Electronic Access to the Chronicle of Higher Education

Chronicle of Higher Education – The Weekly Issue and More!

The Library offers the weekly online Chronicle of Higher Education in its entirety. To read the Chronicle online, bookmark this address: http://ezproxy.bowdoin.edu/login?url=http://chronicle.com/

The subscription also includes the following:

  • RSS feeds for the Daily News, News Blog, Wired Campus, and Chronicle Careers, and more.
  • Statistical databasesfor:
    • Data on faculty members and administrators, including salaries
    • Financial data, including endowments and fund raising
    • General institutional data, including statistics on crime, graduation rates, and degrees conferred
    • Data on scholarly research, including research-library holdings and government grants
    • Student data, including characteristics, enrollment, financial aid, foreign students, and test scores
  • E-Mail alerts for jobs, community college newsletter, and wired campus newsletter (requires creating a free account)
  • Jobs by position type, discipline/field, state/region, and institution

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