limited: H-L has room for six and Hatch for two, so ONLY laptops may be left (no books, papers, knapsacks, lunchbags, etc.). The laptops may be stored until closing time, but can’t be left overnight.

We hope this new service will make your life a little easier during this hectic end-of-semester time!

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