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Direction of Trade Statistics, 1948-1980

Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS) is a CD-ROM product located on the campus network. To access the data you must first install software on your computer.


To install and run the DOTS software you must:

  • be using a staff computer (with privileges to install software) or your own personal computer; the software cannot be installed on lab or kiosk computers
  • be using a MS Windows® computer. (Sorry, no Mac or linux versions available at this time).
  • be logged on to the Bowdoin network (Off campus access is not available at this time).

The setup file is located on the network. Paste this line into the "location" bar of a "My Computer" window. Follow the instructions in the setup program screens to install the program software on your computer.

  • \\microwave\dept\Library\CampusAccess\dots-historical\setup.exe

Alternatively, for most faculty and staff, "\\microwave\dept" is mapped to the J: drive, in which case the following path should also work:

  • J:\Library\Campus Access\dots-historical\setup.exe

After you have run the setup file a "DOTS Historical" icon will be installed on your desktop.  Double click the icon to launch the program.

Further Assistance

For technical help installing and running this software, contact Mike McDermott. For help with use of the software and data itself, contact Carr Ross.