New student exhibit on the works of Geoffrey Chaucer

Chaucer After Chaucer

Reading the Medieval
In the Renaissance And Beyond

The works of the Middle English poet Geoffrey Chaucer have been read, referenced, and studied almost continually since the poet’s death in 1400. The books in this exhibit bring together items from Bowdoin’s collections that illustrate some of the ways in which the poet’s text and reputation have been transmitted since then. Many of these items bear evidence of their use by Bowdoin students and faculty: the 1610 edition of Foxe’s Actes and Monuments includes a stamped due date of February 1, 1929, while the lecture notes of then-Professor Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain explain his decision to focus on Chaucer in a class on the development of English literature.

This exhibition was researched and prepared by students in Megan Cook’s Spring 2013 course on Chaucer:

Lianna Bessette
Elena Britos
Molly Burke
Michael Colbert
Tara Connolly
Casey Correa
Monica Das
Joseph Galazka
Caitlin Greenwood
Destiny Guerrero
Margot Haines
Mario Jaime
Molly Krueger
Isabel Low
Joshua Pondick
Thomas Roberts-McMichael
Joseph Sise
Jonathan Tang

Open daily, March 25 – May 7, 2013
Hawthorne-Longfellow Library, 1st floor

Image Credit: "Geoffrey Chaucer," in The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, ed. Urry (London, 1721)

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