Social Explorer Database Has 2010 Census Data

Social Explorer

Bowdoin now has unlimited user access to Oxford University Press’s Social Explorer (we previously had a maximum of 3 simultaneous users). And they have begun adding the 2010 Census data and more. Here’s their press release:

Social Explorer is bringing in the New Year with new data, including 2010 Census Data, making Social Explorer the current and authoritative resource for all US demographic needs.

New Data

Social Explorer, an online research tool containing quick and easy access to demographic information from 1790 to the present, updated on a rolling basis, now includes the below data.

  • 2010 Census Data – all Summary File 1 data is now available in Social Explorer. This means that users have data for all US states and territories, for all summary levels and all variables. Data from the Census includes information such as age, sex, and race.
  • 2010, 2008-2010, and 2006-2010 American Community Survey Data – all new releases of the American Community Survey (ACS) conform to the 2010 Census boundaries and estimates and offer data down to the block group level. The ACS is the replacement of the Census long form, offering data on education, income, immigrations, ethnicity, language disability, home heating fuel, health care coverage, and more.
  • Redistricting Data from the 2010 Census – you can explore the PL-94 census file through our maps and reports. Social Explorer’s customized reports present an extract of these 2010 data along with the 2000 figures to give users a side-by-side comparison of change.

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