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About the Language Media Center

It is equipped with playback stations for individual viewing of non-print materials and fourteen networked Apple computers supporting a variety of instructional software, including specialized word processing tools and desktop videoconferencing. All international standards of analog and digital playback are supported. The Center's website provides links for students of both classical and modern languages to online resources which include streaming audio and video from international radio and television, links to online foreign language newspapers and magazines, and an annotated list of language-specific resources. Nine foreign-language broadcast stations received via satellite are directed at all buildings on campus via Bowdoin's CATV system.

Particular strengths of the Center are the support provided for the creation of multimedia presentation materials and the support of the films studies curriculum. The Center offers facilities for the recording and editing of analog and digital audio and video and a classroom for 20 that supports high-resolution display of multimedia presentations. The lobby provides a group area for language discussion groups and viewing of live foreign language television.

Staff of the Language Media Center provide individual and group instruction in the use of the Center's resources, as well as support in the use of library tools for research.