George J. Mitchell

U.S. Senate : Legislative Records. Environment, 1978-1994.

68 linear feet.

Catalog Number: M202.6.2.2

Background Note:
When George Mitchell was appointed to Edmund Muskie's senate seat in 1980, he continued Muskie's efforts to champion environmental legislation. Mitchell became known for his sponsorship of clean air, clean water, and Superfund legislation. A few Muskie staffers continued their work on environmental issues in Senator Mitchell's office.

Legislative aides researched information, advised the senator, and drafted legislation about various aspects of U.S. natural resources and the environment: use of land in forests and parks, energy resources, and environmental pollution. Legislation under consideration during Senator Mitchell's tenure included the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts and Superfund legislation.

The senate committee that processed this legislation was the Environment and Public Works Committee (of which Mitchell was a member). Many files created by Kate Kimball and Jeff Peterson remain with the E.P.W. Committee, because they worked directly for the committee. Federal agencies involved in implementing legislation included the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Interior.

Files in this series span the years 1978 through 1994 and reflect extensive research about natural resources, the environment, and commercial development. Types of materials include background research, memos, correspondence, statistics, copies of bills, and reports from private and public sources. Separate but related subject areas within this subseries are environmental pollution and land use in forests and parks. Some files include material produced in Edmund Muskie's senate office. Muskie transition files also contain files on the interior and environment.

Many of the Mitchell office legislative aides shared in this work: Kate Kimball, Jeff Peterson, Bob Davison, Martha Pope, Ann Tartre, and Deborah Cotter researched environmental pollution; Tom Gallagher, Jeff Nathanson, and Charlene Sturbitts worked on early pollution files; and Kate Kimball, Jeff Peterson, Bob Davison, and Martha Pope worked on pollution issues for Mitchell as staff members of the Environment and Public Works Committee (which retained its own files); Steve Hart, Martha Pope, Estelle Lavoie, and Deborah Cotter developed land use files. Some legislative aides did not strictly separate records on different subjects. Some land use and environmental pollution files are interfiled. In addition a few files on veterans, governmental affairs, energy, and agriculture are in this subseries.

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