About the Government Documents Collection

The Government Documents Collection is located on the lower level of Hawthorne-Longfellow Library and available during all hours that the Library is open. Strengths of the U.S. Collection include publications of Congress, the Presidency, military history, the U.S. Geological Survey (including topographic maps housed in Hatch Science Library), the EPA , and the Census Bureau, along with substantial statistical data. The Maine collection is comprised of official documents from the governor, state agencies, the legislature, and the courts, all from 1836 to the present.

Although not a depository for United Nations publications, Bowdoin Library collected official records of the General Assembly, Security Council and Social and Economic Council since the UN’s establishment in 1947 through the late 1980’s. Later official records and reports are accessed through the UN web site.

From January of 2011, the Library is adding government publications primarily in digital format, while retaining older print documents for historical research. Digital (and print) documents can be identified and located through the Bowdoin Library Catalog, research guides (especially U.S. Government, Maine History, and International Relations) and MaineCat. The government web sites on the previous page are also good places to look. The Library maintains 18 guest computers, not requiring a Bowdoin login, on the first floor of the Hawthorne Longfellow Library for public access to all Bowdoin material, including government documents.

Members of the public and of the Bowdoin community are encouraged to consult the government documents librarian with any questions about the Government Documents Collection. Government Document questions are also answered at the Hawthorne-Longfellow Library Reference Desk.