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Manuscript Collections

Book of Hours (Marie de M├ędicis), ca. 1530.

Alphabetical list of Manuscript Collections

The list below is arranged by the last name of the creator of the collection, or in the case of an institution, by the first word in the institutional name. Select a letter to go to collections that begin with that letter:

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The Library houses over 300 manuscript collections, many of which relate to Bowdoin, its graduates, faculty, and board members. Guides to the contents of these collections are available by selecting from the titles listed below.  Those marked yellow ball provide summary descriptions; detailed guides, including container or itemized listings, are marked blue ball .

The summary collection guides provide quick access to material in collections that have not yet been fully described. These guides include biographical sketches or agency histories, scope and contents notes, extent in linear feet and other broad descriptive information. Detailed paper registers are available in the department for many of these collections; others are only partially processed and lack detailed inventories.

Fully detailed guides contain general information about the collection, series descriptions that provide more detailed information about each part of the collection, and container lists, which detail box and folder-level information.

Collections for which little descriptive information is available are listed without any marking. Please inquire about those papers.

Check this page periodically for the latest additions.


blue ball  Abbott Memorial Collection, 1716-1928 (M1).

blue ball  Charles Matthew Abbott Collection, 1879-1949, n.d. (M290).

blue ball  Edward Farrington Abbott, Jr., Papers, 1924-1945 (M225).

blue ball  Jere Abbott Papers, 1879-1934, n.d. (bulk 1916-1934) (M284).

blue ball  Albert Abrahamson Scrapbooks, 1926-1988, n.d. (M282).

blue ball  Ainge Family Papers, 1766-1833 (M2).

yellow ball  Thomas Hodge Allen Papers, 1997-2009 (M296).

blue ball  William Allen Family Papers, 1805-1970, n.d. (bulk 1805-1862) (M3).

yellow ball  Alpha Delta Phi. Bowdoin Chapter. Archives (M324).

blue ball  Rufus Anderson, Jr. Papers, 1814-1888, n.d. (M295).

yellow ball  Anthoensen Press Business Records, 1918-1949 (M220).

yellow ball  Anthoensen Press Work Orders, 1915-1952 (M197).

blue ball  Fred Anthoensen Collection, 1901-1969 (M4).

blue ball  Jesse Appleton Collection, 1788-1837, n.d. (M5).

blue ball  Atlantic & St. Lawrence Railroad : Records, 1844-1894 (bulk 1844-1854) (M6).

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John Bachulus Collection (M235).

blue ball  Merton G. L. and Lula Bailey Papers, 1904-1967, n.d. (bulk 1914-1948) (M7).

blue ball  Barbour Research Records on the Medical School of Maine, 1921-1988 (M211).

blue ball  Robert Abrams Bartlett Papers, 1888-1946 (bulk 1930-1946) (M8).

blue ball  James E. Bassett, Jr., Papers, 1930-[1977?] (M213).

blue ball  Arlo Bates Papers, 1827-1977 (bulk 1870-1911) (M9).

blue ball  Philip C. Beam Papers, 1910-2001, n.d. (M10).

blue ball  David P. Becker Research Files, 1983-2007, n.d. (M313).

blue ball  Benson Lumbering Records, 1875-1876, n.d. (M11).

blue ball  Beston Family Papers, 1899-1977, n.d. (M12).

blue ball  Susan Dwight Bliss Collection, 1906-1990, n.d. (bulk 1944-1990) (M236).

blue ball  Vance Bourjaily Papers, 1942-1984 (M14).

blue ball  Bowdoin Family Collection, 1687-1996 (bulk 1687-1848) (M15).

blue ball  Bowdoin College Scientific Expedition to Labrador Collection, 1891-1982 (bulk 1891-1892) (M105).

Bowdoiniana Collection (M193).

blue ball  James Ware Bradbury Papers, 1817-1891, n.d. (M16).

blue ball  Richard Wayne Bradeen Letters, 1866-1879 (M256).

Wendell P. Bradley Papers (M17).

blue ball  Ralph Owen Brewster Papers, 1909-1962, n.d. (M200).

blue ball  Brewster Family Collection, 1900-1983, n.d. (bulk 1923-1962) (M201).

blue ball  Horatio Bridge Papers, 1823-1967, n.d. (bulk 1832-1893) (M18).

blue ball  Bridge-Maurice Papers, 1837-1888, n.d. (M19).

blue ball  Joseph Bringhurst, Sr., Papers, 1792-1814, n.d. (M20).

blue ball  Charles Brockden Brown Papers, 1792-1821, n.d. (bulk 1792-1797) (M21).

blue ball  Herbert Ross Brown Papers, 1900-1991, n.d. (M22).

Brunswick Area Photo Collection (M249)

blue ball  Alexander Simms Buchanan Civil War Collection (M209).

blue ball  Charles T. Burnett Papers (M23).

blue ball  Franklin G. Burroughs Papers, 1970-2006, n.d. (M240).

blue ball  Harold Hitz Burton Papers, 1927-1968, n.d. (M24).

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blue ball  Isaac Dyer Papers on Thomas Carlyle, 1889-1941, n.d. (M25).

blue ball  Thomas Carlyle Letters, 1820-1854, n.d. (M43).

blue ball  Gila and Mishael Caspi Judaica Collection, 17th-early 19th century (M312).

Warren B. Catlin Papers (M26).

blue ball  Chadbourne Family Papers, 1884-1961, n.d. (bulk 1884-1912) (M311).

blue ball  Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Collection, 1817- (bulk 1855-1914) (M27).

blue ball  General Joshua L. Chamberlain Statue Committee Records, 1999-2006, n.d. (M301).

blue ball  Weston P. Chamberlain Papers (M28).

blue ball  Chandler Family Papers, 1831-1890, n.d. (M29).

blue ball  Chase-Johnson Papers, 1820-2008, n.d. (bulk 1882-1957) (M30).

blue ball Chinese Cultural Revolution Collection, 1953-2003, n.d. (M278).

blue ball  Civil War Miscellany, 1861-1927, n.d. (M131).

blue ball  C. Lloyd Claff Papers, 1935-1968, n.d. (M31).

blue ball  James Warren Clark Papers, 1861-2011 (bulk 1861-1865) (M322).

blue ball  Charles Lorenzo Clarke Papers, 1780-1987, n.d. (bulk 1870-1942) (M32).

blue ball  Cleaveland House Papers, 1805-1993, n.d. (M274).

blue ball  Nehemiah Cleaveland Papers, 1806-1877, n.d. (M33).

blue ball  Parker Cleaveland Collection, 1795-1994 (bulk 1805-185) (M34).

blue ball  Cleaveland-Chandler Family Papers, 1803-1937, n.d. (bulk 1803-1890) (M35).

blue ball  Elisha Coan Collection, 1831-1955, n.d. (bulk 1857-1869) (M36).

blue ball  Robert Peter Tristram Coffin Collection, 1842-1989, n.d. (M37).

Robert P. Tristram Coffin Correspondence with National Parent-Teacher Editorial Staff, 1938-1960, n.d. (M206).

Robert P. Tristram Coffin Family Correspondence, 1915-1954, n.d. (M207).

blue ball   Chris Coles Screenplay Collection, 1964-2004 (M297).

yellow ball  James Stacy Coles Papers, 1903-1996, n.d. (M38).

blue ball  Manton Copeland Papers, 1882-1961, n.d. (bulk 1913-1948) (M39).

Thomas Cornell Papers (M323).

Louis O. Coxe Papers (M40).

Laurence A. Crosby Papers (M254).

blue ball  Thomas A. Curtis ("Diogenes") Collection, 1849-2014, n.d. (bulk 1849-1867) (M239).

blue ball  William John Curtis Papers (M41).

blue ball  Curtis Family of Maine Genealogy, by Charles N. Sinnett (M42).

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Athern P. Daggett Papers (M266).

Edward Augustus Dana Papers, 1827-1886, n.d. (M261).

James Daugherty, Nothing To Fear (TMS and artwork) (M319).

blue ball  Charles Stewart Daveis Papers, 1808-1864, n.d. (M44)

Henry S. Dawson Papers on Unitarianism in Maine (M45).

blue ball  John Calvin Dodge Papers, 1781-1932, n.d. (bulk 1842-1890) (M46)

blue ball  Dole Family Papers, 1804-1848 (M47).

blue ball  Nathan Dole Papers, 1831-1841 (M48).

blue ball  Stanley Fuller Dole Papers, 1908-1962, n.d. (M303).

John C. Donovan Papers (M49).

blue ball  Paul H. Douglas Collection, 1909-1992 (M267).

blue ball  William James Dove Collection, 1913-1972, n.d. (M310).

blue ball  Neal Dow Papers, 1852-1887 (bulk 1852-1859) (M50).

Nathaniel Dunn Papers (M51).

John Small Dyer Papers (M52).

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blue ball  Samuel Eaton and Joseph McKeen Sermons, 1770-1801, n.d. (M53).

blue ball  Annie Lawrence Edmands Autograph Album, 1878-1890 (M54).

blue ball Walter E. Ekblaw papers, 1913-1917 (M328).

blue ball  Kosrof Eligian's Survival in Faith (M231).

Walter Crane Emerson Papers (M55).

blue ball  Caleb Joseph Emery Medical Notes, 1871-1908 (M224).

blue ball  Edwin Emery Diaries and Memoir, 1863-1942, n.d. (M288).

blue ball  Henry Crosby Emery Papers, 1908-1985 (bulk 1917-1924) (M210).

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blue ball  Elizabeth Nelson Fairchild Papers, 1865-1907 (bulk 1870-1885) (M56).

blue ball  Augustus Bowman Farnham Papers, 1861-1916 (bulk 1861-1891) (M57).

William Farrar Papers (M58).

blue ball  Fessenden Collection, 1786-1982 (bulk 1823-1869) (M59).

blue ball  Joseph Palmer and Phebe Beech Fessenden Papers, 1803-1893, n.d. (M60).

blue ball  Joseph Fessenden Sermons, 1820-1859, n.d. (M61)

Fessenden and Barrows Family Genealogy (M218).

Fessenden Genealogical Material (M62).

George Taylor Files Papers (M63).

yellow ball  Frances Fletcher Papers, 1939-1969 (M64).

blue ball  Charles Henry Foster Journals, 1843-1849 (M65).

blue ball  Charles H. Foster Papers, 1958-1981 (M246).

Roy A. Foulke Papers (M66).

A. Myrick Freeman III Papers, 1995-2000 (M308).

blue ball  Frick Autograph Albums, 1789-1917 (M67).

blue ball  William Pierce Frye Papers, 1871-1913 (bulk 1875-1895) (M68).

blue ball  Maria Fuller Diaries, 1869-1934 (M69).

blue ball  Melville Weston Fuller Collection, 1879-1910 (M215).

blue ball  Kate Furbish Collection, 1873- , n.d. (bulk 1873-1909) (M70).

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Robert S. Gallagher Papers, 1860-1972, n.d. (M276).

Garcelon Family Collection, 1815-1971, n.d. (bulk 1822-1886) (M281).

blue ball  Pierre Garcelon Papers, 1747-1773, n.d. (M71).

Edward J. Geary Papers (M214).

blue ball  Huntington Gilchrist Papers, 1815-1922 (bulk 1912-1914) (M72).

blue ball  William Wallace Gilchrist, Jr., Collection, 1861-2000, n.d. (bulk 1886-1926) (M243)

Leonard Gilley Papers (M73).

Leland M. Goodrich Papers on the United Nations (M74).

blue ball  John Gould Collection, 1932-2004, n.d. (M75).

Graustein Papers (M76).

blue ball  A. LeRoy Greason Papers, 1952-1991, n.d. (M77)

blue ball  George A. Gregory Biographical Materials, 1887-2002, undated (M325)

blue ball  Theodore Meyer Greene Papers, 1935-1969 (M13).

yellow ball  Alfred Otto Gross Papers, 1883-1970 (M78).

blue ball  Edward Chipman Guild Papers, 1859-1899 (M79).

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blue ball  Robert Hale Papers (M80).

blue ball  Hale-King Family Papers, 1787-1915 (bulk 1816-1865) (M81).

Edwin H. Hall Papers, 1874-1939 (M264).

blue ball  Lawrence Sargent Hall Papers, 1938-1993 (M82).

blue ball  Cyrus Hamlin Collection, 1798-1921 (M83).

blue ball  John Hamlin Diaries, 1846-1871 (M137).

blue ball  Daniel F. Hanley Collection, [ca. 1935]-2002 (M242).

Richard B. Harwell Collection (M84).

blue ball  Manning Hawthorne Collection, 1814-1844 (M223).

blue ball  Nathaniel Hawthorne Collection, 1819- , n.d. (bulk 1844-1864) (M85).

blue ball  Nathaniel Hawthorne Research Files, ca. 2000 (M306).

blue ball  Nathaniel Hawthorne Society Records, 1974- , n.d. (M86).

Roger Hawthorne Collection (M87).

blue ball  Paul Hazelton Papers, 1936-1996, n.d. (M237).

Merton G. Henry Papers (M294).

blue ball  Alfred Hitchcock (Bowdoin 1881) Letters, 1867-1895 (M234).

Hubert H. Hoeltje Papers (M233).

Julian C. Holmes Papers, 1990s (M316).

Orren Chalmer Hormell Papers (M88).

Blanche Willis Howard Papers (M89).

blue ball  Charles Henry Howard Collection, 1808-1957 (bulk 1852-1910) (M90).

blue ball  Oliver Otis Howard Papers, 1833-1912, n.d. (bulk 1846-1908) (M91).

blue ball  Rowland Bailey Howard Papers, 1807-1937, n.d. (bulk 1848-1892) (M92).

Roger Howell Papers, 1954-1989, n.d. (M93).

blue ball   Howell Document Collection (M94).

blue ball  Hubbard Family Papers, 1789-1934 (bulk 1855-1875) (M95).

blue ball  Charles O. Hunt Letters and Personal Recollections, 1861-1865 (M241).

blue ball  Henry Hastings Hunt Papers, 1862-1865 (M195).

H. A. Huse Collection (M255).

blue ball  Thomas W. Hyde Family Papers, 1831-1948, n.d. (M199).

blue ball  William De Witt Hyde Collection, 1823-1975, n.d. (bulk 1867-1923) (M96).

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blue ball  Needler R. Jennings Papers, 1805-1863 (bulk 1852-1863) (M97).

blue ball  Sarah Orne Jewett Papers, 1877-1903 (M238).

Allen Johnson Papers (M98).

blue ball  Henry Johnson Papers, 1811-1945 (M99).

Ronald Keller Papers, ca. 1970-2000 (M320).

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blue ball  Kellogg Family Collection, 1780-1914 (M100).

Nathaniel Cooper Kendrick Papers (M101).

blue ball  Cyrus King Papers, 1794-1819, n.d. (M102).

blue ball  Edward Chase Kirkland Papers (M103).

blue ball  Frederic G. Kitton Papers, 1886-1903 (M104).

blue ball  Hilton Kramer Papers, 1950-2012, n.d. (M252).

blue ball  Preston Kyes Papers, 1898-1947, n.d. (bulk 1898-1936) (M285).

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Elroy O. LaCasce, Jr., Papers (M216).

blue ball LaCasce Family Papers, 1890-2007, n.d. (bulk 1936-2005) (M258).

Lee Family Papers (M106).

blue ball  Leslie A. Lee Papers, 1852-1908 (M208).

Dan Levine Papers, ca. 1960-2005 (M275).

Lyman K. Lee Papers (M107).

blue ball  Little Family Papers, 1773-1853 (M108).

Charles H. Livingston Papers (M109).

blue ball  Charles H. Livingston French Autograph Collection, [15??]-1923 (M110).

Burke O. Long Papers (M111).

blue ball  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Collection, 1821-1995 (bulk 1821-1909) (M112).

Cornelius Ruxton Love III Papers (M114).

blue ball  William E. Lunt Papers, 1904, 1918-1926, n.d. (bulk 1918-1919) (M115).

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blue ball  Donald Baxter MacMillan Collection, 1884-1975 (M118).

blue ball  Miriam MacMillan Collection, 1862-1987, n.d. (bulk 1900-1987) (M119).

MacMillan-Morse Collection (M196).

blue ball  MacMillan-Snyder Letters, 1931-1953, n.d. (M289).

blu ball  MacMillan-"Thebaud" Collection, 1937 (M120).

Magoun & Clapp Papers (M121).

blue ball  Frederic Wilson Main Papers, 1925-1948, n.d. (M122).

blue ball  Maine African American Archive, 1800-2001, n.d. (bulk 1979-2001) (M253).

Maine Postcard Collection (M309).

blue ball Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission Archive (M321).

Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance Records (M228).

blue ball Eliza Bréard Manson Family Papers, 1843-1896, n.d. (bulk 1854-1868) (M279).

blue ball Maritime Papers, 1787-1964, n.d. (bulk 1840-1880) (M123).

blue ball  McArthur Family Papers, 1780-1949, n.d. (bulk 1790-1890) (M116).

blue ball  Joseph McKeen Collection, 1781-1966, n.d. (M117).

Oliver William Means Papers (M125).

blue ball  Medical Society of Maine Records, 1820-1845, 1897, n.d. (M126).

blue ball  Holman Melcher Papers, 1860-1865 (M127).

Samuel Melcher Account Books (M128).

blue ball  Mellen Family Papers (M129).

Mark Melnicove Papers, ca. 1970-2006 (M292).

Edward B. Merrill Papers (M130).

blue ball  Stephen Merrill Photograph Collection, 1930-1960 (M227).

Merrymeeting Bay Archive, 1975-2000, n.d. (bulk 1988-1992) (M283).

blue ball   Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection--Bound Materials (M194.1).

blue ball   Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection--Unbound Materials (M194.2).

blue ball   Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection--Oral History Interviews (M194.3).

blue ball   Edward Page Mitchell Papers, 1777-1925 (M268).

blue ball  George J. Mitchell Papers (M202).

blue ball  Monmouth Militia Records, 1810-1841, n.d. (M133).

David Kemble Montgomery Papers (M134).

Richard E. Morgan Papers (M135).

Augustus Freedom Moulton Papers (M136).

Geoffrey P. Murray Papers (M272).

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New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (M138).

blue ball  Harrie H. Newcomb Papers, 1897-1958, n.d. (bulk 1903-1905) (M257).

Nichols Family Papers (M139).

blue ball  Nineteenth Century Cased Images (M329).

blue ball  Paul Nixon Papers, 1904-1956, n.d. (M140).

blue ball   George Boardman Noyes Papers, 1835-1944, n.d. (M141).

blue ball  Paul L. Nyhus Papers, 1982-2007, n.d. (M305).

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blue ball  Alpheus Spring Packard Papers (M142).

blue ball  Albion Payson Correspondence (M326).

blue ball  John C. Parker Papers, 1817-1950 (M143).

blue ball  Patterson Family Papers, 1798-1928, n.d. (bulk 1820-1877) (M144).

blue ball  Robert Edwin Peary Collection, 1855- , n.d. (M145).

Peckworth Papers (M146).

Pennell Family Papers, 1738-1938, n.d. (bulk 1850-1912) (M315).

Edward Allen Pierce Papers (M147).

blue ball  Franklin Pierce Collection, 1823-2010, n.d. (bulk 1823-1869) (M148).

Pinkham Papers (M149).

blue ball  Horace Lord Piper Letters, 1870, 1873, n.d. (M298).

Ichabod and Samuel Plaisted Papers (M150).

Edward Pols Papers (M304).

blue ball   Bern Porter Collection, 1928-2002. n.d. (M212).

Katherine Porter Collection (M217).

blue ball   Nathaniel Porter Sermons, 1786-1821, n.d. (M151).

blue ball  Prache and Mattern Papers, 1668-1795, 1888, n.d. (bulk 1668-1688) (M205).

Henry Mellen Prentiss Papers (M152).

John J. Pullen Papers (M153).

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blue ball  George H. Quinby Papers, 1870-1983, n.d. (bulk 1923-1975) (M260).

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blue ball  Charles Everett Ranlett Papers, 1860-1897, n.d. (M270).

blue ball  John Ranlett Papers, 1953-1957 (M221).

blue ball  Thomas Brackett Reed Collection, 1838-1976 (M154).

blue ball   William Whitney Rice Orations, 1843-1850, n.d. (M299).

blue ball  Lincoln Ripley Sermons, 1806-1824 (M155).

Clement Franklin Robinson Papers (M156).

Pauline Dikeman Root Papers, 1901-1943, n.d. (M277).

William Campbell Root Papers (M157).

Rouillard Family Papers, 1857-1977, n.d. (bulk 1904-1973) (M280).

blue ball  Francis Russell Papers, 1902-1994, n.d. (M159).

blue ball  John Brown Russwurm Collection, 1819-2000, n.d. (M158).

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blue ball  Helen E. Hughes Collection on Betye Saar, 1966-2012, n.d. (M307).

Sabine-Brown Collection (M204).

blue ball  Bigelow Thacher Sanborn Diaries (M160).

Elliott Schwartz Collection (M161).

blue ball  Shepherd and Crie Family Letters, 1862-1879, n.d. (M302).

Shepley Papers (M162).

J. H. Sheppard Collection (M163).

blue ball  Joseph Sherman Papers, 1826-1849 (M164).

blue ball  William D. Shipman Papers (M265).

Harry G. Shulman Photograph Collection (M248).

blue ball  Kenneth C.M. Sills Collection, 1816-2014, n.d. (bulk 1874-1978) (M166).

blue ball  Samuel Silsbee Correspondence, 1811-1844 (bulk 1834-1844) (M317).

Sirens Production Files, 1992-1993 (M250).

blue ball  Smith Brothers Student Letters, 1850-1854 (M219).

blue ball  Nora Archibald Smith Family Papers, 1867-1934, n.d. (M271).

blue ball  Samuel E. Smith Papers, 1786-1880 (bulk 1822-1860) (M167).

Seba Smith Papers (M168).

blue ball  Ellis Spear III Papers, 1923-1931, n.d. (M269).

Edward Stanwood Papers (M169).

State Biologists' Association Papers, 1966-1974, n.d. (M273).

blue ball  Charles Asbury Stephens Collection, [ca.1880]-1982 (bulk [ca.1880]-1931) (M170).

blue ball  Charles P. Stetson Letters, 1851-1857, n.d. (M314).

blue ball  Stetson Collection on Wiscasset Shipping Families, 1751-1930, n.d. (M171).

blue ball  Stowe Collection (M172).

Arthur Stratton Papers (M173).

Leon B. Strout Photograph Collection, 1918-1936 (M247).

J. Otis Swift Papers, ca. 1871-1989 (M318)

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blue ball Maurice C. Tanquary papers, 1913-1917 (M328).

yellow ball  Thacher Family Papers, 1782-1914 (M174).

blue ball  Captain John Thomas Papers (M175).

blue ball  Frederic Erle Thornlay Tillotson Papers, 1910-1963, n.d. (M203).

blue ball  Town and College Club Records, 1884-1985 (M263).

Charles E. Townsend Business Records (M176).

Fred L. True Jr. Papers (M226).

blue ball  Tucker Shipping Papers, 1826-1890 (M177).

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Unitarian-Universalist Material (M178).

yellow ball  Upton Family Papers, 1750-1894 (M179).

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blue ball  Thomas Curtis Van Cleve Papers, 1912-1976, n.d. (M230).

blue ball  Almon Libbey Varney U.S. Army Regalia, 1865-1904, n.d. (M300).

blue ball  Charles Vaughan Family Papers, 1683-1908 (bulk 1773-1861) (M180).

Vaughan Family Research Files, 1946-2002, n.d. (bulk 1946-1955) (M293).

blue ball Michael C. Viens Papers, ca. 1972-2002 (M251).

Robert L. Volz Papers (M181).

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Walker Papers (M183).

David C. Walker Papers (M182).

blue ball  Mary Sophia and Harriet Sarah Walker Papers, 1850-1904, n.d.

Warren Papers (M185).

blue ball  Howard Warshaw Papers, [ca. 1921-2004] (M244)

blue ball  Gordon Lee Weil Papers, 1954-2013, n.d. (bulk 1970-1974, 1986-2000) (M286)

blue ball  Frank Nathaniel Whittier Collection, 1889-2007, n.d. (bulk 1902-1962) (M186).

blue ball  Whittlesey Family Papers, [1821-1941] (M245).

blue ball  Kate Douglas Wiggin Collection, 1867-1985, n.d. (bulk 1891-1917) (M187).

blue ball Joseph Williamson Papers (M188).

yellow ball  William Willis Papers, 1837-1958 (bulk 1862-1869) (M189).

blue ball Elizabeth Wilson Papers, 1977-2004, n.d. (M262).

blue ball  Leonard Woods Collection, 1818-1964, n.d. (bulk 1818-1879) (M190).

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blue ball  Marguerite Yourcenar Collection, 1937, 1964-1996, n.d. (M191).

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blue ball  William Zorach Collection, 1923-1974, n.d. (M192).

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