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Civil War Miscellany, 1861-1927, n.d.

Correspondence and Documents, 1861-1889

Catalog Number: M131.1

Box 1
Folder 1 1861-1865, Roster of Civil War soldiers handwritten in pencil by an unknown author. Records include name, rank, where they served, and other military history.
2 1862 Aug-Dec, Jesse J. Peacock [Lee, Maine] Civil War correspondence, chiefly from Jesse to his wife, Addie. (15 items; transcriptions and photocopies only). Source of originals unknown.
3 1862 Sep 24, Horatio B. Soule: ALS to "Brother Frank," Sharpsburg, Maryland [with transcription].
4 1862 Nov 29, D.P. Morse: ALS to "My Dear Emiline," E. N[ew] York.
5 1863 Jul 4, Samuel Beal Shea to his family from Gettysburg [with transcription] and Jesse Mitchell to Mr. Shea, 1863 Jul 10 [transcription].
Oversize Box A-1 1863 Sep 1, Certificate of the 80th Regiment, U.S. Colored Infantry, mustered into United States service
Box 1
Folder 6 1864 Apr 14, Visitor's pass, Army of the Potomac.
7 1864 Apr 15-Jul 10, Horatio Fox Smith letters (11 items). (Smith's 1863 journal is located in Diaries and Albums series, M131.2).
Oversize Box A-1 1868 Jul 4, State of Maine testimonial certificate to Alonzo Armstrong for service to the Union during the Civil War, signed by Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Box 1
Folder 8 1889 Jul 3 Jefferson Davis: ALS to Joseph Williamson [2 p.]

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Diaries and Albums, 1861-1865, n.d.

Catalog Number: M131.2

Volume 1 Autograph album, owner unknown. Includes signatures of the officers of the 108th U.S. Colored Infantry
Box 1
Folder 9 Diary of John Handly, Company A, 8th Maine Volunteers, 1865 with transcription, and John Handly's pocket-size bible. (Tintype of Handly located with photographs)
10 Diary owned by a succession of soldiers, 1863: S.W Croft, Excelsior Brigade USV; A.M Riddle, Louisiana Guard Artillery; C.H. Small, 5th Maine Volunteers and "picked up on the battlefield at raperhanock [sic] Station Nov. 7th 1864 by Sewall C. Smith Co D 5th Maine Vols." Laid into the diary is a pledge of loyalty to the C.S.A. signed by Riddle and a C.S.A. military pass
11 Diaries: Washington, D.C. 1861 and 1864, civilian owner unknown. Brief entries, some on events in the city; 1862, Frederick A. Chick, 11th Reg. Maine Infantry Vols.
12 Journal of Horatio Fox Smith, July 4, 1863-November 11, 1863.(Smith correspondence from 1864 located in Correspondence series, M131.1).

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Photographs, 1863, 1927, n.d.

Catalog Number: M131.3

Box 1
Folder 13 1863 May 3, Unframed 2.5 x 4 inch albumen carte de visite entitled "A yankee before leaving for the war," Chancellorsville. The young man is in civilian clothes
14 1927, Unframed black-and-white photograph 3.5 x 5.5 inches entitled "15th Maine Regiment Reunion"
15 n.d., Cabinet card portrait unidentified (rec'd with Alonzo Armstrong material)
16 n.d., Two tintypes in frames of John P. Handly, Company A, 8th Maine Volunteers in uniform. (Diary of Handly located with Diaries and Albums)

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Typescripts, n.d.

Catalog Number: M131.4

Box 1
Folder 17 "The Drafts in New York and New England during the Civil War," a ninety-one page typescript, author and date unknown, with bibliographical references
18 "The Operation of the Selective Draft Law during the Civil War in the New England States and New York," a sixty-seven page transcript, author and date unknown, with bibliographical references

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Printed Material, 1862-1864

Catalog Number: M131.5

Newspaper folio Mich.-N.J. Box B 1862 Oct 25, La Sentinelle de Thibodaux (Louisiana) printed on wallpaper
Newspape Box K 1863 Jul 2, Daily Citizen (Vicksburg, Mississippi) printed on wallpaper
Newspaper folio Louis. & Md Box B 1864 Apr 2 and 1864 Apr 4, Natchitoches Union Daily (Louisiana) printed on ledger sheets

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Realia, [186-], 1894

Catalog Number: M131.6

MRealia Bayonet, John Marshall Brown (Bowdoin class of 1860)
MRealia Box 1 Grand Army of the Republic memorial plaque for Alonzo Armstrong (d. 1894), with a printed funeral keepsake

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