George J. Mitchell

U.S. Senate : Majority Leadership Records. Governmental Affairs, 1988-1994.

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Catalog Number: M202.6.4.4

Files date from 1988 through 1994. The series includes memos, press clippings, correspondence, and committee and task force reports. These documents stem from Senator Mitchell's participation on the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. Notable issues include congressional reform, labor reform, employment practises and discrimination, ethics and accountability in government, congressional press coverage, lobbying reform, and others. Among specific issues discussed are the contacts between the Treasury and the Whitehouse regarding the Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, the bank associated with the Whitewater affair. Other events covered are the censure of Senator Packwood, the Whitewater hearings in 1994, andthe investigation of the death of Vincent Foster in July of 1994. Legislation involved in these matters includes the Employee Rights and Protection resolution of 1993, the Privacy Act, the Congressional Accountability Act, the Health Security Act, the Government Employee Rights Act, the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1993, the Ethics Reform Act of 1989, and the Congressional Coverage Act. Files were maintained by Jim Weber, with contributions from Anita Jensen and Lisa Nolan.

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Container List

Jim Weber
  • Box 795
    · [Labor Relations]
    · [Congressional Reform]
    · Rego [Office of Senate Fair Employment Practices- Interim Rules]
    · Notes- OSFEP
    · [OSFEP- Rules of Procedure & Changes]
    · Director- Search
    · Job Descriptions & Advertisements
    · [Candidates for Directorship of new OSFEP]
    · Bush's "Accountability in Government Act"- Congressional Coverage
    · Notes- Cong. Coverage
    · Legislation- [Congress' Exemption from Selected Major Legislation] [2]
    · Jim Weber- Memos
    · Task Force [Congressional Accountability]
    · Senate- Chaplain File
    · Press [Congressional Coverage]
    · [Misc.- OSFEP Proposed interim rules; Library of Congress] [2]
    · [Health Care Reform- General] [2]
    · [Health Security Act & Health Care Reform] [1-2/3]
  • Box 796
    · [Health Security Act & Health Care Reform] [3/3]
    · [Federal Employees- OSFEP Decisions] [2]
    · Joint Committee on the Reorganization of Congress [2]
    · Lobbying/Gifts Reform
    · [Senate Ethics Study Commision- Final Report]
    · Lobbying Disclosure- Reform [2]
    · Rescission Process 3/92 (Budget)
    · Ethic Reform- Reports
    · [Judicial Review- Senate Fair Employment Decisions/Congressional Coverage Act]
    · [Congressional Accountability]
    · [Governmental Employees/Congressional Accountability] [2]
    · [OSFEP- Congressional Accountability Act- General] [1/5]
  • Box 797
    · [OSFEP- Congressional Accountability Act- General] [2-5/5]
    · [Congressional Coverage Legislation]
    · Whitewater- Resolution Trust Corp. & Rose Law Firm
    · [Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs- Q & A's on Madison Guaranty]
    · Briefing Book- Hearings on the Whitewater Matter [2]
    · Madison/Whitewater Hearings- on the Death of Vincent Foster (July 29, 1994)
    · Whitewater- General [Depositions; Interviews; Press Articles; Personal Background Materials] [2]
    · Briefing Book- Criminal Referrals in the Madison case: Mention the Clintons as Witnesses- (Sept 1992-Nov. 1993) [Confidential 12/5/94]
    · Report of the Independent Counsel- Re: Vincent Foster (June 30, 1994)- Robert B. Fiske
    · Report of the Independent Counsel- Re: Vincent Foster [Copy]
    · Special Report on the Fiske Investigation- Christopher Ruddy (1994)
    · [Whitewater- General- Transcribed Depositions & Witness Lists]
  • Box 798
    · Treasury/White House Contacts Regarding Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan- Report to the Sec. of the Treasury (7/1/94)
    · Treasury/White House Contacts- Report [Copy] [2]
    · Senate Committee on Banking- Hearings [Re: Roger Altman, et. al.]
    · [Senate Banking Committee- Requests for Release of Documents- Whitewater Hearings]
    · Senate Banking Committee [Members Opening Statements on Whitewater Hearings]
    · Mitchell/Press Comments- Whitewater Hearings
    · Senate Banking Committee- Whitewater Hearings- General [2] [+ Notes & Memos]
    · Briefing Book- White House & RTC
    · Breifing Book- Hearings on the Whitewater Matter- Aug 1, 1994- Panel 1
    · Briefing Book- Hearings on the Whitewater Matter- Aug 2, 1994- Panel 2
    · Briefing Book- Hearings on the Whitewater Matter- Aug 1, 1994- Panel 2

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