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Materials were received by the International Body between November 1995 and April 1998. Types of materials include reports, drafts, Senator Mitchell's briefing book, submissions, correspondence, computer files, proposals, minutes from various meetings, election results, records of hearings and discussions, as well as copies of the final agreement document. The earlier documents in this subseries were produced during five weeks of interviewing and fact-finding by the International Body, a process which led to the eventual publication of the Mitchell Report on January 24, 1996. The International Body received scores of letters from individuals, groups, and corporations expressing concern for the situation in Northern Ireland as well as support for Mitchell and the other members of the Body, which included General John de Chastelain of Canada and Mr. Harri Holkeri of Finland. The mission of the International Body was to make recommendations to both the Irish and British governments concerning the decommissioning of illegally held arms by paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland. Through the numerous submissions and interviews in Dublin and Belfast, the Mitchell Report stated that many sectarian groups were willing to, on a number of conditions, disarm themselves as a precondition to the opening of all-party peace negotiations. The report also suggested a quick round of elections to set the stage for peace talks. Later documents resulted from the actual multiparty negotiations conducted by the three Independent Chairmen. Participants in this process included the Alliance Party, the Labour Party, Northern Ireland Women's Coalition (N.I.W.C), the Progressive Unionist Party (P.U.P.), the Social Democrat and Labour Party (S.D.L.P.), the Ulster Democratic Party (U.D.P.), the Ulster Unionist Party (U.U.P.) the United Kingdom Unionists Party (U.K.U.P), the Democratic Unionist Party (D.U.P.), Sinn Fein, and the Irish and British governments. Individuals prominently involved in the peace process included Tony Blair, Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness, Ian Paisley, John Hume, David Trimble, John Taylor, and Marjorie Mowlem. Other individuals mentioned in the documents include Mr. Ervine, Mr. Mallon, Mr. McBride, Mr. Robinson, Mr. McMichael, Mr. Empey, Mr. McCartney, Mr. McCrea, and Ms. Hinds. These and many others took part in this lengthy process, which culminated in the April 10, 1998, signing of the final Belfast Agreement.

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  • Box 863 ·
    · Statements and Media Coverage on the Report of the International Body 24th January 1996
    · Final Report, 22nd January 1996
    · [Draft Versions of the Final Report]
    · Draft Versions of the Final Report
    · Senator Mitchell's briefing book [3]
    · Official Submissions A(1-8) [2]
    · Official Submissions B 9/21 [2]
    · Secret International Body Submission of the Irish Government 18 December 1995
    · Statements by Individuals Dublin [3]
    · Belfast Office Group Submissions [2]
    · Belfast O. Forwarded Submissions from Individuals
    · Belfast Office Group Submissions B [1/2]
  • Box 864 ·
    · Belfast Office Group Submissions B [2/2]
    · Belfast Office - Unforwarded Submissions by Individuals [2]
    · Submissions by Organization
    · Submissions by Organization 1-19
    · Miscellaneous (Dublin) - The International Body
    · Miscellaneous (Dublin) - 1
    · Miscellaneous (Dublin) - 2
    · Miscellaneous (Dublin) - 3
    · Miscellaneous (Dublin) - 4
    · [International Body]
    · [Press Items]
    · [Decommissioning]
    · [Correspondence]
    · [Submissions Dec. 1995-Jan. 1996]
    · [Meetings Dec. 16, 1995-Jan 19, 1996]
    · [Mitchell's Statement on Decommissioning]
    · [Koniec 1-11 17/1/96 Computer disk file listing]
    · Koniec 1-11 17/1/96 [Computer printouts-10 versions of the Mitchell Report]
    · [Dublin System-Files at 22/1/96 Computer disk file listing]
    · Dublin System-Files at 22/1/96-Share [Computer printouts-press releases,Correspondence, and expense accounts]
    · Dublin System-Files at 22/1/96-User1 [Computer printouts-International body notes, Schedules, December 1995]
    · Dublin System-Files at 22/1/96-User2 [Computer printouts-International Body notes November 1995-January 1996, December 1995 Press attendance list, press releases]
    · Dublin System-Files at 22/1/96-User3 [Computer printouts-International Body notes]
    · Dublin System-Files at 22/1/96-User4 [Computer printouts-International Body notes, December 1995-January 1996]
    · Dublin System-Files at 22/1/96-User9 [Computer printouts-International Body notes, December 1995]
    · [Belfast Office 25/1/96 Computer disk file listing]
    · Belfast Office 25/1/96-User3 [Computer printouts-International Body notes, list of individual submissions, Correspondence, January 1996]
    · Belfast Office 25/1/96-User5 [Computer printouts-Correspondence, Scheduling, accounting, December 1995-January 1996]
    · Belfast Office 25/1/96-User9 [Computer printouts-biographical material on Mitchell, Chastelain, and Holkeri]
  • Box 910 ·
    · Record of Informal Discussions on Rules of Procedure and Opening Agenda, 6/12-7/2/96 [3]
    · Minutes from Opening Plenary Sessions, 6/12-10/30/96 [3]
    · Record of Informal Discussions on Rules of Procedure and Opening Agenda, 7/3-25/96
    · Minutes from Opening Plenary Sessions, 6/3-9/24/97 [3]
    · Minutes from Opening Plenary Sessions, 10/30/96-3/5/97 [3]
    · Decommissioning Proposals and Miscellaneous Documents, 5/97-7/97
    · Northern Ireland Election Results, 1983-1997 [10]
    · Decommissioning Debate: Documents [3]
    · Propositions for Debate and Discussion, 9/97-4/98
    · Rule 29: Expulsion from Talks
    · Minutes from Strand Two Meetings, 10/7/97-3/24/98 [1/3]
  • Box 911 ·
    · Minutes from Strand Two Meetings, 107/97-3/24/98 [2]
    · Strand Two Documents [3]
    · Minutes of Plenary Meetings, Review Plenary Meetings, and Cross-Strand Meetings [2]
    · Final Agreement: Documents 3/30-4/10/98, vol. 1 [3]
    · Final Agreement: Documents 3/30-4/10/98, vol.2
    · Transcripts of Media Coverage, 4/4/98-4/7/98
    · Transcripts of Media Coverage, 4/8/98-4/10/98
  • Box 912 ·
    · Public Opinion and the Northern Ireland Talks, 4/97-6/97 [2]
    · Press Release: Effect of Peace Talks on Northern Ireland Economy, 10/96
    · Polls on Settlement
    · A Comprehensive Settlement: Summary Tables of Principal Statistical Results, 4/98
    · Transcript of Proceedings Heard Before the President in Dublin on February 18, 1998, Transcript of Proceedings 2/18/98
    · Transcript of Proceedings Heard Before the President in Dublin on February 18, 1998, Transcript of Proceedings 2/19/98
    · Transcript of Proceedings Heard Before the President in Dublin on February 18, 1998, Transcript of Proceedings 2/20/98
    · The Irish Answer, Flax Trust
    · In Search of a Settlement: Summary Tables of Principal Statistical Results, 1/14/98
    · Pre-Multi Party Talks: Background Documents [3]
    · Liason Subcommittee on Decommissioning: Documents and Minutes [2]
    · Liason Subcommittee for Confidence Building Measures: Submissions and Minutes [4]
    · Documents and Associated Items from Fall 96/Winter 97 Opening Plenary Debates [2]
    · Background Reading Strand 2 Issues [3]
  • Box 929 ·
    · V71- Coverage of the International Body, 1/24/96 (Master VHS)
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