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Barbour Research Records on the Medical School of Maine

Biographical Information on Medical School Graduates & Faculty

Catalog Number: M211.1

Box 1
Folder 1 Dr. Frank Albee--articles and obituary (copies)
2 Dr. Fred H. Albee--"Farewell Tribute to Dr. Fred H. Albee," by Dr. Francis Green, 1945 (copy)
3 Dr. Abraham Anderson--biographical information (copies) (from Wendell White)
4 Dr. Nathaniel Barker--clipping (from Grace Ober)
5 Dr. Elmer Ellsworth Brown--biographical information, also including Dr. Arthur A. Shaw and Dr. Charles Howard Newcomb (copies) (from Joyce McDonongh)
6 Dr. Ansel S. Davis--4 photographs (copies); newspaper clippings and obituaries (copies) (from Ansel S. Davis)
7 Dr. Oscar R. Emerson--4 photographs
8 Dr. Fred Fernald--3 photographs (copies); 1 magazine article, 1955; 4 newspaper clippings (copies); (from Lawrence Sargent Hall)
9 Dr. Fred Fernald--"Country Doctor" by Lawrence Sargent Hall (from Lawrence Sargent Hall)
10 Dr. Fred Fernald--"Horse and Buggy Doctor" by Lawrence Sargent Hall (from Lawrence Sargent Hall)
11 Dr. Abraham Flexner--entries regarding Flexner from Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, 1919, and New York Times Index, 1912 (copies)
12 Dr. Frederic Henry Gerrish--biographical information, obituaries (copies)
13 Dr. John Van de Grasse--biographical information, with additional information on Dr. Thomas White (copies)
14 Dr. Everett Higgins--obituary and memorial (copies) (from Joyce McDonongh)
15 Dr. George Higgins--2 newsclippings (copies) (from Joyce McDonongh)
16 Dr. Eugene Holt--biographical information from "Maine: A History," 1919 (from Martha Giles)
17 Dr. Edward Jarvis--"Memorial of Edward Jarvis," by Robert W. Wood, 1885 (copy)
18 Dr. Theodore Herman Jewett--1 photograph (copy) (from Marie Donahue)
19 Dr. Martin Crowell Maddan--2 clippings (copies) (from Lawrence Maddan)
20 Dr. Harry D. McNeil--obituary from the Bangor Daily News, 1963
21 Dr. Samuel Merritt--articles (copies)
22 Miscellaneous lists of graduates (from Cloyd Small)
23 Miscellaneous Students--3 photographs (copies) (from Charles Gamache)
24 Noyes Family--biographical information; photographs (copies) of Bowdoin Campus (from Victor Welcome)
25 Dr. William P. Randel--biographical information (from William Peirce Randel)
26 Dr. Daniel Arthur Robinson--biography by daughter Fannie Harlow Robinson, 1968 (from Harrison Bell)
27 Dr. Frank Ross--obituary clipping (copy) (from Marie Donahue)
28 Dr. Daniel Russell--biographical article, 1975 (copy) (from Marguerite Kenney)
29 Dr. Bigelow T. Sanborn--journal concerning the Class of 1866 (from Margaret Hodgon)
30 Sturgis Family--2 newspaper clippings (copies), 3 obituaries (copies), and 2 photographs (from Margaret White)
31 Dr. Charles Sylvester--biographical information (from Lawrence Sargent Hall)
32 Dr. John Thompson--obituary (copy); newspaper clipping (copy) (from Ann Monahan)
33 Dr. Frank Whittier--journal article, 1955 (copy) (from Lawrence Sargent Hall)
34 Dr. Frank Whittier--biography by Eugene H. Drake; newspaper clipping (copy); brouchures concerning the Skofield- Whitter House (from the Pejepscot Historical Society)
35 Dr. Allen Woodcock--obituary from the Bangor Daily News, 1974
36 Dr. George Woodman--1 photograph [ca. 1917] (from Mrs. E. Barton Chapin)

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Other Materials, 1921-1987

Catalog Number: M211.2

Box 1
Folder 37 Excerpts from the Maine Senate Records regarding the closing of the Medical School of Maine, 1921 (copies) (from Cloyd Small)
38 Maine Medical Center--articles on its founding, 1975 (from Peter Barnard)
39 Eastern Maine Medical Center--"Annals of Medical Education at Eastern Maine Medical Center, 1892-1980," 1984 (from Eastern Maine Healthcare)
40 Miscellaneous articles regarding general practices, 1984-1987
41 "Fifty Years of Portland Medicine," by Richard J. Kahn, 1986

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