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Helen E. Hughes Collection on Betye Saar, 1966-2012, n.d.

Artwork (digital copies) and Publications, 1966-2006, n.d.

Catalog Number: M307.1

Box 1
Artists' Books (removed from manuscript collection and cataloged separately):
Folder 1 Hand Book, 1967
2 Sanctified, 1990
Folder 3 "Betye Saar Slides," display quality, 800 px wide, n.d.
4 "Betye Saar Slides," full resolution, 3000 px, n.d.
5 "Digital Griot," Betye Saar, 1998
Exhibition Catalogues and Books (removed from manuscript collection and cataloged separately):
Folder 6 African Americans in Art, Chicago: Art Institute of Chicago, 1999
7 "Betye Saar: Collages," National Urban League, Inc., Gallery 62, 1979 May 7-Jun 15
8 "Betye Saar: Resurrection: Sight Installations, 1977-1987," California State University, Fullerton, 1988 Feb 6-Mar 6
9 "Betye Saar: Secret Heart," Fresno Art Museum, 1993 Sep 7-1994 Jan 9
10 "Betye Saar: Workers + Warriors: The Return of Aunt Jemima," New York, Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, 1998 Sep 10-Oct 31
11 Creative Fire, Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, 1994
12 "David Driskell: Painting Across the Decade, 1996-2006," New York, DC Moore Gallery, 2006 Oct 11-Nov 11
13 "The Negro in American Art," UCLA Galleries, 1966-1967
14 "Towards a Society for All Ages: World Artists at the Millennium," New York, United Nations Visitor's Lobby, 1999 Sep 11-Oct 18
Folder 15 The Creative Woman Quarterly, v.2, no.1, Summer 1978
16 The Creative Woman Quarterly, v.6, no.2, Winter 1983 (cover only with enclosed miscellaneous letters to "Helen," notes, newspaper clippings about Betye Saar exhibits, and written exchanges about lectures given by Betye Saar)

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Letters, Photographs, and Postcards, 1967-2011, n.d.

Catalog Number: M307.2

Box 1
Folder 17 Birthday card to "Helen," 1999 Apr
18 Blue hand-painted envelope with a pink flower, n.d.
19 Card in the shape of a fan, Monday, 2003 Feb 24
20 Christmas card from Tracye to Helen, 2006
21 Christmas card from Tracye to Helen, 2007
22 Envelope containing: "Betye Saar exhibition schedule" announcing Betye Saar exhibitions in 2005 and 2006 in Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, California, Connecticut, England, and Paris; greeting card from 2004 and a photo of a tree in a gallery; Valentine's Day card from 1991 to "Helen"
23 Envelope containing: invitation to Helen from Betye for "An Artful Evening at California African American Museum, 2011 Oct 15
24 Greeting card, purple, with "BETYE" on the front, 2006
25 Painted envelope from Betye Saar to Helen Hughes, postmarked from Van Nuys, California, 1991 Aug 13
26 Valentine's Day card from Betye to Helen, 2002
27 Photograph: "Belfast, August 15, 2006, Spencer, Helen, Betye, & Megan"
28 Photograph: Black and white photograph of a woman: "To Helen, from Betye, 1967"
29 Photograph: "Holiday Happiness," printed copy of family picture with family members identified, Christmas, 1997
30 Photograph: House wih a mailbox numbered "8074," n.d.
31 Photograph: Inside of a room, n.d.
32 Photograph: "Mrs. Mojo, Spencer, Tracye, and Megan, Cadillac Mt., Maine, 2006 Aug"
33 Photograph: "Old friends, Helen and Betye, Belfast, Maine, 2006 Aug 15"
34 Photograph: Plant: back "upper patio, Willow Glen Gardens, 1991 Jul"
35 Photograph: "Saar sisters, Lesley, Alison, and Tracye, Thanksgiving, 1973"
36 Photograph: Wedding, n.d.
37 Photograph: Wedding, n.d.
38 Postcard: "Blow Top Blues, The Fire Next Time," by Betye Saar, ca. 1997
39 Postcard: Crosses: back "Epiphany," written to Helen from Betye, n.d.
Plastic Sleeves:
Folder 40 1970, 2001, n.d., Photograph: back "May 23rd, 1970, Pleasure Fair;" letter to Helen with a collage called "Coffee," 2001; family picture with Sola, Kyle, Geneva, Maddy, Spencer, and Mega, n.d.
41 1970-2010, Three postcards, 1990, 1994, 2010; and one letter, 1970 Aug 25
42 1989, 1995, Valentine's Day card, New Zealand, 1989; and postcard from Betye to Helen from South Africa, 1995 Mar 8
43 1992, n.d., Two Valentine's Day cards from Betye to Helen
44 1995, n.d., Two postcards from Betye to Helen
45 2001, "Happy Valentine's Day 2001," from Betye
46 2002, Two photographs and a postcard
Box 2
Envelope Packages:
Folder 1 1977 Dec 27, Manila envelope addressed from 8074 Willow Glen Rd., Hollywood, California 90046 to Dr. Helen E. Hughes, 808 Pin Oak Lane, Park Forest, So. Illinois 60466 containing multiple postcards, letters, photographs, gallery announcements, and invitations
2 1992 Jul 15, Off-white envelope to Helen containing several photos, letter to Helen from 1999 and letter from 1967
3 1996 Dec 26, Gray envelope containing photo from Christmas, 1989, and a collage
4 1998 Jul 21, Gray envelope containing Betye Saar review journal, bumper sticker, invitations, newspaper clippings, etc.
5 n.d., Manila file folder, "Betye Saar Program," containing articles, letters
6 n.d., Manila file folder, "Saar Collection for Collage?" containing reviews of Betye's work, photos, letters, miscellaneous pamphlets, etc.
7 n.d., Off-white envelope from Betye to Helen, "`Sheba' with slide (for TCW cover)" containing letters, postcards, flyers, and a magazine called "News Magazine" (School of the Art Institute)
8 n.d., White envelope to Helen containing two gallery exhibition books: "Betye Saar in Service: A Version of Survival," New York: Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, 2000 Mar 9-May 6 and "Betye Saar As Time Goes By," Savannah College of Art & Design, Pinnacle Gallery, 2000 Mar 24-May 30

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Mailers, 1996-2011

Catalog Number: M307.3

Box 2
Folder 9 1996, Announcement of exhibition called "Betye Saar: Personal Icons," Omaha, Nebraska: Joslyn Art Museum, 1996 Aug 31-Oct 13 with enclosed letters to "Helen" and photocopied photographs
10 2000, "Art Insights," with enclosed lecture (2000 Feb 1, Department of Museum Education, Art Institute of Chicago) entitled "My Friend Betye Saar," by Helen E. Hughes; bibliography; list of slides
11 2001, "Alison Saar (Post)terior," New York: Phyllis Kind Gallery, 2001 Oct 27-Nov 30
12 2002, "Lezley Saar: Paintings from the Rap Series," New York: Lehman College Art Gallery, 2001 Oct 16-2002 Jan 4
13 2005 Dec-2006 Mar, "Family Legacies: The Art of Betye, Lezley, and Alison Saar," Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Ackland Art Museum, 2005 Dec 18-2006 Mar 26
14 2011, Two gallery cards: "Betye Saar: Red Time," Culver City, California: Roberts & Tilton, 2011 Sep 10-Dec 17 (One card is red and blank on the back, the other is red and has a letter to Helen from Betye dated 2011 Oct 17 on back)

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Miscellaneous Materials, 1983-2012, n.d.

Catalog Number: M307.4

Box 2
Folder 15 1983, "LA Energy," mural by Betye Saar card, wall celebration, 1983 Sep 11
16 1984, "Contemporary Women Artists," calendar which contains art work by Betye Saar
17 1998, 1999, Reviews of work by Alison and Betye Saar (photocopies)
18 1999, ArtNews articles re: Kara Walker piece (photocopies)
19 2000, Manila envelope containing clippings from the New York Times and Los Angeles Times Magazine, a letter and photos
20 2002, "Crossing Boundaries: Stories from Biracial America," Chicago: Field Museum, 2002 Feb 1 (program with cover art by Betye Saar)
21 2011, "The 20 Artists who are Setting the Standard," Los Angeles Times 2011 Sep 18 (photocopy)
22 2011, "Crimson Visions Stir the Psyche," Los Angeles Times, 2011 Oct 14 (photocopy)
23 2011, Mini guest lecture invitation for "Red Time," Culver City, California: Roberts & Tilton, 2011 Sep 10-Dec 19
24 2012, Guest lecture invitation for "Red Time," Culver City, California: Roberts & Tilton, 2011 Sep 10-Dec 19, with 2012 Jan 12 note from Betye to Helen on the back
25 n.d., Bookmark from the Art Institute of Chicago
26 n.d., Drawing of a hand and moon

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