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George J. Mitchell Memorabilia

An object from the George J. Mitchell memorabilia collection.
Presented by:  The Walt Disney Corporation
Dimensions:  (cm): 29.5 x 34.5
Date:  1995
Location:  Box m32
Catalog number:  m518
Inscription:  "I've Got Environmentality, '95; Thank You Disney Team!; Your Contributions Really Count; 'Be an active environmentalist. Discover that incredible sense of gratification... and know what it's like to make a difference.'--Frank G. Wells, President of the Walt Disney Corporation, 1984-1994" (certificate); "When You Wish Upon a Star, Think of Your Home the Earth" (medal) Framed certificate with embedded medal.

Credit Line: George J. Mitchell Papers, George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives, Bowdoin College Library