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Edward Chipman Guild Papers, 1859-1899

Correspondence, 1893-95

Catalog Number: M79.1

                Box      1         
                 Folder       1    1893 Jun 15 - 1895 Sep 25

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Sermons, 1859-[1899?], (Nos. 1-89)

Catalog Number: M79.2

                Box      1         
                 Folder       2    Sermons - Printed broadside                
                                    announcements: 1885-1891
                              3    "Simplicity of moral purpose..." [No.1]
                              4    "The reality of the Divine aid" [No.2]
                              5    "The fruit of the Spirit... (Galatians     
                                    5:22) [No.3]
                              6    "Bear ye one another's burden's..."        
                                    (Galatians 6:2) [No.4]
                              7    "Bear ye one another's Burden's..."        
                                    (Galatians 6:2,4,5) [No.5]
                              8    "Joys of a heavenly type possible..."      
                              9    "How we ought to think about the Evil in   
                                    the world" [No.7]
                             10    "The Life of Christ teaches..." [No.8]
                             11    [No sermon #9 in series - author's note    
                                    of explanation]
                             12    "Where the Spirit of the Lord..." (1       
                                    Corinthians 3:17) [No.10]
                             13    "God's Providence in Human Life" [No.11]
                             14    "What we may learn from History..." and    
                                    "Yesterday in the city which..."          
                             15    "Whatever ye do, do it heartily..."        
                                    (Colossians 3:23) [No.13]
                             16    "Doing Good Will the Soul's..." [No.14]
                             17    "Our need of more abundant life..."        
                             18    "Moral Lesson of Dynamists" (with related  
                                    newspaper clipping) [No.18]
                             19    "Eternal Life through Jesus Christ..."     
                             20    "The Right Use of Religous Emotion"        
                             21    "Brethren I write no new commandment..."   
                             22    "Love is the fulfilling of the law"        
                                    (Romans 12:10) [No.22]
                             23    "A life based upon faith..." [No.23]
                             24    "Christ's Way of helping..." [No.24]
                             25    "The Indwelling Life" [No.25]
                             26    "The Presence of God, the safeguard..."    
                             27    "A Sermon on Church Organization" [No.27]
                             28    "The Reality of the inner life" [No.28]
                             29    "The grounds of Praise and the joy of it"  
                             30    "He that commeth to God..." (Hebrews       
                                    11:6) [No.30]
                             31    "I am come that might..." (John 10:10)     
                             32    "Wait on the Lord: be..." (Psalms 27:14)   
                             33    "Ask and it shall be..." (Matthew 7:7-8)   
                             34    "Our conversation is in heaven..."         
                                    Philippians 3:20-21) [No.34]
                             35    "Work out your own salvation..."           
                                    (Philippians 2:12-13) [No.35]
                             36    "Bless the Lord, O my..." (Psalms 103:1)   
                             37    "The whole body fitly joined..."           
                                    (Ephesians 4:16) [No.38]
                             38    "Keep back thy servant also..." (Psalms    
                                    19:13) [No.39]
                             39    "For by grace ye are..." (Ephesians 2:8)   
                             40    "How does the social life..." [No.41]
                             41    "The service of Jesus..." [No.42]
                             42    "Wherefore, seeing we also are..." [       
                                     (Hebrews 12:1) [No.43]
                             43    "Lead us not into temptation..." (Matthew  
                                    6:13) [No.44]
                             44    "The might and bliss of self               
                                    forgetfulness" [No.45]
                             45    "Relations between heredity, environment,  
                                    and choice" [No.46]
                             46    "The Foundation of Character" (with        
                                    article from The Unitarian) [No.47]
                             47    "A true idea of God's..." [No.48]
                             48    "Man's longings and disatisfaction         
                                    with..." [No.49]
                             49    "Indications of God's love to us" [No.52]
                             50    "For none of us liveth..." (Romans         
                                    14:7-8) [No.53]
                             51    "Obedience to Christ, the souls..."        
                             52    "Course on the Doctrines of Scripture..."  
                             53    "Prove all things; hold fast..." (1        
                                    Thessalonians 5:21) [No.56]
                             54    "Course on the Doctrines of Scripture..."  
                             55    "And Jesus answered and said..." (Luke     
                                    10:41) [No.58]
                             56    "Course on the Doctrines of Scripture..."  
                             57    "A Plea for Gossip" [No.60]
                             58    "Course on the Doctrines of Scripture..."  
                             59    "For God hath not called..."               
                                    (Thessalonians 7-9) [No.62]
                             60    "Course on the Doctrines of Scripture..."  
                             61    "How Culture aids Faith" [No.64]
                             62    "Course on the Doctrines of Scripture..."  
                             63    "If ye forgive men their..." (Matthew      
                                    6:14-15) [No.66]
                             64    "The Kingdom of heaven is..." (Matthew     
                                    13:45-46) [No.67]
                             65    "Look not every man on..." (Philippians    
                                    2:4) [No.68]
                             66    "Fancied inability a plea for inaction"    
                             67    "Let every man be fully..." (Romans        
                                    14:4-5) [No.70]
                             68    "Not my will, but thine..." (Luke 22:42)   
                             69    "And Jesus answering said..." (Luke        
                                    17:17) [No.72]
                             70    "An Easter Sermon" [No.73]
                             71    "Your life is hid with Christ..."          
                                    (Colossians 3:3) [No.74]
                             72    "Love the key to holiness" [No.75]
                             73    "The Sources of the Christian's Joy"       
                             74    "Characteristics of a Christian religious  
                                    society" [No.77]
                             75    "Characteristics of Unitarianism" [No.78]
                             76    "Lord, how is it that..." (John 14:22)     
                             77    "The Continuity of History and..."         
                             78    "A Sermon writen in view..." [No.81]
                             79    "Thankfulness" [No.82]
                             80    "The ture purpose of Public Worship"       
                             81    "A Sermon on Church organization" [No.85]
                             82    "Rejoice with them that do..." (Romans     
                                    12:15) [No.86]
                             83    "Hold fast the form of..." (2 Timothy      
                                    1:13-14) [No.87]
                             84    "With the heart, man believeth..."         
                                    (Romans 10:10) [No.88]
                             85    "The Life of Christ in the Soul of man"    
                             86    "Foundations of Honesty, 1: Accuracy"      
                             87    "For we are his workmanship..."            
                                    (Ephesians 2:10) [No.91]
                             88    "Foundations of Honesty, 2: Truthfulness"  
                             89    "Shall we receive good at..." (Job 2:10)   
                             90    "Foundations of Honesty, 3: Self-Control"  
                             91    "Foundations of Honesty, 4: Courage"       
                             92    "The power of righteousness, cumulative"   
                             93    "The necessity of clearly defined..."      
                             94    "My brethren, count it all..." (James      
                                    1:2) [No.99]
                             95    "Oh that men would praise..." (Psalms      
                                    107:8-9) [No.100]
                             96    "Foundations of Honesty, 5: Faith"         
                             97    "The reconciling power of sympathy with    
                                    Christ" [No.102]
                             98    "For my yoke is easy, and..." (Matthew     
                                    11:30) [No.104]
                             99    "Self-Culture, 1: The Body" [No.105]
                            100    "He that loveth his brother..." (1 John    
                                    2:10) [No.106]
                            101    "Self-Culture, 2: The Will" [No.107]
                            102    "The Upward Look" [No.108]
                            103    "Self-Culture, 3: The Soul" [No.109]
                            104    "Neither Pray I for these along..." (John  
                                    17:20-21) [No.110]
                            105    "Self-Culture, 4: The Social Relations"    
                            106    "For if we would judge..." (1 Corinthians  
                                    11:31) [No.112]
                            107    "Prepared for every good work" (2 Timothy  
                                    2:21) [No.113]
                            108    "Search me, O Lord, and..." (Psalms        
                                    139:23-24) [No.114]
                            109    "Repent ye therefore, and be..." (Acts     
                                    3:19) [No.115]
                            110    "And we know that all..." (Romans 8:28)    
                            111    "Thou compasses my path" [No.117]
                            112    "And he said unto me..." (2 Corinthians    
                                    12:9) [No.118]
                            113    "Knowing this, that trying of..." (James   
                                    1:3-4) [No.119]
                            114    "His commandments are not grievous" (1     
                                    John 5:3) [No.120]
                            115    "Course on The Doctrine of..." [No.121]
                            116    "Course on The Doctrine of..." [No.122]
                            117    "Course on The Doctrine of..." [No.123]
                            118    "Ye are the salt of..." (Matthew 5:13)     
                            119    "Return unto thy rest, O..." (Psalms       
                                    116:7) [No.125]
                            120    "Course on The Doctrine of..." [No.126]
                Box      2         
                 Folder       1    "The conditions of Earnest Christian       
                                    activity" [No.127]
                              2    "Course of The Doctrine of..." [No.128]
                              3    "Behold, I stand at the..." (Revelation    
                                    3:20) [No.129]
                              4    "To be spiritually minded in life"         
                                    (Romans 8:6) [No.130]
                              5    "Faith the source of all..." [No.131]
                              6    "In quietness and in confidence..."        
                              7    "Marks of the Children of Light" [No.133]
                              8    "The joy of an unselfish life" [No.134]
                              9    "The causes of the cure of restlessness"   
                             10    "Methods and results of an..." [No.136]
                             11    "Grounds of confidence when appalled..."   
                             12    "Of the requirements and the..." [No.141]
                             13    "The Christian Life, its nature..."        
                             14    "Rejoicing in hope; patient in             
                                    tribulation" (Romans 12:12) [No.143]
                             15    "Be ye therefore followers of..."          
                                    (Ephesians 5:1) [No.144]
                             16    "And this is life eternal..." (John 17:3)  
                             17    "Seek ye first the kingdom..." (Matthew    
                                    6:33) [No.146]
                             18    "No man cometh unto the..." (John 14:6-7)  
                             19    "A Communion Sermon" [No.149]
                             20    "The duty of concentrating our..."         
                             21    "Lectures on The True End..." [No.151]
                             22    "The duty of cultivating the..." [No.152]
                             23    "Lectures on The True End..." [No.153]
                             24    "I will bless the Lord..." (Psalms 44:1)   
                             25    "Lectures on The True End..." [No.155]
                             26    "A Sermon on Resentment" [No.156]
                             27    "Lectures on The True End..." [No.157]
                             28    "Peace and War" [No.158]
                             29    "The Soul's need of Christ" [No.159]
                             30    "A New Year's Sermon" [No.162]
                             31    "The Nature of Spiritual Vision..."        
                             32    "Course of Sunday Evening Lectures..."     
                             33    "The natural man receiveth not..." (1      
                                    Corinthians 2:14) [No.165]
                             34    "Lecture 2: Imagination and its perils"    
                             35    "Healthy Growth is Slow Growth" [No.167]
                             36    "Lecture 3: The Function of Resentment in  
                                    Christian Character" [No.168]
                             37    "Christ's Treatment of Sinners" [No.169]
                             38    "The function of courage in daily life"    
                             40    "On the prevention of war" [No.171]
                             41    "The Desire for knowledge, an..."          
                             42    "The true revival of religion..."          
                             43    "No man can serve two masters" (Matthew    
                                    6:24) [No.174]
                             44    "And Peter followed afar off" (Luke        
                                    22:54-55) [No.175]
                             45    "And the Lord turned and..." (Luke         
                                    22:61-62) [No.176]
                             46    "The Law of Self-sacrifice..." [No.177]
                             47    "An Easter Sermon" [No.178]
                             48    "For in Jesus Christ neither..."           
                                    (Galatians 5:6) [No.179]
                             49    "Patience [?] - Experience hope..."        
                                    (Romans 4-5) [No.180]
                             50    "If any man will come..." (Matthew 16:24)  
                             51    "The Value and Use of Prayer" [No.182]
                             52    "Rejoice with that do rejoice..." (Romans  
                                    12:15) [No.183]        
                             53    "The Spirit of adoption, a..." (John       
                                    1:12-13) [No.184]
                             54    "Gifts differing according to the..."      
                                    (Romans 12:6) [No.185]
                             55    "But I say unto you..." (Matthew 5:44-45)  
                             56    "The Magnificence of the Christian Work"   
                             57    "Her sins, which are many..." (Luke 7:47)  
                             58    "Nevertheless we, according to his..." (2  
                                    Peter 3:13-14) [No.189]
                             59    "Worship in Spirit and Truth" [No.190]
                             60    "Progress an essential mark of..."         
                             61    "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be..."    
                                    (1 Corinthians 15:58) [No.192]
                             62    "The God of all comfort" [No.193]
                             63    "The Wings of the Soul" [No.194]
                             64    "Truth to ourselves and truth..."          
                             65    "Man's power over himself" [No.196]
                             66    "Therefore if thou bring thy..." (Matthew  
                                    5:23-24) [No.197]
                             67    "Let love be without dissimulation"        
                                    (Romans 12:9) [No.198]
                             68    "Let all bitterness and wrath..."          
                                    (Ephesians 4:31-32) [No.199]
                             69    "How to find God - the Soul's..."          
                             70    "The Final Authority of the..." [No.204]
                             71    "The Conditions of Progress" [No.205]
                             72    (Sermon given in Brunswick 1888 Nov 18)    
                             73    "True humility will lead to..." [No.207]
                             74    "Rejoice in the Lord, O..." (Psalms        
                                    33:1,5) [No.208]
                             75    [Sermon given in Brunswick 1888 Dec 2]     
                             76    "God's Kingdom within" [No.210]
                             77    "The Authority of Christ" and "For He      
                                    taught them as..." (Matthew 7:24)         
                             78    "For the love of Christ..." (2             
                                    Corinthians 5:14) [No.212]
                             79    "Christ's Method - Personal Influences"    
                             80    [Sermon given in Brunswick 1888 Dec 23]    
                             81    "The Lessons of the Past" [No.216]
                             82    "We then, as workers beseech..." (2        
                                    Corinthians 6:1) [No.217]
                             83    "The Cleansing of the Leper" [No.218]
                             84    "Cheerfulness" [No.219]
                             85    "We having the same spirit..." (2          
                                    Corinthians 4:13) [No.220]
                             86    "Courtesy" [No.221]
                             87    "The Uncertainty of Human things..."       
                             88    "Hospitality" [No.223]
                             89    "That we may be able..." (2 Corinthians    
                                    1:4) [No.224]
                             90    "Conversations, its perils and             
                                    difficulties" [No.225]
                             91    "But thou, when thou prayest..." (Matthew  
                                    6:6) [No.226]
                             92    "Conversation, its privileges and duties"  
                                    and "Let your speech be always..."        
                                   Colossians 4:6) [No.227]
                             93    "Prepared for every good work" [No.228]
                             94    "Always abounding in the work..." (1       
                                    Corinthians 15:58) [No.229]
                             95    "I am the light of..." (John 8:12)         
                             96    "Three sermons on The Nature..." [No.231]
                             97    "For the wages of sin..." (Romans 6:23)    
                             98    "The death of Christ, God's..." [No.234]
                             99    "Come ye, and let us..." (Isaiah 2:5)      
                            100    "Hobby-riding" and [notes] [No.237]
                            101    "Faith, the [sure?] spring of noble        
                                    action" [No.238]
                            102    "Pleasure-seeking" and [notes] [No.239]
                            103    "The Requirements of Religion not severe"  
                            104    "Day-dreaming" [No.241]
                            105    "Self knowledge as a Basis of Sympathy"    
                            106    "Comfort yourselves together and edify"    
                                    (1 Thessalonians 5:11) [No.243]
                            107    "Imagination as a basis of Sympathy"       
                            108    "A healthy state of the..." [No.245]
                            109    "The Kingdom of Heaven" [No.246]
                            110    "And whatever ye do, do..." (Colossians    
                                    3:23) [No.247]
                            111    "The inexhaustibleness of the Divine..."   
                                    and "But thou O Lord, art..." (Psalms     
                                   86:15) [No.248]
                            112    "The Work of the Lord" [No.249]
                            113    "Methods of the Divine Husbandry"          
                            114    "Open Doors" [No.252]
                            115    "Whosoever heareth these sayings of..."    
                                    (Matthew 7:24) [No.253]
                            116    "Now we see through a..." (1 Corinthians   
                                    13:12) [No.254]
                            117    "Foundation stones" [No.255]
                            118    "Love is the fullfilling of..." (Romans    
                                    13:10) [No.256]
                            119    "Whatsoever ye do, do it..." (Colossians   
                                    3:23-24) [No.257]
                            120    "For to will is present..." (Romans 7:18)  
                            121    "Training of the Affection" [No.260]
                            122    "For all things are yours..." (1           
                                    Corinthians 3:21,22,23) [No.261]
                            123    "Christ's aim and purpose" [No.262]
                            124    "But we all, with open..." (2 Corinthians  
                                    3:18) [No.263]
                            125    "What Crist did for man" [No.264]
                            126    "Christ's Method" [No.265]
                            127    "Christ's Promises concerning the future"  
                            128    "Moral Economies" and "Economies of the    
                                    Higher Life" [No.268]
                            129    "Every Period of Life, its own..."         
                            130    "Spiritual Economy" [No.270]
                            131    "Let Thine eyes look right on" [No.271]
                            132    "Economy of Moral Force in Social Life"    
                            133    "Sanctification by the truth" [No.273]
                            134    "A man that is an householder..."          
                                    (Matthew 13:52) [No.274]
                            135    "And account that the long..." (2 Peter    
                                    3:15) [No.275]
                            136    "A man that is an householder..."          
                                    (Matthew 13:52) [No.276]
                            137    "Bearing one another's burden" [No.277]
                            138    "The Christian treatment of secular        
                                    themes" [No.278]
                            139    "Life as serious a thing as Death"         
                Box      3         
                 Folder       1    "The grounds and methods of..." [No.280]
                              2    "Seekers of self and seekers..." [No.281]
                              3    "The Pleasures of Life and..." [No.282]
                              4    "The Lessons of Failure" [No.283]
                              5    "Natural Pleasures 2: Of the..." [No.284]
                              6    "Change as an element of Growth" [No.285]
                              7    "Natural Pleasures 3: Pleasures of..."     
                              8    "On the Duties of the..." [No.287]
                              9    "Natural Pleasures 4: Pleasures of..."     
                             10    "Religion, not an individual               
                                    experience..." and "For ye have           
                                   received the spirit..." (Romans 8:15)     
                             11    "Natural Pleasures 5: Conversation         
                                    and..." [No.290]
                             12    "So teach us to number..." (Psalms 90:12)  
                             13    "Pleasures of Life 6: Pleasures of..."     
                             14    "Sufficient unto the day is..." [No.294]
                             15    "The Religious aspect of material things"  
                             16    "Wherefore by their fruits ye..."          
                                    (Matthew 7:20) [No.297]
                             17    "Rest in the Lord" [No.298]
                             18    "Faith, a Source of Courage and Cheer"     
                             19    "If ye then, being evil..." (Luke 11:13)   
                             20    "And he said unto me..." (2 Corinthians    
                                    12:9) [No.301]
                             21    "Now they desire a better..." (Hebrews     
                                    11:16) [No.303]
                             22    [Sermon given in Brunswick 1890 Jun 22]    
                             23    "Now ye are the body..." (1 Corinthians    
                                    12:27) [No.305]
                             24    "Gratitude for 'unobserved deliverances'"  
                             25    "Thy kingdom come. Thy will..." (Matthew   
                                    6:10) [No.308]
                             26    "The Importance of a right..." [No.310]
                             27    "Causes and Remedy of Weariness..."        
                             28    "The Uses of Doubt" with notes [No.312]
                             29    "Organization, necessary to Church-life"   
                             30    "Functions of Doubt 2: Doubt as..."        
                             31    "Grounds of Fellowship in the Christian    
                                    Church" [No.315]
                             32    "Functions of Doubt 2: Doubt as..."        
                             33    "Wherefore, seeing we also are..."         
                                    (Hebrews 12:1) [No.317]
                             34    "Self-confidence and Self-distrust"        
                             35    "Lectures on the Evangelists and..."       
                             36    "Lectures on the Evangelists and..."       
                             37    "If a man love me, he..." (John 14:23)     
                             38    "Lectures on the Evangelists and..."       
                             39    "Thy will be done" (Luke 11:2) [No.324]
                             40    "Lectures on the Evangelists and..."       
                             41    "Doing the will of God..." (Ephesians      
                                    6:6-8) [No.326]
                             42    "Lectures on the Evangelists and..."       
                             43    "Lectures on the Evangelists and..."       
                             44    "The Victory of Faith" [No.331]
                             45    "Charity hopeth all things..." (1          
                                    Corinthians 13:7) [No.332]
                             46    "Let your conversation be as..."           
                                    (Phillipians 1:27) [No.333]
                             47    "On Drainage" [No.334]
                             48    "Springs of Action 1" [No.335]
                             49    "Motives 2" [No.337]
                             50    "God be merciful to me..." (Luke 18:13)    
                             51    "Motives 3" [No.339]
                             52    "Contrasts and Fluctuations of Emotion"    
                             53    "Motives 4" [No.341]
                             54    "Value of Penitence as an Emotion"         
                             55    "Motives 5: Sympathies" [No.343]
                             56    "Motives 6: Ideals" [No.345]
                             57    "Now the God of hope..." (Romans 15:13)    
                             58    "If, therefore, thine eye be..." (Matthew  
                                    6:22) [No.352]
                             59    "If therefore, thine eye be..." (Matthew   
                                    6:22) [No.353]
                             60    "The Spirit also helpeth our..." (Romans   
                                    8:26) [No.354]
                             61    "Sermons on the application of..."         
                             62    "Sermons on the application of..."         
                             63    "Ask, and it shall be..." (Matthew 7:7-8)  
                             64    "The Nature of the Answer..." [No.358]
                             65    "And he hath put a..." (Psalms 40:3)       
                             66    [Sermon interwoven with "In the Golden     
                                    Days"] [No.360]
                             67    "Sermons on the application of..."         
                             68    "The Consecration of Familiar Things"      
                             69    "The Kingdom of heaven..." (Matthew        
                                    11:12) [No.364]
                             70    "What Jesus did for us..." [No.365]
                             71    "Follow me" (John 21:19) [No.366]
                             72    "Be ye therefore perfect" (Matthew 5:48)   
                             73    "The meek shall inherit the earth"         
                                    (Psalms 37:11) [No.368]
                             74    "Thou shalt fear the Lord..."              
                                    (Deuteronomy 6:13) [No.369]
                             75    "Thou shalt love thy neighbor..."          
                                    (Matthew 20:19) [No.370]
                             76    "Therefore all things whatsoever..."       
                                    (Matthew 7:12) [No.371]
                             77    "Thy Kingdom come..." (Matthew 6:10)       
                             78    "And he said unto them..." (Mark 6:31)     
                             79    "Thoroughness" [No.374]
                             80    "Diligence" [No.375]
                             81    "Patience" [No.376]
                             82    "A Sunday School Sermon" [No.377]
                             83    "If a man love me..." (John 14:23)         
                             84    "Enthusiasm for the acquisition of..."     
                             85    "The Kindgom of God is at Hand" (Mark      
                                    1:15) [No.380]
                             86    "Christ Jesus, who of God..." (1           
                                    Corinthians 1:30) [No.381]
                             87    "If any man will do..." (John 7:16-17)     
                             88    "The truth underlying the Doctrine..."     
                             89    "The truth underlying the Doctrine..."     
                             90    "Glory to God in the..." (Luke 2:14)       
                             91    "For as he thinketh in..." (Proverb 23:7)  
                             92    "The Sources of Moral Thought" [No.396]
                             93    "Through Death to Life" [No.405]
                             94    "Thou shalt love the Lord..." (Luke        
                                    10:27) [No.415]
                             95    "Habit, an auxiliary to holy living"       
                             96    "The greatest of these is charity"         
                             97    "Many members, yet but one body" [No.422]
                             98    "Everyone that loveth is born..." (1 John  
                                    4:7,16) [No.427]
                             99    "Ethical Aspects of Psychology 1: Memory"  
                            100    "Ethical Aspects of Psychology 2:          
                                    Attention" [No.429]
                            101    "Ethical Aspects of Psychology 3:          
                                    Imagination" [No.430]
                            102    "The relation of penitence to aspiration"  
                            104    "How to begin the New Year right"          
                            105    "The Sufficiency of the Grace..."          
                                   Arranged chronologically:
                            106     1859:
                                     "Seek ye first the kingdom..." (Matthew  
                                      6:33); "Baptism"; "And they shall       
                                     call his..." (Matthew 1:23)
                            107     1860:
                                     "And ye fathers, provoke not..."         
                                      (Ephesians 6:4); "Take heed that ye     
                                     despise..." (Matthew 18:10);             
                                    "Whosoever therefore shall confess        
                                   me..." (Matthew 10:32-33)
                            108     1861-1866:  
                                     "A Sunday School Sermon"; "Inasmuch as   
                                      ye have done..." (Matthew 25:40); "We   
                                     glory in tribulations" (Romans 5:3);     
                                    "Chirst in you the hope..."; "As          
                                   often as ye eat..." (1 Corinthians        
                                   11:26); "The hopes and prospects of       
                            109     1867 - Ithaca:
                                     "Motives for observing the sacrament";   
                                      "The means we have for..."; "The duty   
                                     of the Church..."; "The Magnificence     
                                    of the Christian's..."; "The duty of      
                                   the Church..."; "The duty of the          
                            110     1867 - Ithaca:
                                     "The Christian's aim, a                  
                                      practicable..."; "The means we have     
                                     for..."; "Blessed are they which         
                                    do..." (Matthew 5:6); "Finally, my        
                                   brethren, whatsoever..." (Phillipians     
                            111     1870: 
                                     "A Sunday School Sermon" (2 Timothy      
                                      3:17); "A Sunday School Sermon" (2      
                                     Corinthians 9:6)
                            112     1871:
                                     "Gratitude to benefactors"; "Give and    
                                      it shall be..." (Luke 6:38); "Thou      
                                     shalt love thy neighbour..." (Matthew    
                                    22:39); "Wherefore I also, after          
                                   I..." (Ephesians 1:15-16); "Rejoice       
                                   evermore" (1 Thessalonians 5:16);         
                                   "Glory to God in the..." (Luke 2:14)
                            113     1872:
                                     "Whoso receiveth one such child..."      
                                      (Matthew 18:5); "When thou doest        
                                     alms, let..." (Matthew 6:3-4); "The      
                                    poor always ye have..." (John 12:8)
                            114     1873:
                                     "Part of a Thanksgiving sermon used at   
                                      Waltham Nov 27, 1843"
                            115     1874:
                                     "Prove all things; hold fast..." (1      
                                      Thessalonians 5:21): "Modern times      
                                     favorable to piety"
                            116     1875:
                                     "Fast Day Sermon"; "Christmas Sermon"
                            117     1876-1877:
                                     "The duty of 'taking thought'";          
                                      "Thanksgiving Day"; "Christ the Life"
                            118     1878-1879:
                                     "The Soul's outlook on the New Year";    
                                      "Fast Day"
                            119     1880:
                                     "Easter"; "Fast Day"
                            120     n.d.: 
                                     "Jesus said, Suffer little children..."  
                                      (Luke 18:16)

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Lectures, Notes, etc., 1877-1889

Catalog Number: M79.3

                Box      4         Lowell Institute Lectures:
                 Folder       1      1877 [miscellaneous]
                              2      I Methods of Study and Functions of      
                              3      II Definitions of Poetic Forms [and      
                              4      III Historical Sketch of English Poetry  
                                      in 16th and 17th
                              5      IV The Ode
                              6      V Devotional Poetry
                              7      VI Religious Poetry - 2
                              8      VII The Elegy
                              9      VIII Pastorial Poetry
                             10      IX The Sonnet
                             11      X Ballads and Songs
                             12      XI Lyrics of the Drama
                             13      XII Future of Lyric Poetry
                                   English Literature class 1885:
                             14      Journal of Eng. Lit. Class, Brunswick    
                                      1885-1886 and 1888-1889
                             15      I [re. James Thomson, poet]
                             16      II General Characteristics of latter     
                                      half of the 18th century in respect     
                                     to literature, and specially to          
                             17      [re: Edward Young, poet]
                             18      [re: William Collins, poet]
                             19      [re: Thomas Gray, poet]
                             20      On Goldsmith's Character and personal    
                                      traits (with related newspaper          
                                     article about Oliver Goldsmith]
                             21      [Review of poets from 1726 to 1770, and  
                                      newspaper article on John Scott]
                             22      [Classifying forms of Poetry]
                             23      Personal characteristics of Cowper
                             24      [re: George Crabb, poet and related      
                                      newspaper article on George Crabbe]
                             25      [re: Robert Burns, poet]
                             26      [re: William Blake, poet and painter]
                             27      [Comparison of 18th Century poets to     
                                   Lectures on Keble and Newman:
                             28      Functions of Devotional Poetry
                             29      On the Poems of Keble and Newman
                             30    Lectures on Faber and Devere 1888 - On     
                                      the Poems of Faber and Devere
                             31    Lectures on Arnold and Clough - On the     
                                      Poems of Arnold and Clough [and         
                                     Sermons of M.J. Savage - Matthew         
                                   1888 - Lectures on Wordsworth, Southey     
                                    and Coleridge:
                             32      On the Influence of Wordsworth's Life    
                                      upon his Poetry
                             33      Nature, Man and law in Wordsworth's      
                             34      Wordsworth as a Scholar
                             35      History of Criticism on Wordsworth
                             36      [re: Robert Southey, poet and man of     
                             37      Southey as a Scholar
                             38      Coleridge as a Poet
                             39      Coleridge as scholar and critic
                             40      Wordsworth, Southey and Coleridge        
                             41    1888 - Lectures on Samuel Johnson: Samuel  
                                      Johnson, a Study of Character

                                   1893 - Lectures on T.C. Upham:
                             42      Spiritual Writings of T.C. Upham. 1:     
                                      Interior Life
                             43      Spiritual Writings of T.C. Upham. 2:     
                                      The Life of Faith
                             44      Spiritual Writings of T.C. Upham. 3:     
                                      Divine Union
                                   1894 Course in Eng. Literature: Bowdoin
                             45      Notes
                             46      Literature as a fine art
                             47      Catholicity and Enthusiasm
                             48      Three views of Swift
                             49      [re. [Joseph?] Addison]
                             50      Decay of the Subjuctive."
                             51      Genesis of a Theme, or The Process of    
                             52      [re: Dr.[Samuel?] Johnson] 
                             53      [re: pamphlets, newspapers, and          
                                      anonymous writing]
                             54      [re: [Edmund?] Burke]
                                     [re: the novel, the ballad, and drama]
                             55      [re: [Samuel?] Richardson and Laurence   
                             56      [miscellaneous notes]
                             57      [notes on drama]
                             58      [re: poetry]
                             59      [notes on English Essayists and          
                                      miscellaneous materials]
                             60    German Dialect Collection - notes
                             61    German Dialect Collection (Bowdoin         
                                    College Library Bibliographical           
                                   Contributions, No.8 - Manuscript          
                                   additions and corrections)
                             62    Language Notes [miscellaneous materials]
                             63    Icelandic language - notebooks and         

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