George J. Mitchell

U.S. Senate : Photographs and Memorabilia. Memorabilia, 1966-1995.

430 items.
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Catalog Number: M202.6.8.2

The memorabilia collection consists of plaques, certificates, framed works, which include prints and paintings, three-dimensional objects such as trophies and figurines, commemorative items, and bound volumes. These items were all gifts or awards from groups or individuals to Senator Mitchell from 1966 through 1994. They commemorate events and legislation, confer distinctions upon him, or signify the recognition, respect, and appreciation of his constituents and colleagues. Significant groups represented by these gifts and awards are: business and professional groups such as Footwear Industries of America and the American Lung Association; interest groups such as the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Veterans of Foreign Wars; such colleagues as Senator Robert Byrd and Strom Thurmond; individuals and individual businesses. Mitchell kept many of these items in his senate office; some were kept in various field offices.

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    Box 23 listing (bound volumes inscribed to Senator Mitchell):
    · Eliscu, Margery, Russel Baker, Erma Bombeck & Me
    · Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce, 1991 Resolutions and Positions
    · Hagopian, Harold, Bicentennial of the United States District Court of Maine
    · Hauk, Gary S., A Legacy of Heart and Mind: Emory Since 1836
    · Only in America: Opportunity Still Knocks, 1989, Horatio Alger Awards
    · O'Brien, Lawrence F., Kennedy Campaign Manual, 1960
    · Pond Cove School, Cape Elizabeth, Great Book of Cape Elizabeth History
    · Puila, Nicholas, Rules for the Traditional Family
    · Quoddy Light Board (yearbook staff), Quoddy Light 1991
    · Rand, John A. The People's Lewiston-Auburn Maine 1875-1975
    · Roberts, Ann Rockefeller, Mr. Rockefeller's Roads
    · Smith, Samantha, Journey to the Soviet Union
    · U.S. Senate, Senate Manual

    These items below found in this series were removed from the collection:
    · R. Edelman, Great Baseball Films, (Citadel), 1994
    · United States: Formation of the Union, (Government Printing Office), 1927
    · Fisk and Pomeroy, Applied Business Law, 6th ed., (South Western), 1950
    · ASCAP: Copyright Law Symposium Number 12, (Columbia), 1963
    · Cheatham, Goodrich, Griswold, and Reese, Cases on Conflict of Laws, 4th ed., (Foundation), 1957
    · The Golf Courses of Robert Trent Jones, Jr., (Gallery), 1988
    · Democratic National Convention 1992 Official Proceedings
    · Kronstein and Miller, Regulation of Trade, (Fallon), 1953
    · Osborne, Property Security, 2nd (West), 1954
    · Compton, Cases on Domestic Relations, (West), 1951
    · Gilmore, Cases of Partnership, 3rd ed., (West), 1949
    · Chafee, Simpson, and Maloney, Cases on Equity, (Foundation), 1951
    · Atkinson and Chadbourne, Cases on Civil Proceedure, (Foundation), 1948
    · Dixon and Plischke, American Government Basic Documents and Materials, (Van Nostrand), 1950
    · MacFarland, Ayars, and Stone, Accounting Fundamentals, (McGraw-Hill), 1957
    · The Official Proceedings of the Democratic National Convention, 1972
    · The Official Proceedings of the Democratic National Convention, 1976
    · Speiser, Recovery for Wrongful Death (Bancroft and Whitney), 1966
    · W. Dobrovir, J. Gebhardt, S. Buffone, A. Oakes, The Offenses of Richard M. Nixon, 1974
    · A Uniform System of Citation, 10th ed., 1958
    · Kronstein, Miller, and Schwartz, Modern American Antitrust Law, (Oceana), 1958
    · The Speeches of Vice President Richard M. Nixon: Presidential Campaign of 1960, (Government Printing Office), 1961
    · F. Mechem, Outlines of the Law of Agency, (Callaghan), 1952
    · Committee on the Judiciary - Testimony of Witnesses - Book III
    · Facts on Communism, v.1, (Government Printing Office), 1959
    · Rules and Manual: United States Senate, 1989
    · Berle and Warren, Business Organizations: Corporations, (Foundation), 1948
    · G. Clark and L. Sohn, World Peace through World Law 3rd ed., (Harvard), 1966

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