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Bern Porter Collection, 1928-2002, n.d.

Books and Book Projects: Authored by Porter, 1940-1995, n.d.

Catalog Number: M212.1.1

Box 1
Folder 1 "American Strange" manuscript and four photographs
D10 Mapcase "American Strange" poster prints (2)
Box 1
Folder 2 "As Birds Fly" first draft play, 1987 Jan/Feb
3 "Book of Do's" manuscript copy (1/2)
4 "Book of Do's" manuscript copy (2/2)
D10 Mapcase "Ciao Ciao" poster print
Box 1
Folder 5 "Farewell" manuscript, 1980
6 "Gee-Whizzels" manuscript copy, 1985
6a-b "Glossary of Terms for Rocket Technology and Related Fields," typed manuscript with handwritten edits, 1956
7 "Henry: A World Poets' Anthology" printer's proof
8 "Here Comes Everybody's Don't Book" manuscript copy, 1984 (1/2)
9 "Here Comes Everybody's Don't Book" manuscript copy, 1984 (2/2)
10 "I Ricordi di Firenze" unpublished manuscript, only copy, Sept 1980
Volume 1 "Knox County," typescript and original manuscript, 1969
Box 1
Folder 11 "The Lamentations of the Physicists for the Radioactive Dead" unpublished final copy (transferred from M292, Mark Melnicove Papers)
12 "The Last Acts of Saint Fuck You" original manuscript
D10 Mapcase "The Last Acts of Saint Fuck You" poster print
Box 1
Folder 13 "The Manhattan Telephone Book" original materials
14 "Mothering Time: Selected Early Pieces 1934-1966" manuscript
15 "My My Dear Me" manuscript of Dec 1984 production
16 "Physics for Tomorrow," 1959
17 "Questions about Henry Miller No One Ever Asked Me With Answers" manuscript photocopy/notes
18 "Saucers and Saucerism" by Bernard H. Porter and Kenneth H. Ford, 1955-1956, unpublished manuscript
19 "So to Physics" typescript with illustrations
20 "Sound and the Heat" typescript with illustrations, 1940
21 "Sweet End" original pages, vol. 4 of 7, 1987 Oct
22 "Sweet End" printer's proof
Box 2
Folder 1 "Symbols" manuscript, 1995 (1/2)
2 "Symbols" manuscript, 1995 (2/2)
3 "The Wastemaker" original pages and proofs
D10 Mapcase "What Henry Miller Said and Why It is Important" poster print
Box 2
Folder 4 "What Henry Miller Said and Why It Is Important" printer's proof
5 "Why My Left Leg Is Hot" manuscript for videorecording, photocopy

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Books and Book Projects: Published by Porter, 1946-1990, n.d.

Catalog Number: M212.1.2

Box 2
Folder 6 Beaudoin, Kenneth Lawrence "A Book of Hours," 1965 mock-up, reprint 1974
7 Cary, Richard "Bibliography of Edwin Arlington Robinson," 1974, unfinished
8 Cole, David "Narrow Slices," 1985, camera-ready paste-up (transferred from M292, Mark Melnicove Papers)
9 Drenner, D. Von. R. "The Vault of Night," 1971, unfinished reprint
10 Ely, P. L. "Richard Langlais," 1980, camera-ready paste-up (transferred from M292, Mark Melnicove Papers)
11 Faulkner, Dr. William "MAN," 1965-1969, layouts and negatives
12 Melnicove, Mark "Further Photographs," 1990 Jun 20, only copy (transferred from M292, Mark Melnicove Papers)
13 "Sculpture: Blanch Philips," 1947, original production materials, unpublished (1/2)
14 "Sculpture: Blanch Philips," 1947, original production materials, unpublished (2/2)
15 Picasso, Pablo "Poems," photocopy
16 Viglini, Janelle "The Salvation Merchants," print
D10 Mapcase Viglini, Janelle, Untitled Poem poster print
Box 2
Folder 17 Wolf, Leonard "Hamadryad Hunted," 1946, mockup for Walton Press 2nd edition

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Articles and Other Compositions: Artwork, 1931-1992, n.d.

Catalog Number: M212.2.1

D10 Mapcase Founds--"89 Offenses [...]" 1970/1972
Founds--"Me" 1982 May 10
Founds--untitled, 1975 (3)
Box 2
Folder 18 Founds--untitled for book in-progress, 1991 Jun 6
19 Founds--untitled, n.d.
20 Maps--"Joyceana"
21 Maps--"Map of Chemistry"
22 Maps--"A Map of Colby College," rough sketches
23 Maps--"Map of Houlton High School"
24 Maps--"Map of Ricker Classical Institute," 1941-1942
25 Maps--"A Map of the World of Physics"
26 Photographs--"Dawn Bird" original and printed
27 Photographs--"The Death of Abel"
28 Printed--"Cosmic Sight," "Frustrations Accents," "Semblance of a Devoted Past," "Toys for Adults"
29 Printed--in "Hartford House Huddle," 2:1, New York City
30 Printed--"Hot Fugue," in "Jazz Forum" 2, 1946 Sep
31 Printed--in "The White Mule," 1930-1932, Colby College
32 Printed and Photocopied--miscellaneous, untitled
33 Sketches--ink sketches of Portland, Houlton, Waterville (5 pieces)
34 Sketches--ink on cardboard sketches of French countryside
35 Sketches--ink sketches of Europe and New York, 1931-1932
36 Sketches--pencil sketches of abstract and organic shapes
37 Sketches--pencil text and sketches, Ivan Goll, 1941, 1944
38 Sketches--pencil figure and portrait studies
39 Sketches--various ink and pencil (1/2)
40 Sketches--various ink and pencil (2/2)

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Articles and Other Compositions: Published Writings, 1935-1995, n.d.

Catalog Number: M212.2.2

Box 3
Folder 1 1935, "Colloidal Graphite: A Unique Material of Particular Interest to Research Workers"
2 1935, "Dag Colloidal Graphite: Properties and Applications"
3 1935, "Colloidal Graphite: An Inert Adjunct Lubricant [...]," Technical Bulletin[...] Acheson Colloids Corporation" 242.2
4 1935 Aug, "Recent Developments on Light-Valves for Television," "Radio Engineering"
5 1935 Aug, "Tantalum Capacitators," "Radio Engineering
6 1935 Dec, "Cathode Ray Technique Abroad," "Radio Engineering 25:12
7 1936 Feb, "Research Applications of Colloidal Graphite," The Review of Scientific Instruments 7:2
8 1936 Aug, "Graphited Lubricants for Clocks" reprinted from American Horologist
9 1936 Nov, "Junction Rectifiers," Radio Engineering 16:11
10 1937 Jan, "Notes on Cathode Ray Tubes," Radio Engineering 17:1
11 1937 Feb, "Colloidal Graphite: What it Is, How it Works," The Super Service Station
12 1937 Mar, "Extra Dividends for the Service Man," Service 6:3
13 1937 Jun, "Retarding Undesired Emission in Vacuum Tube," Radio Engineering 17:6
14 1937 Jul, "Colloidal Graphite and its Role in the Ceramic Industry," The Bulletin of the American Ceramic Society 16:7
15 1937 Jul, "Impregnation Studies With Colloidal Graphite," Journal of Applied Physics 8:7
16 1937 Sep, "Putting Your Shop Across," Service 6:9
17 1937 Oct, "Uses for Finely Divided Graphite in the Chemical Laboratory," The Chemical Analyst 26:4
18 1937 Nov, "Let's Look at Service Equipment," Radio 6:11
19 1937 Dec, "Rectifier Types and Applications" Communications 17:12
20 1937 Dec 9, "Graphite," "The Science Leaflet 11:12
21 1938, "The Properties of Graphoid Surfaces and Their Role in Lubrication," "Technical Bulletin 220.5
22 1938 Jan, "$$$ in Radio" and "Getting On In Radio," Service 7:1
23 1938 Jan, "Production Development of Television Tubes," Communications
24 1938 Feb, "Getting On In Radio--Some Further Notes," Service 7:2
25 1938 Feb, "Electronic Research Instruments" and "New Research Tools," Communications
26 1938 May, "Law Number One," Service 7:5
27 1938 Jun, "Synthetic-Resin Enamel Finishing," Metal Cleaning and Finishing 10:6
28 1939, "Colloidal Graphite--Focusing Anode Material for Cathode Ray Tubes," Technical Bulletin 191.5
29 1939, "Meet a Micron," Acheson Colloids Corp.
30 1939, "The Value of Colloidal Graphite for Assembly and Running-In," Technical Bulletin 112.7
31 1939 Mar, "Acheson's Trade-Mark 'Dag'," Bulletin of the United States Trade-Mark Association 34:3
32 1939 May 1, "Colloidal Graphite Lubricants for Rubber," India Rubber World 100:2
33 1939 Jun, "Lubrication in Heat-Using Industries," Industrial Heating 6:6
34 1940 Jul, "Notes on the Wettability of Highly Polished Metal Surfaces by Graphite Hydrosols," reprinted from The Review of Scientific Instruments 11:7
35 1940 Dec, "The Supersonic Oscillator," Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 12:12
36 1941 Apr, "The Supersonic Oscillator," Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 36:4
37 1941 Apr-Jun, "Doldrums," The Latin American 2:2
38 1941 May 25, "The Utility of Colloidal Graphite," American Chemical Society, News Edition 19
39 1941 Oct, "When Collecting Books," Recreation 35:7
40 1942 Jan, "Lubrication of High Temperature Lighting Devies with Carbon," International Projectionist 17:1
41 1942 Feb, "High Temperature Lubrication," Industrial Heating 9:2
42 1942 Mar, "Colloidal Graphite Electrostatic Shielding," The Review of Scientific Instruments 13:3
43 1942 Apr, "Truck Driver Lingo," reprinted from "American Speech," includes typescript
44 1942 Spring, "Science--And America's Defense," The Latin American Whip 3:1
45 1942 Summer, "Chemistry at War," The Latin American 3:2
46 1942 Aug, "Non-Metal Shieldings," Radio News 28:2
47 1942 Oct, "Graphite Shielding," Radio 273
48 1943 May, "The Forms and Uses of Graphite," School Science and Mathematics 43:5
49 1943 May-1944 Jul, The Leaves Fall incomplete photocopies and typescript drafts
50 1943 Sep, "Noise, Enemy of Healthy Nerves," in Life and Health 58:9
51 1943 Oct, "Counting Radioactive Particles," Electronic Industries
52 1943 Nov, "New Projection," College Art Journal 2:1
53 1944, "Electronic and Allied Uses for Colloidal Graphite--A Bibliography" Technical Bulletin 180.1
54 1944, "Graphite: A Bibliography," "Technical Bulletin 160.1
55 1944, "Lubrication with Colloidal Graphite--a Bibliography," Technical Bulletin 190.1
56 1944 Apr, "Non-Metal Shields," reprinted from Electronics for Acheson Colloids Corp.
57 1965 Oct 15, "Hotel Plant Must Look Ahead," American Laundry Digest, and correspondence
58 1972, "Notes for Another Time" radio script, excerpt from "I've Left" Chapter 2, "Clothes"
59 1979 Feb-Mar, "All Over the Place," in Inside Art 3:1
60 1979, "information about them," "Opinion," "23010," "Peacock," and "Work," Jam To-day 7
61 1980, Various untitled, ME 1:1
62 1982[?], "What happened" and "What's what," mc 3
63 1983 Mar, "Cement divider treated with" and "Cement divider not treated," mc 4
64 1983 Fall, "He's Your," Place Stamp Here 2
65 1995 Spring, Ray Johnson tribute contribution, National Stampographic 13:3
66 1995 [Aug?], "These Fifty Years Gone," written 1995 Jun 22, unknown newspaper
67 n.d., "A Concrete Poem" and "Belfast Views and Opinions," Main(e) Street Rag 1:1
68 n.d., "Founds," Out of Sight 60
69 n.d., "A Note on Henry Miller," Controversy--Book Collector's Packet
70 n.d., "The Other Ring," North Star (high school publication)
71 n.d., "Surface Studies for Lubrication Problems," reprinted from Automotive Industries
72 n.d., "Bern Porter Special" edition, Slithy Toves 4
73 n.d., "Unseeing Eyes," The Latin American (alternate version published in The Leaves Fall)
74 n.d., Untitled, Soul's Edge 3

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Articles and Other Compositions: Unpublished Writings, 1928-1981, n.d.

Catalog Number: M212.2.3

In the following list manuscript is abbreviated "mss" and typescript is abbreviated "ts":
Box 3
Folder 75 "The 50/50 Plan" mss and ts
76 "The Adsorption and Orientation of Colloidal Graphite on metal" ts
77 "An Alpha-Radiation Detection" ts, 1941 Aug 4
78 "Applied Art in War and After" ts
79 "Art for All" and "To the Editors" ts
80 "As Susan Serves" ts
81 "Astronautics" mss photocopy
81a "At Home Summer of '32" mss
82 "Automobile Advertising Hits New High--Or Low" ts and carbon drafts
83 "The Beam of Creation" mss
84 "Belfast Belfastia" rejected pages, ts with illustrations
85 "Believe Me, I Am" outline plan, ts and mss, 2 drafts, 1945
86 "Bobo-Dee" mss
87 "The Card-Index Song for the Filing Sisters" ts photocopy and color print
88 "The Church and World Peace" mss, speech delivered 1928 Apr 12
89 "A Collection of Items for Children's Page" ts
90 "Crazy Bug" 2 mss, 3 ts copies
91 "Critique of Literary Writing" mss
92 "Cross Numbers" mss, final copy, and correspondence, 1941
93 "Curing Some Servicing Ills" ts
94 "Curing This Summer's Ills" ts
95 "Dr. J Reginald Midford" ts for "What's Going On in Maine"
96 "Dr. Philo T. Farnsworth, the Father of Electronic Television" ts and supplementary materials
97 "Dream in a Penthouse" ts
98 "Edward G. Acheson, Inventor" ts carbon
99 "Eugenics" ts
100 Book report on "Faust" by Wolfgang von Goethe, mss
101 "Fissures in Meaning" ts photocopy
102 "Forest Decay Yields New Sculpture Form" ts
103 "From Darien" ts photocopy
104 "Glad to Know You" ts
105 "God Damn Everything Anyway and Mostly on December Eighth"
106 "Golf" mss
107 "Good Morning!" ts
108 "Home Radio Builders Substitute for Metals" ts
109 "How Do You Do!" ts
110 "How to Decay" ts
111 "How Would You Like to Be a Church" and "How Would You Like to Be an Apple Tree" ts and mss
112 "It's Your Nose" ts
113 "The Kinds of Love" poem ts and mss, 1986 Mar 27
114 Book review of "Last Chronicle of Barset" by Anthony Trollope, 1930 Dec 17, ts
115 "Le Jou Des Enfants" ts
116 "Le (R)evolution" mss photocopy
117 "Maine Notes" ts photocopy
118 "The Making of Gold Leaf" ts
119 "Mania, USA" ts
120 "Metamorphic Rhizomes" ts carbon (2 copies)
121 "My Wife Made Me" ts
122 "Nature and Man" mss and ts
123 "New High in Auto Ads" ts
124 "No Breakage" ts and mss
125 "Ohm's Law" ts
126 "Old Baldy" ts
127 "Perley Bug" ts (2 drafts)
128 "5. Plans of Work" mss and ts
129 "This Plastic Age" ts
130 "Plucky" outline, mss, ts drafts
131 "Preserving Subversion in Print" ts photocopy
132 "Preventative Maintenance Keeps Laundry Production Moving" correspondence and related materials
133 "Production Milking" ts
"Psalm" mss, ts, correspondence
134 "Relax With Your Hands" ts
135 "Science" mss
136 "Science and Man" 2 mss., Commencement 1928 June 19
137 "Science at War" ts
138 "Sculpture from Decayed Wood" ts and photographs
139 "Sound" mss
140 "Specimen Responses Designed to Regulate and/or Check the Normal Flow of Conversation" ts
141 "Spilled Water" ts
142 "Squared at Auction" ts (2 drafts)
142a "Summer Breezes," Summer of '31, Houlton, Me., ts
143 "The Theories of Marxian Socialism" ts, 1930 Apr 30
144 "Three Letters to Gabene" ts and correspondence, 1943-1944 (partially published in "The Leaves Fall")
145 "The Voices" ts
146 "Where Am I?" ts
147 "You're In a Word" ts
148 "You're No Dope: Let Me Save You" ts photocopy and draft
149 Untitled--Bern Porter poems, copies for forthcoming collected poems, 1981
150 Untitled--mss, 1929 May 3
150a Untitled--notebooks, n.d.
151 Untitled--poetry mss and related notes
152 Untitled--projects
153 Untitled--ts, n.d.
Manuscripts and Typescripts of Articles of Wm. Rutledge III, North Hollywood, CA, agent:
154 "Changing Designs and Selling Techniques," ts (2 copies), 1 photograph, 1965 Jun 2
155 "The Church Market" ts, 2 photographs
156 "Competing with Coin and Home Laundry Can Be Done" ts, photograph, and related materials
157 "Costa Rican Firm Combines Toys, Hobbies, and Souvenirs; Manufactures and Wholesales Line of Artistic Gifts" ts and 5 photographs
158 "Eight Thousand Miles by Motorcycle: Historic Trip around South America" ts and 2 photographs
159 "Elijah Anointed Me: Victim of a Sex-Cult Tells All," under pseudonym B. B. Berne, ts and newspaper clipping
160 "Get After the Mail Orders" ts and 3 photographs
161 "Get the Merchandise into the Racks [...]" ts and advertising pamphlets, 196[?] Jul 15
162 "Getting Readers to Read Ads" ts and photograph
163 "Grow What Other's Don't [...]" ts and photograph
164 "Individual Stationery Needs a Profit Specialty: Custom Trade is highly profitable" 2 ts drafts, photograph, and correspondence
165 "Ingredients of Increased Production: Better use of available manpower mandatory" ts and photograph, 1962 Jun 14
166 "Keeping Up With the Latest Toys: Watch fast developments for profit" ts, 2 photographs, correspondence
167 "Land's End" ts
168 "Let's Get Away From It All: Outboard motor boating provides solution" ts and photograph
169 "Moving the Laundry Requires Planning: New services especially involved" ts and illustration
170 "New Cure for Economic Unemployment Ills" ts, 1963 Dec
171 "No Wait Policy Fosters Ingenuity: Fast, good workmanship is its own best advertisement" ts and 2 photographs
172 "Or What Is a Drugstore For?: Miami Beach Pharmacist Prospers Selling Drugs" ts
173 "The Pencil--How It was Born and How It Is Made" ts, correspondence, and research material
174 "Planning a Bike Outing" ts captions, 4 photographs
175 "The Preparation and Uses of Manures: Comercial [sic] Fertilizaers are Limited" ts and photograph
176 "Preventative Maintenance Keeps Laundry Production Moving" correspondence and related materials
177 "Promoting a New Linen Supply Store" edited ts
178 "Radioactive Isotopes Detect Metal Flaws in Aircraft Parts" ts
179 "Reaching and Selling the Teenager: Specialty high profit market requires studied approach" ts
180 "Research Creates the Horizon: Testing must duplicate the public's everyday use of the project" ts
181 "Sex: Mountain Style" ts, under pseudonym B. B. Berne
182 "Site Locating a New Furniture Store: Many factors involved" ts, correspondence, and article instructions 1965 May-Jun
183 "Speed with Customized Quality at Low Prices [...]" ts, photograph, clipping, and article instructions
184 "Top-Market Coins" ts and article instructions
185 "What's Ahead for Transportation" ts
186 "Work from the Bottom Up, or on Up [...]," ts under pseudonym B. B. Berne
187 "World's Largest Fire Hydrant System" ts
188 Untitled--coffee article research materials and photographs
189 Untitled--maintenance article research materials
190 Untitled--miscellaneous research material
191 Untitled--photographs for articles in progress, 1962-1977, n.d.

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Subject Files, 1956-2000, n.d.

Catalog Number: M212.3

Box 4
Folder 1 Announcements--personal appearances, 1956-1979
2 Announcements--personal appearances, 1980-1983
3 Announcements--personal appearances, 1989-1990, n.d.
4 Announcements--publications and reviews, 1942-1983
5 Announcements--publications and reviews, 1984-2000, n.d.
6 Bibliographical--bibliographical card file of titles by Henry Miller at Colby College (partial to 1983 Oct)
7 Bibliographical--general Bern Porter publications
8 Bibliographical--bibliographies of Porter at other institutions
9 Bibliographical--Porter books/mss 1994 Fall
10 Bibliographical--ts lists of Porter collection with valuations, 1993-1994
11 Bibliographical--partial checklist of titles in the Bern Porter collection at Colby College (1/2)
12 Bibliographical--partial checklist of titles in the Bern Porter collection at Colby College(2/2)
13 Bibliographical--Maine book catalogues/samplers, citing/listing Bern Porter items
14 Bibliographical--bibliography of Sackner collection, citing Porter
15 Colby College
16 Miscellaneous concerning Porter
17 Notes on retrospective
18 Porter interview concerning Kenneth Patchen
19 Promotional materials and order forms

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Correspondence, 1941-1990, n.d.

Catalog Number: M212.4

Box 4
Folder 20 Personal--Porter family correspondence
21 Professional--1965-1983
22 Professional--1984-1990
23 Professional--Maine State Library, 1941-1983 (photocopies)
24 Professional--Porter collection at Bowdoin College

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Clippings, 1937-1998, n.d.

Catalog Number: M212.5

Box 4
Folder 25 Clippings about Porter, 1937-1976
26 Clippings about Porter, 1977-1986
27 Clippings about Porter, 1987-1995
28 Clippings about Porter in Belfast, 1973-1998, n.d.
29 Clippings about Porter in Knox County, 1968-1969
30 Clippings concerning the death of Henry Miller, 1980

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Personal and Biographical, 1968-1993, n.d.

Catalog Number: M212.6

Box 5
Folder 1 Art/writings created for Bern Porter
2 Biographical articles--Caesar, William "The Court Where You Have No Rights"
3 Biographical articles--Dunker, Elizabeth D. "About Bern Porter"
4 Biographical articles--Fallon, Tom "Bern Porter is for Everyman"
5 Biographical articles--Goodyear, Sarah "Artful Codger," in "Down East" 40:3 (Oct 1993), 60-64, 81-82.
6 Biographical articles--Higgins, Dick "Thinking about Bern Porter," 1968
7 Biographical articles--Hunting, Constance "Bern Porter, Maine Original [...]," 1978 Apr
8 Biographical articles--McClure, Barbara "As I Reflect--Bern Porter"
9 Biographical articles--Melnicove, Mark, Untitled
10 Biographical articles--Merriam, Kendall, Untitled
11 Biographical articles--Nurenberg, Phil "Bern Porter Prologue or Epilogue Draft"
12 Biographical articles--assorted, [n. a.]
13 Biographical directories, certificates, and memberships
14 Biographical information
15 Biography--Schevill, James, notes on "The Roaring Market and the Silent Tomb"
16 Biography--Schevill, James "Where to Go, What to Do, When You are Bern Porter" proof (1/2)
17 Biography--Schevill, James "Where to Go, What to Do, When You Are Bern Porter" proof (2/2)
18 Biography--Schevill, James "Where to Go, What to Do, When You Are Bern Porter" ts (1/2)
19 Biography--Schevill, James "Where to Go, What to Do, When You Are Bern Porter" ts (2/2)
20 Family--family documents
21 Family--family ephemera
22 Family--family genealogical information
23 Family--family photographs
24 Friends--Althea Brockaway, Houlton Public Schools art teacher
25 Interview with Porter, taped for Colby College (videotape)
26 Miscellaneous
D10 Mapcase Miscellaneous--Schevill, James "The Buddhist Cart" poster print, 1968
Box 5
Folder 27 Photographs--photographs of the Institute for Advanced Thinkings (Porter's home, Belfast)
28 Photographs--photographs and portraits of Porter
29 Travel/cruises (1/4)
30 Travel/cruises (2/4)
31 Travel/cruises (3/4)
32 Travel/cruises (4/4)

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Mail and Copy Art, 1982-2002, n.d.

Catalog Number: M212.7

Box 6
Folder 1 Catalogues, etc. citing/using Bern Porter contributions (1/2)
2 Catalogues, etc. citing/using Bern Porter contributions(2/2)
3 Copy art prints, 1980-1991
4 Copy art publications (1/2)
5 Copy art publications (2/2)
6 International Fax Art Biennial, 1st and 2nd (1990, 1990)
7 Mail art announcements, etc.
8 Mail art catalogues, 1982-1984
9 Mail art Catalogues, 1986-1989
10 Mail art catalogues, c.1989
11 Mail art Catalogues, 1990
12 Mail art catalogues, 1991
13 Mail art catalogues 1992, n.d.
14 Postcard art, mss and completed works
15 Postcard art, mss and completed works

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