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Rebecca Goodale Artist's Books

Rebecca Goodale Artist's Books (deposit)

(Please note that additional Goodale works, held permanently by the Library, are cataloged separately)

Catalog Number: N7433.4.G66 A1

Box 1 Carst, 1995, unique, ink on paper and wood, compound structure
Box 1 Night Neighborhood, 1999, 1/2, hand colored screenprints, star book
Box 1 Plaid, 1995, 3/4, hand colored screenprints, multiple section binding with hand woven bands
Box 1 Reading #4, 1997, unique, collage and ink on paper, accordion book
Box 2 4 Butterflies, 2001, 3/10, ink jet prints with hand colored screenprints, accordion book with portfolio case
Box 2 4 Maine Turtles, 2000, accordion book with four prints, from unnumbered edition of four
Box 2 Bog Lemming, 2001, 2/10
Box 2 Circumlocution, 1995, 2/3, hand colored screenprint with cutouts, accordion book
Box 2 Crabs, 1997, 3/10, ink on paper, flutter book
Box 2 Credit Cards, (1992), credit cards and paper, flag book
Box 2 Fort Williams Bouillabaisse (vegetarian), 1998, ink and gouache on paper, multiple section book with slip case
Vault   New England Cottontail, 2008, 2/8, twelve silkscreened discs in a box
Box 2 She Talks in Circles, 1997, 1/6, hand colored screenprint, banner book with black sticks for display
Box 2 Silence, 1994, hand colored screenprint, wedge accordion, model for piece currently owned by the Portland Museum of Art
Box 2 Six Maine Trees, 2000, 3/4, hand colored screenprints, single section book
Box 2 Stripes, 1995, unique, hand colored screenprints with piano hinge binding
Box 2 Three Sisters, 1994, one of two unnumbered, linoleum block prints, triangle fold book
Box 2 Watershed at Night, 1995, 1/2, hand colored screenprints, accordion book
Box 2 Watershed the Studio, 1995, unnumbered 1/3, hand colored screenprints, flutter book in portfolio case
Box 2 Willard Beach Bouillabaisse, 1988, unique, ink on paper, multiple section book
Box 3 6 Maine Trees Portfolio, 2000, six hand colored prints with collage, 2/2
Box 3 Asarum Canadense, Wild Ginger, 2014, 6/8, silkscreen printed, hand colored, with a poem by Cathleen Miller (text printed by Scott Vile at Ascensius Press); covers foil stamped by Scott Mullenberg
Box 3 Black Birds, 1995,3/4, hand colored screenprints, flutter book
Box 3 Coyote (poem by Brendan Tierney), 2014, 24/25
Box 3 Etymology, 1998, 1/2, hand colored screenprints, unique book
Box 3 Fishing ; Mating, 2004, 2/5
Box 3 Reading #5, 1997 [unique]
Box 3 Reading Room, 1998, unique, ink and collage on paper, tunnel book
Box 3 Swamp Darter, 2001, 3/5
Box 3 Turtles in Rehabilitation, 2002, 5/10 (portfolio)
Box 3 Viola palustris, Northern marsh violet, 2014 3/15, silkscreen printed and hand colored fan book in slipcase
Vault Sleepy Duskywing , 2009, 1/6
Vault Nymphaea leibergii, Pygmy Pond-lily, 2012, 2/5, paper ribbon, paste papers, hand colored silkscreen prints
Folder 1 4 Flower Prints: Red, White, Yellow, Blue, all 3/4, with collage and hand coloring
Folder 1 5 Beetle Prints: Nine Spotted Ladybird, Tile-horned Prionus, Striped Blister Beetle, Caterpillar Hunter, Eye Click Beetle, 1999, all 1/4, with collage and hand coloring
Folder 1 Black Racer, 2000, 3/4, hand colored screenprint
Folder 1 Ephemeroptera, 2000, 4/6, hand colored screenprint
Folder 1 Reading, 1997, 3/3, hand colored screenprint
Folder 1 She's Reading, 1997, 2/3, hand colored screenprint
Folder 1 Snapping Turtle, 2002, 5/10 hand colored screenprint
Folder 1 Two Reading, 1997, 1/2 hand colored screenprint
Drawer Beach Plum, 2003, 3/10
Drawer Island Dog (original art work)
Drawer Lynx, 2003, 5/10
Drawer Seven Maine Ferns, 2003, 3/5
Drawer Vernal Pool 2, 2005, 9/10
Drawer Symphytum officianle, Comfrey, Knitbone, 2017, 5/6, a collaboration with Stephen Burt and poem by Cathleen Miller; silkscreen and drypoint prints
Xerox Books
Box 3a Bed Time, tunnel book, 1999 [Xerox book]
Box 3a Dot/Dog, dos a dos bound, 2001 [Xerox book]
Box 3a Draw Bridge, single section paperback, color Xeroxed, 1990 [Xerox book]
Box 3a Eclipse, hand colored theater book, 1998 [Xerox book]
Box 3a Eyes Over Forty, double accordion, hand colored, 1996 [Xerox book]
Box 3a Garden Lovers/Lover’s Garden, 2017, 2/7
Box 3a Good Fortune, two hole binding with chopstick, hand colored, 1991 [Xerox book]
Box 3a Grasses [Fifteen Grasses], accordion bound book, 2003 [Xerox book]
Box 3a Jojo, 4 hole stab binding, hand colored, 1998 [Xerox book]
Box 3a Portland Museum of Art, accordion book, color Xerox, 1997 [Xerox book]
Box 3a Taxonomy of Twelve Rare Insects in Maine, 2002 [Xerox book]
Box 3a Winner, accordion bound book, 1999 [Xerox book]
Box 3a Words, triangle accordion fold, 1996 [Xerox book]